Successful Network Marketing–Knowing How To Analyze An Opportunity BEFORE Spending a Dime

To be successful network marketing – knowing how to analyze an opportunity BEFORE spending a dime will save you years of struggle, frustration and starting from scratch over and over again.  On the other hand, if you have already signed on the dotted line with a company and are struggling to create that income from home as an online network marketer, I strongly suggest and recommend that you find a mentor with a servant’s heart to help you look at the opportunity you are currently in to see where there can be some improvements made. Usually it is just a matter of learning some skills, a network marketing education if you will.

How many times have you started a network marketing company, only to find frustration with the duplicable system, the upline support is next to zero or non existent and the compensation plan just does not add up as you were shown in the presentation? 

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel; had an organization of twenty, thirty or even hundreds in your downline when…BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar? Perhaps you were terminated without cause, the company went out of business or changed it’s business model from MLM to direct sales.  Heaven forbid the company may  decided that it does not need  sales reps at all of any kind, direct or MLM distributors.  What happens then? 

My hope would be that you would determine just how much of a risk the company you are thinking of joining will be before you join.  But if you find that you skipped that step and are in a company now,  there is still a way to determine how much you are risking by  using the 5 Pillars technology. Once you read the book Success in10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy you will, when finished the free training course,  have an equivalent of a University degree in Network Marketing. 

You will learn:

  • How to avoid scams that are masked as legitimate MLM Companies and turn out to be pyramid schemes
  • What is the best compensation plan? 
  • What is the best system for duplication? 
  • What is the best MLM company for YOU?
  • What to say and when to say it.

Just imagine how you would feel if you were NEVER scammed again, could finally create a residual walk away  income of 10K a month or even more and could finally say I have found a company that I can call HOME.

Just what is your desired income, perhaps an extra $500 a month is good enough for you?  Will your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan allow you to retire and/or will your business to your heirs. 

The Policies and Procedures will in most cases indicate that you can retire or leave your residual income to your heirs; succession. But, have you read them close enough to know that there may be qualifications that MUST be met by your heirs, or even qualifications that may prevent you from ever retiring.  Oh you can retire whenever you wish, but in most contracts in MLM if you decide to retire and do not caring on with your training responsibilities and your team building responsibilities; you will no longer be eligible to receive YOUR residual income that YOU created.  Making it impossible for you to retire and take a vacation when you want if you still want to receive that residual income that you worked so hard for.  This income, if you choose to walk away from a contract written like this will now roll right back to the company. OUCH!!

Read your PnPs for your self.  Look for words such as “ongoing” training, responsibilities, succession. What do your heirs have to do to qualify to receive what you have willed to them in your last will and testament?  How will your heirs feel when they realize that in order for them to receive what you have willed to them, they MUST sign up as a distributor and perform all the same duties that you do now?… Recruiting, selling, pitching your deal, training your downline.

You can  put any company to the 5 Pillars test.  Using the 5 qualifications listed in the 5 Pillars qualifying technology that will allow you to determine what your chances of success and or failure will be with any company.  You can find out what the 5 Pillars technology is by contacting us and we would be honoured to explain this important tool for evaluating a business opportunity.

What would have happened if you had the ability to properly analyze an opportunity before you decide to spend a dime? If that sounds like what you want, then give us a call and we would be honoured to share with you what we have learned over the past few years.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Is Multiple Streams of Income a Scam

Not too long ago another network marketer wanted to drag me into a discussion about her Network Marketing companies opportunity and her MLM patented products.

She has admitted that she has some concerns about the leadership’s integrity and the compensation plan; well she really does not understand it but feels that it pays her well. She has also confirmed my suspicion that she is not making any money, but rather paying more out on her lead generation system then she has ever made in two years with her companies.   After speaking with her a couple of times now she also admits that her  company can not provide her with a system that is duplicatable and this is the reason for her reaching out to a lead generation system. She feels that the weekly webinars are nothing more than a pep rally and  hype.  The leader is motivating them by shouting at them and never any real skills taught.  She has been told by her upline that she is not  connecting with good enough leads. The thing is that the leads she is contacting are the ones she bought from this great lead system her upline convinced her to join.

Admittedly she is having a hard time building her business, even using a very sophisticated lead generation system and additionally wanting to market two opportunities at the same time. To me this spells disaster and  this adds up to (together with the lead generation system) three streams of outgo instead of income.

She doesn’t make any money because in one business she needs 2000 ACTIVE (people actually working  to secure sales and other recruits) people on her team to make $5,000  of true residual income a month and with the other opportunity she needs an additional 2700 ACTIVE members to make a residual walk away income of $5000.00 a month. This is no mistake,  it is set in stone because of the compensation plan. Numbers never lie.

She sort of perked up a bit when I told her that in some companies you only need 200  people on the team to make the same amount of money, 5 k per month, that’s always a good reference. She needs more than 10 times the people than me to make the same amount of money. And, ladies and gentlemen, that is no exception in the MLM marketplace. No wonder most network marketers think they have to resort to  multiple sources of income.

A while later  we talked again. She told me that she did not like that most other companies are selling me-too-products.   I wonder if this lady bases her decisions on proven business concepts? Struggling to market “expensive $4000.00  “brand-new to the industry” products and her respective service oriented business product on the one hand and discarding the promotion of so-called me-too-products that people want and need on the other, that’s hard to really wrap your head around.

If you want to make it in this business you absolutely have to offer a product to the masses who are looking for it and at a price that everyone can afford. Sell high ticketed price items sort of diminishes your market. Nine out of ten can certainly afford a me-to-product but how many of that same 9 in 10 could afford a $4000.00 product or service? McDonalds sells billions of hamburgers because there is a mob of starving people who want them and can afford to eat them!

I would rather promote affordable me too-products in my MLM Network Marketing business that offer me a significant residual commission than try to blaze a trail  with a new products that most people do not  want or can ever afford anyway.  In addition it is fact that  most of the new Start-up companies last less than 2 years. MLM Network Marketing is about offering what people want, not about offering what serves your ego best.

It may surprise you to know that there are far more making a nice residual monthly commission check selling those same me-to-products that she does not want to be a part of.  Most of us are not making a living with  the newest next best  thing, yes there are some. I learned some solid business building principles from my mentor Michael Dlouhy and Tom “Big Al” Schreitertomlyd regarding this issue. If you are struggling in your business then learn the truth about marketing  and what does work to create a solid home based business income.

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Frustrated Network Marketer–Is Your MLM Business a Circus

This has to be some kind of syndrome that I would refer to as the “Frustrated Network Marketer” syndrome.  We have only seen this stupidity happen in Network Marketing and or Affiliate Marketing. I can not build one business successfully, so I am going to add three more that I can be a failure at, but why stop at three extra when I can just add more and have those multiple streams of income that I hear the “gurus” talking about?  From a mentor with a servant’s heart, what you are building is a “Circus”. Do you right now feel that  your MLM Business a Circus?

Allow me to ask a question…would you see this type of business thinking if you were in a traditional brick and mortar business.  Your regular run of the mill, “mom and pop” business?  No they don’t run a laundry store here and a jewellery store with a grocery store and drug store attached on the side for good measure. NOPE!!! Does not happen.

Everywhere you see people in more than one opportunity and want you to join them too. It just amazes me that the so called gurus, professionals and experts who want to show us how to build a successful business as a Network Marketer.   How can they help me or anyone for that matter? Where is the focus? What this tells me is that they can not be doing very well in their “primary” business.  That one is not working so I have to add another stream of income, which results in another stream on cash flowing out of your wallet instead of in to it. Focus on ONE and build ONE to promote to others, that is way more attractive.

There is nothing wrong with failure, it sometimes propels us in the direction we should be going.  For in failing we fail forward.  Thomas Edison failed many times to create a light bulb.  Or did he?  Perhaps he successfully  found 1000’s of ways not to.  With each proclaimed failure, he came another step closer to success, because he never gave up believing he COULD be successful.

Each time a new  program or tool enters a newbies’ (or seasoned network marketer’s) line of sight, they are off selling their garbage to anyone who breathes.

You will hear them refer to this NEW opportunity as, “Patent Pending” and the “Latest Greatest” or “Get in Now!”, “Get in on the Ground Floor!”,“You’ve Just Got to See This!!!!!” or “Brand New – Get in Before It’s Too Late”

Seth Godin recently posted an article on his blog…here it is.

Seth writes:
Un essaim de puces
To quote Sarah Jones, the market has become a swarm of fleas (it sounds better in French, for sure).

Short attention spans, flitting from place to place, a hit-and-run culture.fleacircus It’s practically a flea circus…

Marketers are more like circus ringmasters than ever before. Far better, it seems, to concentrate on the few (fleas) willing to slow down, the few willing to stop acting that way and actually pay attention and stick around.

Need we say more?.

We can see that it might take more than one attempt to find the right company. If it is enduring success you are looking for then you will eventually have to do something about your lack of success and determine why it is that you can not get ONE MLM business to work.  Our guess would be, lack of education regarding this industry, and lack of skills.

As a warning – remember that banging your head on a wall hurts.  Network Marketing works, but if you are not finding success with the company you are currently attempting to build, then why keep banging your head with that opportunity? It hurts after a while.  Just don’t go build a Circus….don’t add more useless opportunities. Stop getting caught up in the circus, stop chasing instant rewards.

If you are serious about building an online business presence than you need to start thinking like a business person.  Traditional businesses are not built in a day… Your  Network Marketing business will not be built in a day. You need to build a solid foundation first…which takes time…but will last for years to come.  Build it once, build it big and build it to pay your children and their children’s children. Use the Slight Edge Philosophy and stay in the game long enough to see some results. You may have to change teams, but you will not be on two teams at the same time and find success.

If you need some help and assistance I encourage you to find a mentor to help you understand what it take to be a success in this industry.  Above all get educated. I am sure you did not learn network marketing skills from your school, church, volunteer programs, pastor, priest or parents who did not provide you with a Network Marketing Degree.  You will have to learn some very basic skills.


Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

Successful Network Marketing – Looking for Volunteers

Successful network marketing involves a simple principle. Looking for Volunteers.  I know, not exactly what you have heard.  As you know, most network marketers are recruiting any one who can fog a mirror.  Let me tell you what happens when you sponsor these types of people and who would sponsor someone like this.

First what happens to the person who is sponsored by the HEAVY HITTER? Most of the time they quit! Because they were pressured into it. They were not sold on the idea and then found that as soon as they signed up that the HEAVY HITTER was on to recruiting others into the “deal” and left the new recruit to struggle along.

What type of person would sponsor anyone into their business? The HEAVY HITTER, salesperson ( the guru). This person is interested in one thing, the instant bonus from the sign up.

This is however, just one portion of any compensation plan.  This is NOT where you will create residual income. It is considered “the front-end” of a compensation plan.  The residual income is the “back-end”.  This is based upon product sales from your customers and your  partners .  It is created through recurring sales.  This is what will keep paying you and your family for the rest of their lives so long as your Policies and Procedures,  does not suggest otherwise.

In network marketing today you are building a business that will last for a life-time and create a legacy for your family that will last long after you are gone. Why on earth would we ever want to persuade someone  to come along who has no personal inclination to do something or to change his situation in life?

Convincing others and strong arming them into the deal does not build long term success. It will however build resentment and cause some people to feel like they are failures when their lack of success is not their fault. It is imperative that  you work with people whom you have an excellent resonance with and who are as interested as you are in making income from home.

imageYour target market should be people who right NOW have a vision for their life; know what they want from life, and the drive to achieve it!  The volunteers!

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

A good target group would be those who are already pre-sold on network marketing.

They show it to you through the fact that they are searching, that they want to make a change in their circumstances and that they are prepared to “move”.

Get in there with these folks and  build solid  friendships and help them create that lifestyle that most only dream about.


Among those with whom you connect there will be some who are actually looking for the right business to settle down with. They either have just arrived at the conclusion that network marketing is exactly what they are looking for and they are overwhelmed with the amount of companies out there that are seemingly potential partners.

This is a huge area where you can help, simply because very few people actually know what to look for and what to watch out for.

If you consider that you may be in one of  the groups of people I describe here? Well, that’s easy – get yourself educated! Get started with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s Are You Walking past a Fortune so you will understand exactly what this industry is all about.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Struggling Network Marketer ~ Or Misinformed Distributor

It has been of great concern to me lately, as I accept friendships on Facebook and on other social network sites, that I see people are “Employees” of a certain MLM or network marketing company of which they are a distributor. To come right out and say that you are an employee of “Widget Marketing Juice” is in direct violation of your company’s Policies and Procedures.

This tells me a couple of things.

  • As a new distributor they either did not read their company Policies and Procedures and fully understand them
  • As a new distributor the Policies and Procedures were never provided to you before you joined your business opportunity to give you a chance to read and understand them
  • As a distributor you have read your Policies and Procedures but have decided not to abide by them or feel that you will not be held responsible for being in violation of the contract

There are many clauses, gotcha clauses and dream stealer clauses in many company Policies and Procedures that are cause for termination of you by your “oh I love the products” company.

There is a group of volunteers who have had the opportunity to analyze over 300 company PnP’s. I think we have seen a few of these “dream stealing”, “gotcha clauses” and the “what the *&#)( was that clauses”.

It would be inexperienced and naive to believe that the company that you are associated with does not know that you are promoting yourself as an “employee” of “Widget Marketing Juice”.  By doing so they KNOW that you are in direct violation of your Policies and Procedures.  If you are not making money right this minute you are simply at arms length from them. You are not on their radar yet.  You are not the “Big Shot Distributor” yet. So you probably will not hear a word from them at this point. My warning here would be that once you are making some big money, the company begins to take notice of you.

Never list yourself as an “employee” of ANY network marketing company.  Keep your residual income coming in to YOU! Instead just be “Self employed”.

Proof is in the pudding, read below to see what one company wrote in their PnP’s (contract). There is similar verbiage in all contracts.

5.  Distributors are independent marketing representatives of the [Company] and are not to be considered purchasers of a franchise or a distributorship. The agreement between the [Company] and its distributors does not create an employer/employee relationship, agency, partnership, or joint venture between the [Company] and the distributors. Each distributor shall hold harmless the [Company] from any claims, damages or liabilities arising out of distributor’s business practices. [Company] distributors have no authority to bind the [Company] to any obligation. Each distributor is encouraged to set up his/her own hours and to determine his/her own method of sale, so long as he/she complies with the policies and procedures of the [Company]. Independent distributors are fully responsible for properly paying all applicable taxes and fees as per the laws of the United States. [Company] does not perform any withholding services nor is the firm responsible for unpaid taxes on behalf of independent distributors.

Reading your policies and procedures will keep you out of trouble and keep your commission check rolling in to you.  If distributors keep violating clauses such as the one mentioned above, sooner or later you will be terminated.

You see your big shot “Widget” company has lots of overhead, lawyers, Doctors, celebrities, their top “distributor”, office staff, buildings, leer jets and lots of other everyday day-to-day expenses to pay.  When the company is not turning a profit by making sales, the overhead has to be paid somehow.  It is in these cases that you become noticed as a distributor.  It is in these cases that the company “in their sole discretion” can find and use any clause in your contract to terminate you if you are in fact in violation of any clause.

Stop giving your company ammunition. Know what is in your contract, know what you can and can not do.  Promoting yourself as an “employee” of any network marketing company it probably the most noticeable thing you can do to target yourself.

Become a student of this industry to protect yourself and become a critical thinker. Take advantage of this educational opportunity provided to you for free by Mentoring for Free. Read Success in 10 Steps.

If you are ready for success in YOUR life and in the business of YOUR choice, then this educational opportunity will be invaluable to you. The e-book is NOT a business opportunity. It is an educational opportunity.

How can we best help you?

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