Make $5000.00 For Christmas

$5000.00 you can earn before Christmas this year, flashy messages and huge income claims (illegal by the way)  distort our rational thinking.  It  gets worse at this time of the year when we are dreaming of Christmas and what we would like to be able to provide to our family and friends. The sad thing is that we start to believe the confident and brash salespeople dressed in sheepskin. wolf

These sales folk sound so credible.  They keep feeding you what you want to hear; how much money you are going to make … and how many bonuses you will be paid … and how marvellous you are.  The truth is you are a marvellous and wonderful person, you don’t’ believe it though because perhaps you are not accustomed to hearing this.  This is however manipulation to get you to join the “deal”.

Here is an interesting fact … in the same time it has taken you to read the above two paragraphs, another person has given up their network marketing career!  Because they were lied to.  The promises made never came true.

Wholeheartedly they jump right  in to the water without any thought to check out theShark company and the product or even the management team running the deal.  There was never any forward planning or reading the policies and procedures of the company, which could have saved them years of failure and frustration. The network marketing water is murky, muddy and  not shallow, it’s deep and full of sharks.  Uneducated about this industry will leave you as bait for the sharks.

Take a deep breath, STOP! Just stop and put things into proper perspective.  Network Marketing is not a sales business. It’s NOT! It is a relationship business.

If you want to be in sales, go find a sales job. Go work at Home Depot or Target.

If you want to LISTEN, if you want to TEACH and if you want to MENTOR … welcome to the real world of Network Marketing.

If you can help someone achieve their long term, so far; unachieved goals, and help them become successful , and help them own their life, then you have discovered what networking is all about and achieved more than most people will ever achieve.  You will be creating a legacy for you.

heavy hitterI know full well that everyone on the internet is now proclaiming to be a “Mentor and a Coach”.  But look a bit further before you decide who you may want to get help from.  If you are being asked to pay for coaching and mentoring and receiving only 15 minutes of mentoring for your $125, now a one time free session, you may wish to reconsider.  These “heavy hitters will toast you quicker than a pop tart!  

There is an organization who are mentoring for hours at a time, days, weeks and years and never asking for a dime in return for the service.  I know because I am still riding on the same free bus pass that I received two years ago.

Real Network Marketing is helping you discover the person you want to be. Maybe this sounds strange, but this step makes the difference between people who start something and then give up before starting something else … again with the same outcome. Sound familiar?

The most important person to satisfy is yourself. NOT the person who wants you to sign up into their deal.

Set out your own plans and goals and targets. Talk about your dreams. Write them down, touch them and feel them … repeat them.

Now you are equipped to give your heart and soul to other people who need help and advice, people who need guidance and a hand to hold.

What then is the result for you?

Now that you know what network marketing is and is not, the new you, while focussing on helping other people, will suddenly find that round pegs start to find the round holes, and the square pegs will start to find the square holes, and before you know it, you are applying your new character to your own self development and your own network marketing business. The power of “Paying it Forward”.

The system I am showing many people, has provided the ingredients and the recipe described above, and everybody knows that a tried and tested system will let you enjoy the tasty results of following the recipe word for word, line for line and ingredient for ingredient with no substitutes.

If you want more information or a one to one chat …. Please  send me an email to the following address 

Remember to include your name, city where you live and your time zone.
Tell me what you are trying to achieve and I will respond as quickly as I can.
Together, people can make things happen, so let’s start now!

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

MLM Tips – Getting "Inside" Your Prospects’ Heads.

It is just nature that humans do not like to take risk.
Your network marketing prospects are afraid to take risks. We attempt to calm  their concerns and worries by saying things such as:

* "Just try our business. Our company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee."

* "Just try our product or service. Our company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee."

The thing is that these tactics will seldom close a prospect. Your prospect feels reserved and embarrassed taking gain of a refund, so the prospect never makes the decision or commitment to try the product, service or business opportunity.

Surely you can look back over the times that you have used this method and realize that it has not worked. If it has not worked the previous 100 times you attempted to “close” your prospect, why feel that this method will bring you any favourabletomlyd results in the future with your next 100 prospects?

How about you work on this technique next time? Just simply give your prospect the "truth" guarantee. A Tom “Big Al” Schreiter method that will astonish your prospect and bring to mind a "fear of loss" influence. Say:

"I have one guarantee about our business. If you don’t try anything, you are guaranteed that nothing will change. The commute time to your job won’t change. The limited time you have with your family won’t change. Your current pay check won’t change."

Getting "inside" your prospects’ heads.

It is not easy to have our prospects lean forward and ask us for more information. In reality we only have mere seconds to capture their attention and interest. It is not our job as network marketers to spew our opportunity all over the prospect. It is however, our job is to get our message past the screens and blockades of our prospects’ minds. If we are unable to accomplish this goal, we are wasting our time, the prospect’s time while just speaking words into the wind.

We only have moments before our prospect makes a decision to listen or not to listen to us. What are you going to say in those first precious moments? Most amateur distributors don’t figure this out. They just talk.

Professional networkers address, assess, and implement various opening sentences to determine just exactly what will pass through the scepticism, screens, blockades and filters of their prospects minds.

Determine to work hard on your first sentences…practice, address, assess and implement…your business presentations will be much easier.

Here is a really good example of a first sentence that has an excellent  opportunity of getting inside your prospects’ heads?

"While you are working for someone else, you could be working and building your own company. Same effort, just a different project."  Tom Schreiter, Generic Network Marketing Trainer

To build your network marketing empire it is important to have the skills such as the one mentioned above to be able to create the income from home that we all desire.  To do this you need a few things on your side and in your corner.

  1. A Mentor
  2. A Network Marketing Education i.e. learn what network marketing IS and IS NOT
  3. Skills
  4. A System That Will Teach the Skills

Creating a “Pay-it-forward” environment helps abundance flow for everyone.  Adopting this philosophy and educational standing and passing it to your team members can only further your and their chances for success.  This is a team effort where working together brings about a mastermind group of likeminded entrepreneurs working to achieve goals and reaching your final target, success.


The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. ~ Earl of Beaconsfield

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Having a Mentor is Crucial for Achieving Success Online

Is there someone in your life who challenges you to take the next step, go to the next level?
Do you have a mentor in your life, a role model or someone you admire  who wants the same success for YOU as YOU desire for yourself?
Are you fortunate enough to know this person personally and be able to call upon them for coaching and honest feedback?
Having a mentor and coach is the most important aspect of achieving success in your personal life and business endeavours. All those who we consider to be “great” successful business people in the world, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Art Jonak and Donald Trump, had mentors who inspired them to be more and to do more to achieve the level of success that they enjoy today.
Learning from those who have already become successful is the surest path  to success. If you endeavour to search for an appropriate mentor, you may be blessed  to know them personally and receive coaching and guidance from them on a daily ongoing basis.
Fortunately, my husband and I lydauthorpic found a mentor (actually a community of mentors)  who inspire us daily and graciously and generously works with us so we can achieve our goals and dreams. The reason why they are so successful is because their real passion and desire is to help others achieve financial freedom and they pass it on with a “go-givers”, pay it forward mentality.
Our mentors are experienced  and knowledgeable in the field of network marketing who we can turn to for support, guidance and sometimes just someone to talk to about the challenges that face us as network marketers.
Because of the mentoring and coaching we have received it has inspired us to become mentors and coaches so we too can help others achieve their dreams and goals of financial freedom.
We had no idea when we got started with Mentoring of Free  that we would have access to such a huge international community of professional business men and women who would inspire us and share in our goals and dreams.   For us it is so very important to be a part of a community of volunteers that truly value their team.
Check out this story about Jennifer Wideman, one of our mentors and a real inspiration to others in this industry.  Talk about inspirational!  If you knew her whole story; legally blind and building an online business from home while she helps others do the same in the business of their choice is just the start of her success.

Iwas introduced to network marketing a few years ago. He did not have to tell me twice.  You mean I can use and share this product and possibly never have to work again? I worked so very hard, even with 4 kids under the age of 6 at the time. My husband was such a great support. However, my upline talked me into 2 more deals, tried for a third and I said there’s got to be a better way.

I went to the internet and bought an ebook. I asked for help, joined their team because they would sell me leads, teach me how to convert those leads, and at least I’d have real people interested. That’s a long story, but the outcome was a great learning experience. I am still reaping the benefits of the relationships I built there. I cold-called 350 leads or more, converted a few, and learned how to talk to people much better than I had. I also spent a good bit of money without much in return. The leads dried up, the leader moved on to selling other information products and I was told “Good-bye, good luck.”

One of my associates in that organization stumbled across an ebook called Success in 10 Steps and thought I’d like it, so she sent it to me by email. I didn’t read it right away. I called the person I got it from and asked lots of questions. “Just read the book.” She wouldn’t tell me what company she was in, just assured me this group of people could help me.

And it has. Many people in the Mentoring For Free family have helped me realize that I truly can do anything through education and teamwork. My husband, Terry, is the most incredible person in the world. He has stayed with the kids, taken over when he comes home from his job, supported me even when there was no money coming in yet. HE is the real reason I am so successful. My own incredible team also inspire me to be a better person every day. I give God full credit for putting it all together on my behalf as my primary business partner.

We have 4 beautiful kids, 3 adopted from Liberia, Africa. I want to go back with lots of food, medicine, Limu, Bibles, school supplies regularly to this little country and help other children and their parents.

What are your dreams? What action are you willing to take to achieve them? And who do you have to help you along the way?

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision


“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo