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Another great tip from Big Al’s “77 More Hot Prospecting Ideas” series called “How Real People Become Millionaires.”

It happens a lot.  A caller pleads, “I’m broke. I can’t afford a distributor kit. I can’t afford your opportunity. I want to become a millionaire. So how do I get started?”millionaire

The answer is simple.  First, become a ‘hundredaire.’  Second, become a ‘thousandaire.’  Third, THEN become a ‘millionaire.’

You see, if the caller can’t learn how to accumulate $100 after years of working, how will the caller ever have the discipline to accumulate even one thousand dollars?  It’s easier for most people to eat out at restaurants, play video games, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, buy non-necessities that are on sale, or buy a new car on payments than it is to save $100.  Until that pattern is broken, even the best network marketing opportunity won’t solve their problems.

A prospect recently asked us  “How long will it take me to make $5000 a month?”  We replied, “That depends a great deal on your efforts and how much time you have to spend on building your income, and lastly your skill level.” She may do better wishing upon a star.  There are NO GUARANTEES in this industry and there is NO way to predict how long it will take anyone to be making $5000 a month. OH!, and by law we (everyone)  are all forbidden by law to make any income promises, claims or projections.

What we can ask the prospect is, “Have you ever made $5000 a month?” or “Are you currently making $5000 a month at your job?” and “How long did it take to advance yourself through the ranks to be making whatever your current income is, RIGHT now?”

Regardless of what our JOB is, it takes an individual 12 years of high school (as long as we don’t drop out), and then 2 – 4 years, maybe more of University and then 30 years of working for the average “Joe” to even make $2500 a month.

So please, please Mr.  or Mrs. Prospect tell me why do you think network marketing should be any different?  Reality check;  it is harder, because as networkers we only get paid for one thing…RESULTS.  We don’t get paid for our experience or the titles that are handed out in MLM such as “Master Distributor” or Founding Distributor”.   We have to go through a lot of training and adjustment of our attitudes & personal growth before anyone can expect to create millionaire results and see that check in the mailbox.

That’s frustrating for someone who expects to sign up Monday and retire by the weekend.  And it will be frustrating for you if you sponsor someone with unrealistic expectations.  They will be constantly upset with their lack of progress and will often turn on you or the company, looking for someone to blame for their failure.

You and your team must have REALISTIC, attainable goals for your network marketing business.  Everyone will be happier, so put a smile on your face and reach those small attainable goals that lead to becoming a MILLIONAIRE.  Remember be a hundredaire and then a thousandaire and then and then…. happy people reach their goals much sooner with huge smiles on their faces!

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