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Bob and Anna Bassett of TogetherToTheTop realized early in their network marketing career that the two biggest rep killers are lack of coachability and failure to keep in touch. They believed this so much that they educated their team about the possibilities of these two killers.  However, through a few more years of experience they have determined that there is an even  bigger MLM Rep Killer.  What one word spells MLM Failure?

The football player  who never shows up for training is not  uncoachable if he never  PLAYS the game.  You sure as heck will have nothing to write home about if you don’t have anything to say or report; there will be no need for communication or to keep in touch.

Bob and Anna Bassett  now believe that theimage biggest rep killer is INACTION.  In fact, some reps are already dead before they get started.

We have had people join us in our MLM business, who were so excited at first. They felt that this was going to be the opportunity that would finally bring them a level of success they had NEVER seen before. They signed up and then would not want to use the products of the company.   They wanted to shove the product down other peoples throats as samples but didn’t believe in the products enough for their family to use them.

There was objection to everything; where they live, the people who live there, the cost of the autoship, the product is too expensive, they objected to the fact that the company sells  vitamins, minerals and supplements. These are some pretty tough objections to get past, but how can you if you as the distributor have them.  Why wouldn’t your potential customer or business partner have them too?

One of their major questions was how to get beyond the immediate reaction that some people have about “here’s yet another one of those companies making vitamins, etc.”  and then continues to ramble on… “Really there are a lot of companies doing this, how should we address the comment, which is very legitimate, to show people that this is not just another vitamin company?”

“I don’t know if you have any experience with the a [specific location] market, but around here people just want the facts, in a condensed form.  If you try to talk too much they just don’t have the time for it.  You have to be able to give them everything in a fast way, which is why there is a need to know how to deliver the basic facts in  a quick way.”

A change of attitude may be what is needed in a case like this. If the distributor has these objections, the customer will certainly pick up on your own objections you have towards  your own products.

There is  inaction and coachability in some network marketers. And some just HAVE to do it THEIR way, even after you give them the formula for success.

Bob and Anna define ‘Lack of coachability’ as an unwillingness to take direction coupled with a determination to do things one’s own way.  But if you never do things your own way or any way at all, you are not ‘uncoachable.’ You are idle. You are not even spinning your wheels.

Bob and Anna go on to say that, “You can’t call yourself disorganized if you have nothing to organize.  You aren’t disorganized, you are indolent.”

If you never pick up the phone to call your prospects, Bob and Anna say, “You are not procrastinating if you never do it.  If you never do it, you are a non-producer.”

If you do NOT take the TIME to learn new skills, “You do not lack time management skills if you waste all your time.  If you do nothing with your skills, you are a wastrel.”

It may be coincidence, but most of the quotes that Bob and Anna have read lately have been encouraging them to actually make a move.  Napoleon Hill wrote “Think And Grow Rich” but all through the book, he admonishes us to Act on those thoughts …

When you have talked yourself into what you want, stop talking and begin saying it with your actions.  Napoleon Hill

If you want a job done promptly and well, get a busy person to do it. The idle one knows too many substitutes and shortcuts.  Napoleon Hill

It’s not the epitaph on your tombstone but the record of your deeds that may perpetuate your name after death.  Napoleon Hill

Note the emphasis on DEEDS.  Not plans, not dreams, not promises, not schemes, but DEEDS.

DEEDS are actions that are performed intentionally or consciously, a brave or noble act, or action or performance. (Google Dictionary)

Faith is a combination of thoughts and actions. Napoleon Hill

On YouTube Bob and Anna watched a Southern Baptist preacher berate his lazy congregation …

You act like you’re on vacation but you don’t have a job! Praise the Lord, but get off your butt!

If you pray to your God all day for a sign about what to do but never do it, you are a devout lout.

In this industry, we get paid for justimage one thing and that is results.  If you are not getting paid, it means you are not getting results.  If you are not getting results, it means you are not doing enough, or enough of All the right things.

If you are taking action steps to find new prospects yet do not call them when they reach out for help, you are not doing enough of All the right things. In most  duplicatable systems there are those who will help you in the beginning to call your prospects until the day you become comfortable doing it yourself.

Let’s stop euphemising and face the facts.  Sofa slugs and complainers do not do well in this business.  People of action do.

You can learn how to find the right people with some skills from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. 

Thanks to Bob and Anna Bassett of Togethertothetop.com for allowing us to sharing their insight.

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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