What is Your Reputation Online

What is really going on in Social media sites such as Yuwie, ZenZuu, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube?  Our circle of “friends” has been increased in numbers but what about the relationships that we should be building from those new influences? 

As network marketers we have taken over these social sites with one agenda in mind…to share our network marketing opportunities.  Now keep in mind these sites are suppose to be “Social” but most barrel right in and spew their “deal” all over everyone and we have not even introduced ourselves or begun to build a relationship with the new contact. 


Does any of this sound familiar to you and how has this been working for you?  How many new sign ups have you gotten this way? Most may have noticed that their Facebook account has been suspended for days at a time because of being overzealous with their marketing tactics, posting their opportunity on your new “friend’s” profile page; or even in their inbox.  It is turning  Facebook friends off and they are reporting this behaviour as abuse to Facebook.

Sounds a lot like what some of us have done at least at once out in the warm market, huh? … walking up to strangers, offering (sometimes pushing) our ‘stuff’ on people we have no relationship with. I’m not sure what your ratio of success has been out in the real world using the 3′ rule, but I know what mine was. Zilch

At one time I owned and operated my own bakery and catering business from home. It was a small little operation but it grew because of relationships.  I understood the relationship concept in my traditional business and the concept that people buy based on what Art Jonak  calls the “know, like and trust” relationship. And you know what else, my business grew because or recommendations that were also based on the very same concept.  Unfortunately this is NOT what I was taught in the first 3 online business of my choice. 

What does this have to do with  planting crops, cleaning fish tanks, shoot‘em ups with Mafia Wars, our reputation and branding ourselves online?  Well if you are looking to create an income from home; online…EVERYTHING !

You are probably well aware that you can do a  simple Google search on any key word and you will have results shot back at you in mere seconds. Results that I am sure you never even thought imaginable.  Hey, that party that you attended and one of your “friends” videoed and uploaded to YouTube is now very LIVE for all the world to see.  It may have caught you in a very uneasy and tedious position. It may not portray you in a “real you” sort of manner, but that is what the world sees of you now. And there is no getting it back.  I am sure you have also heard that many employers are using Facebook and YouTube to do searches of potential employees on line.  Just checking to see what kind of reputation or “branding” there may be of them on the World Wide Wed.

What ever you or your friends  have posted or said is now part of your reputation being  built on line…. think about that one for a minute!

Many networkers, fulltime and part-time are using Facebook (or whatever social media is being used) to generate traffic to their profile pages and their “deal of the day” opportunities. When invited to be friends on Facebook  it is not hard to determine what kind of reputation is being built as you check the “Info” portion of their profiles.  If we’re Network Marketers, building a business from home and our page is full of posts from Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe Club, Texas Hold‘em etc… something tells me there is a problem. 

  1. We’re not looked at as serious business builders we’re look at as gamers who may have a business as a hobby.
  2. We may well be serious about building an online presence and the MLM opportunity of choice but do not receive the training, skills and mentoring that is needed to be successful, so do the next best thing and wing it by wasting our time on these games; hoping that we will attract other network marketers by inviting them to be our neighbours on Farmville.

Just my thought here on why network marketers add or accept friend request, like a fan page and join groups; and that is to take the opportunity to copy and paste a prescripted message to a group, fan page or friend’s wall.  This is the most popular method of recruiting that I have seen used by about 90% of Facebook, MySpace, Yuwie and ZenZuu (and others)  members.  The most obvious reputation that is being built in this manner is that of a spammer.  But in defense of this method it is all that perhaps you have been shown to do by your upline and by those who call themselves “experts”.

If a marketer is promoting a new opportunity every day while adding to the old ones  the branding being portrayed is that of a not so serious or professional network Marketer.  It looks like multiple streams of outgo rather than income and very unfocused. If there is a struggle to build one business how will you be successful building ‘”multiple steams of  income?”

We’re branding ourselves as someone who really has no focus and most likely is not successful at ANY of the opportunities we are promoting.

I know that this is how multiple streams of income works,  this sort of branding. I was one of those copy and paste professionals, spamming my deal to those I never knew. Never even said hello to them.  I just did what the “expert” told me to do.  I never made a dime using this method of marketing and was even requested to lie in a testimonial of the company that would appear on my capture page. It did not work for 6 months.  I like to think that I am a quick leaner.  I only struggled for 6 months this way.  Others have been doing this for years and still have not made a dime.  I joined program after program sometimes just hording the deal in my email, waiting for that something would work or someone would present me with methods that do work. 

When you’re a Mafia Wars expert, Farmer, promoting your business opportunity by spamming your “new friends” or you are a ‘multiple online streams of outgo’ believer and you are not having the success you thought that you would be having by now, there is a reason.  I believe it is because the skills for success, the mentoring has just not been present in your network marketing career.  In the real world when you start telling your friends and family about the latest ‘deal’ you just joined, what do they do? They roll their eyes and say "what’s the deal today?" Bottom line, after a while, they stop taking you seriously.

So it goes online too.  My advice, find a mentor who will take the time to teach you the skills for success.

Please give this some thought – If you are looking to attract serious business builders, the relationship of know, like and trust must be built first; that is if you want your online business to last.  It  has to start with you taking a step back and asking yourself how are you  branding yourself online right now? Mafia Expert, Fish Tank Cleaner, or Muffin Cake Maker.  Or someone who is still searching for the truth about this industry and how it really works. If the methods you have been taught so far just leave a sour taste in your mouth, and you feel there is a better way then reach out and seek guidance, if you get the same song and dance keep searching until you find the truth, but never give up.

To your success,

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Dave and Darlene Mills


Leadership With A Vision

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  1. Offline relationships are no different than online relationships. You have to ask yourself the question “So what?” If the concept does not make sense then do not put it into the story. Leave it out!!

    Remember if you are struggling to find topics on writing go to ezine articles to find the top ten authors and then put it in your words along with keyword research in your title and make sure it is a story.

    Do it once a day if possible and then eventually you will be the expert.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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