Frustrated Network Marketer – How Do You Want To Be Treated?

Slam Dunk and It’s All Done How do YOU want to be treated

Frustrated network marketer, have you ever watched Michael Jordan in a NBA basketball game?  When Michael gets the ball, and his team is behind by one point and in the final seconds of the game, and there is a clear path to the hoop he turns on the afterburners and launches himself into the air and slams the basketball through the hoop for the two points and it’s all done.  Victory once again.

I know that there are those on the internet that run their business the same way that Michael Jordan slams the ball through the hoop.  It seems that they need to slam you with their product as well as the business opportunity.  You hardly have invited them as a friend on one of the social networks and SLAM, you have been hit.  Your first instinctive reaction is to put up the salesman alert and block with a wall.  Now I don’t know about you but at that point I have already made up my mind, I will not buy or ask about the business opportunity.  They have lost my respect as well as my interest and I move on.  Sound Familiar?

With the above method used you will find that you may gain a few for your business but the attrition rate is very high and those that you have sponsored have quit on you.  In my experience I have found that they quit because there is no training and they are left to flounder and fail on their own, as well there is no personal connection between the new recruit and their sponsor due to the lack of a built relationship that consists of trust and integrity.

Does an online, or for that matter, any business have to be run that way?  Certainly not!

There is a respectable way of running a business, sponsoring and selling your products.  It begins with getting rid of the sponsoring and selling agenda and begin with developing a personal relationship that has trust and integrity built in.  Treat your customer and/or prospect with respect with the idea that you are there to help them.  Your first priority is to them and not yourself.  A couple of question that I ask myself is “How would I want to be treated?”, “Does the other person feel that they matter, by what I do and say?”

If you have a product to sell, instead of slamming someone, ask your potential customer: “Would it be okay if I gave you a sample to try”, “Would it be okay if I sent you a link so you could view my products?”.  Remember it’s not about you, it’s about them.

If you are trying to interest someone in your business opportunity, before slamming them try the, Would it be okay if I sent you a link to my business opportunity, which may be what you are looking for, approach.

With the approaches just mentioned it makes it about them and not you.  If they say they are not interested that’s okay, it could be that the time is not right for them right now, you haven’t burnt any bridges so the door is still open in the future.  If the answer is yes then proceed at a pace that is comfortable for them and answer their questions honestly and completely as you can, and if you don’t have the answer point them to someone that does.

While you are in contact with your potential buyer or prospect stay focused on them and spend quality time with them without multitasking in the background.  If you don’t think that they noticed that your attention is divided you had better think again.  This is a sure way of loosing their attention and interest.  Remember it’s not about you it’s about them.

If you think about it you can see there is a respectful way of doing business online without spamming and/or slamming.  Having a respectful and helpful orientated protocol goes a long way with people who want to be treated with respect, integrity and honesty.  Remember to ask yourself “How would I want to be treated?”.

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