Frustrated Network Marketer – TERMINATE It Is In Your MLM Contract

Rod Cook reports of more top distributors being kicked to the curb.  Again these individuals like a good friend of mine, Richard Dennis, did not read either their Policies and Procedures or according to Rod Cook they did not read the DRA Guidelines Book.  Please read below and learn just what CAN happen to you.  Frustrated network marketer we hear all the time that companies just have to write all the legal stuff for the contracts and do not ever intend to use them.  Oh yeah??? Read on…Terminate is in your MLM contract for a reason.

From Rod Cook and MLMWatchDog (thank you)



This year started out as a bad year for Top Distributor friends of mine with Bazi holdings dumping Top Distributors in the cold Hard streets. Now another friend of mine just got dumped  by his company and his partner bit the dust.  Since the Watchdog is a learning lesson I want you to read carefully!



The one that is the friend was a member of a fast growing company as ½ of Master Distributor.  He is a member of the Distributor Rights Association.  But like many Members he did not study the DRA Guidelines book.  He put something in an email that should not have been put in an email.  Our DRA book says that EMAILS ARE LIKE DIAMONDS THEY NEVER GO AWAY!




His Company allowed him to contact his own personally sponsored people about another opportunity and that was good.  He emailed the 30 people he sponsored.  What happened then?  The Company got 600 copies of his email and some had complaints about him.  So the company terminated him. Fortunately negotiations got him reinstated.



At the Distributor Rights Convention a standing ovation was given during the training session to BEING THE INVISIBLE MAN given by the highly respected MILLION DOLLAR  leader XXXXXX XXXXXX who belongs to several companies.  He stressed DON’T get on stage and get awards, don’t do speeches at rallies and no public training on the company’s behalf.  Why? You become an embarrassment and concern to the company if you do something else!


What happened is #2 ½ master Distributor (Company X) went to a special meeting of a floppy company to work on a new comp plan and marketing strategy. He stood in front of the room close to the owner of the floppy company…  The ORGANIZER of this strategy meeting took his picture… several times!  The ORGANIZER being a social media NUT posted the pictures on Facebook. Within 24 hours an office person in Company X had the picture and was printing off glossy 8×10’s. The rest is history.



THE DRA – (Soon to be the Association of Professional Network Marketers) is going to sell blue ski masks so you can attend re-organization meetings of floppy company’s incognito!



Both the gentlemen above must have gotten a fair separation settlement from the Company!  How do I know that?  They haven’t called me for information to start a lawsuit!!!!!!


To read about more horror stories follow the link below.  Companies will use any clause in your contract for a reason to terminate you.  Be careful and learn to be a critical thinker.  Educate yourself and know where to go to find answer to your questions.

If you were buying a car, or a house, or even a washing machine I bet you would do some research.  If you were hiking on a mountain and suddenly saw smoke coming out the top, I bet you would run!

I prefer to be the giraffe, looking out over everything and knowing what’s going on.  How about you?   Learn the TRUTH before you get burned! (Jennifer Fisher)

Please be aware that many companies have this clause within their Policies and Procedures.  What makes the difference is the integrity and past history of the owners of the company.

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