To Your Success–So You Think Your An Expert

In the Network Marketing industry there are many that advertise they are the “expert.”  With some that I have met through phone calls I would have to ask “an expert of what?”  It is very interesting that they say they are an expert but the actions on the phone tell me different.  To Your Success–So You Think Your An Expert, then let your actions prove it.

I had a phone call from a network marketer the other night where he stated that he was an expert.  His first question was would I be interested at looking at another deal.  My first reaction was “why would I join your deal when I don’t even know you or even heard of you?”  A true expert in the field would know that a know, like and trust relationship must be established before people will make a choice to join the deal, people join people not companies.  He talked about the attrition rate being high in any business and he could fix that but we all know that without building a relationship with prospective customers and business partners there is no loyalty established.  If there is no loyalty the attrition rate will be high.

This so called expert stated that he had taken our phone number off our blog and decided to call us to see if we would be interested in something else.  He went on to ask me what company I was presently with and what were the revenues last year for the company.  I told him what company I was with but not the revenues.  I thought it was kind of strange that he did not have the information he was requesting.  It is very easy to do your research on a fellow network marketer to find what company they are with and just as easy to research the company.  Google is a key investigation tool to use.  The point is that before I call anyone, I make sure I have permission to do so,  I do my research to get a better understanding of what is needed before I make a call.  Knowing a little about the person you are calling also gives you the opportunity to talk about things of interest and begin establishing a relationship.

tomlydTom “Big Al” Schreiter is one of our mentors who teaches that it is very important to build rapport with prospective business partners and customers.  This is the beginning of establishing a relationship.  To jump in a push your deal on others tends to push them away as well as takes away any chance of them joining you or even buying from you.  Tom has taught us how to approach others rejection free, without insulting their beliefs, and leaving the decision to them.  Network marketing is about them (customers and prospective business partners), not about telling others you are an expert who can fix everything.  To Your Success–So You Think Your An Expert, then prove it.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Everyday happenings can teach some very valuable lessons. One of the most important is learning the strength of relationships and friendships! ~ Nishan Panwar

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