To Your Success–What Is Your Company Doing For You?

So you are an independent distributor for an online network marketing company.  If you have  been with the same company for a period of time you should see changes to the business.  Where do those changes seem to be headed?  Are the changes for the good or the bad?  To Your Success–What Is Your Company Doing For You?

Over time it is necessary for a company to make changes to meet the need of the customers as well as the independent distributors.  For the customers sometimes a fresh look is needed to keep interest so the customers will keep coming back to buy more product or services.  The company needs to make changes or they will become stagnant and lose the customers interest therefore making it harder for the distributor to sell products or services.  Sometimes the changes would include a revamped website, new product packaging and sometimes customer incentives.

When it comes to change the company will need to consider the needs of it’s independent distributors.  What are they going to do for you?  If the company is doing well and have decided to make changes in the compensation plan then the changes made should benefit the distributor in a positive way.  In the past there have been companies make changes by raising the bar, as they like so say which have made the distributor work much harder for a smaller bonus cheque.  This type of negative impact hurts both the industry as well as the distributor.  Positive change builds excitement, helps refresh the distributor’s commitment to the business and helps both the company and distributor’s business to grow.

Positive change in the way the company does business will be reflected in growth.  Setting up referral programs where the customers can recommend products or services, based upon their experience, to earn products or cash, will make it easier for the distributor to gain loyal customers and if the customer uses the program and sees how easy it is they may also want to become a distributor.   This will benefit the distributor by increasing their business and bonus cheques.  Making changes of this nature is great for business and shows the company’s commitment to the customer and distributor.

Some, but not all company management, are committed to help as many people as they can become financially free with an improved lifestyle.  That is a commitment that certain companies have and are in business for that purpose and that is “to help others.”  If you are in such a company you are fortunate, but many are not. To Your Success–What Is Your Company Doing For You?

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~  John Holmes

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