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Frustrated network marketer, one of the most useless networking skills being taught is to go to the phone book yellow pages and start with the letter "A". Find an attorney, doctor, or chiropractor etc. Get real, that is as useless as making a list of friends. This all sounds a bit too frustrating and frenzied to us.  That is like buying leads and harvesting email address from unsuspecting individuals who DID NOT opt in to your opportunity.  They for the most part are NOT interested, these are not TARGETED leads.   Use a system that does bring in targeted leads.  Leads who are interested in a business opportunity.

Our upline has taught us to be ourselves, be positive, be motivated and set goals. If you have heard Tom "Big Al" Schreiter speak, you have probably heard his story – a year and 10 months of being himself, being positive, being motivated and setting goals and all it got him was zero results in his business building.  All of those things are great, a big part of learning to be a better person and knowing where we are going, but learning the right skills makes it work!

tomlydWe were determined to make this work and we knew if we kept searching for the answers, the right skills, we would find them.  No amount of persistence and motivation was going to cause us to have success. However we had this feeling that we were missing something, a missing link.  That link was skills.

Many people are struggling big time like we did and continue to struggle because they do not know where or who to turn to.  Either they are being taught skills that won’t work today or are out of their comfort zone and won’t work in the realm they feel most comfortable.

Building a business offline is not the same as building online either. They are two entirely different skill sets.

In due course, when all else fails we are told to prey on other Network Marketers.  They already have the belief.  Use attraction marketing, build relationships, give value.  HOW do we do that? Typical answer: buy this report it tells all. Guess what, we buy the report and it doesn’t give us the answers. It only leads to an empty bank account and maxed out credit cards.

We may think puking our opportunity is of value to someone else, but really all this hen pecking back and forth with our opportunities is like asking someone for a date before we even find out if they are married or not.

It takes time to develop skills just as in our formal education, and it takes finding the right mentor(s) who will take us by the hand and show us what to do and what to say.  And one more thing we discovered in our search for the right skills, if there is someone out there selling the information, then there is someone out there willing to give it all up for free.  After forking out a lot of money on what ended up being useless stuff, we finally found we could learn the online skills for free.

People tell us all the time “I bought this report, I took so and so’s attraction marketing course, I bought thousands of leads, and no one wants my opportunity.  Just because you paid for something does not automatically give it VALUE.  One of the most astounding things about humans is that we do not place value on FREE!  How very unfortunate!  It pays to know how to purchase knowledge.  FREE is a good investment when trying to create an income from home.

When we learned the skills, for free,  it changed everything. Our business changed…it is all the things others talked about it could be.  Do we know it all now?  No, that is why we are a constant students of the industry.  Stop learning and we all stop growing.

Regardless of where you learn, invest some time to learn skills that work today.  No one and we mean no one wants to be sold or sell anyone anything.  Learn the skills that do work TODAY!!  Learn from a Mentor with a servant’s heart who will teach you these skills no matter what company you are with right now.  Now that is offering value.

Commit to Success Today
Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

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