Temporary Setbacks are Not Permanent Failures

The surest way to achieve acceptance in any line of work is to be successful. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. No matter how carefully you study a subject, no matter how rationally you make decisions, no matter how well prepared you are, you will most certainly on occasion make mistakes. Human beings always do. The important thing is to realize that temporary setbacks are not permanent failures. Successful people recognize that we all experience temporary setbacks that require us to re-evaluate our performance and take corrective action to achieve success. They know that adversity is never permanent.

Corrective action in network marketing would include being a student of the industry.  Most people just go head long into a marketing opportunity without doing their due diligence  researching a company and the management of the company.  And most may not know how to even begin to examine the company that they are thinking of joining or have already joined.

Your best protection in network marketing is to use Google to research companies and the management team.  And don’t fall for reviews of a company every time you read one.  Usually that is just another way for a distributor to advertise their own company.  When creating a downline of partners do so with a network of people who you have helped and who will feel a kinship and loyalty to you.  Learn and educate yourself on what to say and what to do.  Then build it once, build it right, cherish it and care for it and your networking business will last and sustain you throughout your lifetime.”

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Dave and Darlene Mills

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