Frustrated Network Marketer – Have Your MLM Dreams Been Crushed

Recently I read of another network marketing company that went out of business and left its distributors high and dry, crushing their dreams, their hopes and in many cases, their incomes. It happens more than we know. A company isn’t managed with integrity and when the going gets tough they either shut their doors or change their business model and eliminate all of their distributors. You know, the people who have built the company in the first place. Why? Because the management cares more about THEIR bottom line than the well being of their distributors.

Just like any other career, there are skills and education that everyone needs to build a successful network marketing business. Part of that education is knowing what your contract says with your employer. In network marketing you are in business for yourself, but you work for a company that controls the way you are paid. The employment contract in network marketing is your Policies and Procedures. You MUST read your Polices and Procedures and OBEY what they say.

There are companies that don’t want you to know this. Some companies make it virtually impossible for you to find their P & P’s. You may be in a company now, that on the surface, looks great and you think, they would never do something like terminate you for no reason. It may be two years down the road, but if you are in a company in which the policies and procedures dictate that they can terminate you at any time for any cause, then it can happen to you.

To protect yourself and your income become informed and educated. You can learn a lot about this industry by visiting    Rod Cook takes a look at the behaviour of some of the network marketing companies.  Legal documents are available to be viewed and you can read of many upsets that are taking place in this industry. Your company may be one of them in a lawsuit with their distributors.

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