The Next Chapter of the DNA Saga, CSI and Narc That Car

Since it does not seem to be enough that bloggers,  professional networkers and mentors are warning other network marketers to steer clear of DNA, CSI, Narc That Car; whatever the heck you want to call it, perhaps reading the information that the BBB has  on them will cause  some opportunity seekers to take another look before they sign up with anything that Phil Piccolo has dabbled in.

Please read the review here below:

It appears to me that the scammers go out and create a network marketing opportunity, use aggressive techniques to enrol others into the deal; conning people who believe it to be a real opportunity. Those who joined then perpetrate the scam on unsuspecting customers or users.
The thing is that most people do not realize that there is a network marketing opportunity behind the whole presentation as  many service related opportunities have, such as long distance and electric services.  They figure that there is a real “organization” of “professionals” who are handling their personal information. (I am not saying that everyone in product or service related MLM/network marketing opportunities are non-professionals, nor am I saying that all service related products are scams.) I am however saying please watch your back. Not all is as it seems. So do your due diligence and check these companies out.

It all just seems like a really bad, bad idea to have Phil Piccolo having anything to do with mortgage and foreclosure relief.

The Federal Trade Commission (although it may seem to some is not paying attention) continues to investigate and bring the hammer down on scams that defraud  financially strapped homeowners (they are watching other scams as well, not just those affecting homeowners). The FTC communicated  that they would be bringing legal actions against  several marketers whom they suggest have been “pitching” dressed up mortgage betterment or foreclosure relief services.

FTC settlement orders ban 16 marketers from the mortgage modification or foreclosure relief business.

See press releases dated April 6, 2009, at and May 18, 2009, at

Copies of the documents mentioned in this release are available from the FTC’s Web site at

DNA could not handle their promotions of cell phones how then are they going to fix your MORTGAGES?

Recently two of their  products and services was a $10 a month unlimited talk and text plan, a $19.95 a month unlimited talk & text with 20 MB of DATA plan.

The scammers know what gets affiliates excited.  You see excitement and hype are contagious…this is how ruthless marketers get you in to the deal.  They play on your emotions and know that the vast majority of people will never do any due diligence to research the management or the company.


Guess what?  It turns out that the [reseller] was not able to make good on the cell phone plans after the affiliates were able to sell the plans.  According to Rod Cook, the [reseller]  stated that

Sprint had terminated his reseller agreement. In fact further investigation on our part, of [the reseller] and his so called $10 and $19.95 monthly service agreements, we found that there are no such service plans to be found by any carrier, anywhere on the planet, by any company in the industry. He also said his good friend of 20 years [name deleted] of Sprint found out that “DNA Affiliates” were raiding the Liberty International, WOW Mobile downline groups. He also stated that [name deleted] found out that “Phil Piccolo” is the lead consultant to the corporate team.


So let’s see…DNA who could not come through with the goods for cellular services and now  wants us to trust them with our mortgages.  Yeah right!  One question I have is this.

Since DNA affiliates were able to sell the cellular service packages to thousands who bought into the scam…where did THAT money go?

For anyone who is looking at joining or staying with this opportunity please do some research on it.  Do a Google search on Phil Piccolo. Everything he touches seems to turn sour real quick.  I for one would not want my name associated with this man in any way, shape or form.


To YOUR success,

Dave and Darlene Mills

Mentors with a servant’s heart

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