Tom Big Al Schreiter Tip # 2-The Workplace

tomlydYou can make mistakes, or let others do it for you.  Tom Big Al Schreiter Tip #2 – The Workplace.  We must know where we are working as network marketers.  And it is not in your Facebook.  It is not all up in peoples faces with the opportunity.  Read further to find out where we have to go to work as marketers.

Many years ago an attorney, Barry LePatner, made the following statement:
“Good judgment is usually the result of experience. And experience is frequently the result of bad judgment. But to learn from the experience of others requires those who have the experience to share the knowledge with those who follow.”

In other words, we can go out and make our own mistakes by trial and error, or we can observe or listen to those who came before us and have made those mistakes already.

This is one of the duties of our sponsor. Our sponsor can save us valuable time and money by letting us know what works, and doesn’t work.

Of course this is assuming our sponsor actually did something.  If our sponsor spent his career moving computer pixels from one side of the computer screen to another, chit-chatting on social media, or reading endless positive attitude books … well, then our sponsor wouldn’t have much experience to share with us.

So let’s make sure we are great sponsors. Let’s actually do something. Let’s have plenty of experience in prospecting, presenting, and working with “live” people.
Our downline deserves our experience.
Our workplace is entirely in the subconscious mind.

When we first start our network marketing career, we think our job is to get information to our prospects so they can make a decision to join, or not to join.
So we prospect, call for appointments, give endless presentations … and submit our entire business to the conscious mind. A mistake.

The reality is, our workplace is in the subconscious mind of our prospects. And if we aren’t working there, we’re not working.

One of the 25 skills we should master is how to talk directly to the subconscious minds of our prospects. If we don’t know that, it’s going to be an ugly career of frustrating presentations and work.

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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