Make $5000.00 For Christmas

$5000.00 you can earn before Christmas this year, flashy messages and huge income claims (illegal by the way)  distort our rational thinking.  It  gets worse at this time of the year when we are dreaming of Christmas and what we would like to be able to provide to our family and friends. The sad thing is that we start to believe the confident and brash salespeople dressed in sheepskin. wolf

These sales folk sound so credible.  They keep feeding you what you want to hear; how much money you are going to make … and how many bonuses you will be paid … and how marvellous you are.  The truth is you are a marvellous and wonderful person, you don’t’ believe it though because perhaps you are not accustomed to hearing this.  This is however manipulation to get you to join the “deal”.

Here is an interesting fact … in the same time it has taken you to read the above two paragraphs, another person has given up their network marketing career!  Because they were lied to.  The promises made never came true.

Wholeheartedly they jump right  in to the water without any thought to check out theShark company and the product or even the management team running the deal.  There was never any forward planning or reading the policies and procedures of the company, which could have saved them years of failure and frustration. The network marketing water is murky, muddy and  not shallow, it’s deep and full of sharks.  Uneducated about this industry will leave you as bait for the sharks.

Take a deep breath, STOP! Just stop and put things into proper perspective.  Network Marketing is not a sales business. It’s NOT! It is a relationship business.

If you want to be in sales, go find a sales job. Go work at Home Depot or Target.

If you want to LISTEN, if you want to TEACH and if you want to MENTOR … welcome to the real world of Network Marketing.

If you can help someone achieve their long term, so far; unachieved goals, and help them become successful , and help them own their life, then you have discovered what networking is all about and achieved more than most people will ever achieve.  You will be creating a legacy for you.

heavy hitterI know full well that everyone on the internet is now proclaiming to be a “Mentor and a Coach”.  But look a bit further before you decide who you may want to get help from.  If you are being asked to pay for coaching and mentoring and receiving only 15 minutes of mentoring for your $125, now a one time free session, you may wish to reconsider.  These “heavy hitters will toast you quicker than a pop tart!  

There is an organization who are mentoring for hours at a time, days, weeks and years and never asking for a dime in return for the service.  I know because I am still riding on the same free bus pass that I received two years ago.

Real Network Marketing is helping you discover the person you want to be. Maybe this sounds strange, but this step makes the difference between people who start something and then give up before starting something else … again with the same outcome. Sound familiar?

The most important person to satisfy is yourself. NOT the person who wants you to sign up into their deal.

Set out your own plans and goals and targets. Talk about your dreams. Write them down, touch them and feel them … repeat them.

Now you are equipped to give your heart and soul to other people who need help and advice, people who need guidance and a hand to hold.

What then is the result for you?

Now that you know what network marketing is and is not, the new you, while focussing on helping other people, will suddenly find that round pegs start to find the round holes, and the square pegs will start to find the square holes, and before you know it, you are applying your new character to your own self development and your own network marketing business. The power of “Paying it Forward”.

The system I am showing many people, has provided the ingredients and the recipe described above, and everybody knows that a tried and tested system will let you enjoy the tasty results of following the recipe word for word, line for line and ingredient for ingredient with no substitutes.

If you want more information or a one to one chat …. Please  send me an email to the following address 

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Together, people can make things happen, so let’s start now!

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

Successful Network Marketer–Mirror, Mirror On The Wall What Product Is The Catchall?

When beginning a home based business on line one of the areas considered is what product or service to choose that will move you closer to your goals in life.  Whether your goal is to be financially free, travel or even just earn an extra $500 a month having the right product or service will help you reach your target much faster.  To be a Successful Network Marketer–”Mirror, Mirror On The Wall What Product Is The Catchall?” will be the question to ask.

Most people who get into network marketing go about finding a product or service backwards.  They begin by looking for a product or service that they have fallen in love with and then go out finding others and convince them of their need for the product or service.  Their thought is they will be able to recruit them as a customer and/or a business partner in the venture.  If the product or service you have chosen to fall in love with is not appealing to the masses then your job becomes much more difficult.  With this being the case the chances of you reaching your dreams and goals in life are diminished which translates into you taking longer to achieve them or maybe not at all.

The best way to search for a product or service is to find one that the masses are already clamouring for and fall in love with that product.  You see with this type of product or service people will come to you looking to buy and all you will need to do is let the public know that you have the product or service they are seeking.  You will not have to convince them that they need it because they already have the belief that they do.

Sometimes the pot is sweetened even more when the product or service is an exclusive to one company.  This also eliminates much of the competition since the product or service is an exclusive.  For example when you are in the business of selling cell phones and the needed packages that go with them there are many online companies doing so.  Also the independent distributor is competing with the major telephone companies for that same piece of the pie and these companies can afford to give the best deals where the distributor cannot.  The company the independent distributor has joined can only do that if they reduce the profit margins which in turn gets passed on to the distributor in the form of a smaller bonus check.  Having that exclusive product or service certainly makes the job much easier for the independent distributor.

The only ingredient that is missing are the skills needed to talk to people without raising their salesman alarm.  Once the alarm is raised the chances of you being able to sell your product or service are little to none.  These skills are taught by tomlydTom “Big Al” Schreiter who is a very successful network marketer and generic trainer.  In most cases having the proper communication skills is as valuable as having that one of a kind exclusive product or service.

Remember in your search for a product or service to sell, it is not about you but about the public and how you can help them get what they are looking for.  To be a Successful Network Marketer–Mirror, Mirror On The Wall What Product Is The Catchall? will be the question to ask.  As always we recommend, do your due diligence on the company and it’s leadership to be sure you are safe and read your Policies and Procedures to make sure you know what is expected of you.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Successful Network Marketing Today-What Is YOUR Focus

How many success books, audio and video tapes, and hyped up seminars have you gained knowledge from? How many of those have you actually gone out and applied the principles and knowledge you learned? What do you focus your energy on?

Most people have attempted a few items, a few times, but the huge obstacle is many of the trainers and gurus are teaching methods that are hard for people to apply or just do not work today.  That is right, the methods do not work TODAY.  What, where and who do you need to focus your energy on?

What, where and who should you just totally ignore? What if you ignore the good stuff and focus on the wrong stuff? What if you don’t target the right market what if you focus on the wrong person to provide good training?  That could be a total disaster.

A lot of people say that knowledge is power. That’s wrong. The power only comes from indexapplied knowledge with true focus. Don Standard shares how he learned this concept through Success In 10 Steps. here is Don’s story:

Texas – I started network marketing around 1980. It looked too easy to be true. I was right. It took 25 years to learn the truth about how to do it.

Making a list of friends and family didn’t sound like a good idea. But I did it. I signed up one family member who quit. No friends – ever. I started talking to strangers. I hated it, but I sponsored one every 4 to 6 weeks. But I never had two people on my team at the same time in three years. The last one always quit before the next one signed up.

I went to seminars, joined different companies. I learned from each failure, but never seemed any closer to success. Then the internet appeared. MLMers from wall to wall, looking for prospects. Most potential prospects had multiple businesses – and multiple failures.

I learned to get prospects. But converting them to team members was nearly impossible.

I went into a learning and testing phase. I sponsored large numbers of people into free programs. Of course, that never made me any money. But it was a start.

Then I found the ebook, “Success In 10 Steps”. I had hundreds of unread downloaded documents, but this one interested me. I printed it out and started reading. Next day, I took it to work, finished it. Every idea seemed to be opposite what I had been told. I could look at some of my previous companies and see why I had so much trouble. I read the ebook 3 times in 3 days.

Email messages got me on free training calls. I never missed a single call for months. I never said a word … just listened.

I knew I was onto something big. From my experience, I knew the people at Mentoring For Free were telling the truth about MLM. That was good, after 25 years of failure and frustration. I used the information from the calls to evaluate network marketing companies. I googled people using the Mentoring For Free system. I found companies they may have been in and/or previous companies. I added all the other companies I knew and started evaluating.

I quickly learned to find “deal killers”. Some things are so bad they can’t be overcome by good things. I narrowed hundreds of companies down to five – which I compared every day for over a week. In the end, one company came up on top every time. It was so superior that there really was not a second to consider. I hope you also find a company so clearly ahead of all others that you can make the choice and never have a second thought.

Still … could I be successful at network marketing? I joined the company. I plugged into the Mentoring For Free system and got some leads. Mostly I just watched and listened … for 11 more months. Finally, I was ready to go for it. And it worked. I grew my business fast. I sponsored as many people in a month or so as I used to sponsor in a year.

And they didn’t quit. I plugged them into Mentoring For Free and helped get them started. We were a team, all using the system. People just like me who had experienced failure and frustration for years were now successful.

The Mentoring For Free system changed my life and the lives of people on my team. Now I grow my business easily and consistently. Network Marketing is fun. Just the way it really should be.

Are you ready to understand the power of focus? Are you ready to plug into some of the most cutting edge training that isn’t being taught by most of the leaders in the industry yet is causing those who apply this knowledge to reach new levels of success? If so, then download your own free copy of Success in 10 Steps right now.  It is free and it is unlike any other training out there, but you will never know for certain if you do not get your own copy.  I know you have been lied to before, and told that things are free when they are not. 

Know this, if you want a hard copy of the book there is a charge, (for some reason people feel the need to have the actual book in their hands). But for those who can live without the hard copy, the eBook download is free.  The white copy report on your computer when you want it at your disposal to read leisurely.  You will not be asked to upgrade to receive more information and then get that and then be asked to receive the Big Boy Report upgrade for even more money.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

PS:   Success in 10 Steps  is truly a book for those who really believe they deserve success. Those who have read it are seeing new light and having new levels of success regardless of what program they are working. If you haven’t done so, contact us and we will send you a copy of the eBook today.

Frustrated Network Marketer–What’s Your Brand

Why does someone buy a product or join a business opportunity?  Have you ever thought about this question?  If you don’t know the answer then you are imagemissing the target.  How about  asking yourself why you joined the   business opportunity or why you are buying a product from a network marketing company?  The answer you give is crucial to your success or lack of success, so take your time.

If you are buying a product from an online network marketing/mlm company just because you need or like it, that is okay.  How did you come about finding the product?  Do you really know the distributor you are buying the product from?  If you found a similar product at a better price, more attractive imagepackaging, would you jump to that distributor to get the better price or cooler packaging?

Did you join a network marketing/mlm opportunity for the sole reason of making money, satisfying an ego or self indulgent dream?  If these are the reasons ask yourself why you picked the opportunity you have joined? Did you know the person that had sponsored you into their business?  If in a month or longer you do not get the response or success YOU thought was due, do you just hop to another opportunity?

If you are described in the above paragraphs or feel your customers or those you have sponsored feel the same way then you are missing one very key ingredient.  That ingredient is “LOYALTY”.  One veryimage good method to building loyalty is through a know, like and trust relationship.  I am going to talk about the know part of the relationship.

How do you develop the know side of the relationship?  One very key method is by branding yourself on the internet and gaining a presence that people can recognize.  How do you brand yourself?  One method involves using your real identity and not some alias name or even a team name.  The second important factor is using a real picture of yourself and not some cute cartoon character or picture of nature, product or money etc.  When people looking at a business opportunity or product do not see the real you they begin to wonder “what” is behind theimage picture or title instead of “who” is there.

People who stumble upon your product or business opportunity need to see a real person behind it.  That becomes the beginning of developing the “know” part of the relationship and seeing a real person begins to build trust also.  Think of how you feel when you do not see a real name or picture.  Are there thoughts of trust or thoughts of mistrust?

Some of the methods used to brand yourself may involve writing a blog.  If that is one of the methods you are using make sure to use a phrase in the title or blog body that you use consistently that will become associated with you.  When people Google the phrase it will lead to you so pick one that is not associated with a lot of other people.  Using the blogging method of imagebranding requires you to post consistently on the same day(s) and the same time.  Consistency is the key here so people who read your blog will know what day and what time to be looking for your new post.

If you use traffic exchanges to promote your products and business make sure to set up your profile with a real name and a real picture.  It again, promotes you and brands you on the traffic exchanges and people there begin to recognize you and are more likely to click on your ads than ones who’s promoter is hidden behind a alias name and picture.

The same goes for social sites also where you fill out a profile.  Making sure to show your real self goes along way to promoting yourself.  I very rarely will click on a profile that is represented by an alias picture and name.  If you were to ask me I would say that they are trying to hide something whether it is place of origin or just do not want to be identified.  If you are trying to promote a business or product while hiding I would wonder if you are a scammer or someone who is embarrassed of their product or business opportunity.

imageAre you branding yourself or a team?  It is far more valuable to brand yourself properly than any team or group.  In the words of Tom (Big Al) Schreiter, “People join people not companies” and to carry it further they don’t join teams they join the individuals of a team.  Yes they end up on a team but that is because they joined an individual on the team.  Branding yourself is a valuable asset towards becoming successful.

If you are having no success, and not branding the real you then what are you going to do about it?

I challenge you to brand yourself and if you need a beginning point I recommend you contact us and we will see what we can do to help you reach your goals.


Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.