Millionaire Comes Out of Retirement for Start Up

What are the odds of anyone surviving a start-up MLM company?  You have heard all the slogans, “Prelaunch! Secure Your Position!  Ground Floor Opportunity!  Exciting Start-up! This Is The Biggest Opportunity On the Net Today!  Max Millionaire Sold His Telecommunication Devices Business and Has Now Come Out of Retirement For This One!  Get In NOW!”

What a crock of bull the above slogans are.  Before joining any MLM company, whether it be 50 years old or a new baby, start-up and in prelaunch or prelaunch for the third time around; yeah there are companies that never get out of prelaunch, please consider the following:

  • What do the industry standards tell us about the survival of a new MLM company? There have been suggestions that in the first year alone 80% to 90% fail, shut their doors for good. Yes I am playing devils advocate here, do please Google and see what results you find. You will be amazed.
  • Michael Dlouhy, who is the author of Success in 10 Steps says that 90% of all MLM businesses fail in their first year, and 90% of the remaining 10% fail in their second year. Not a good average for the distributor. You put your blood sweat and tears into a company only to have it close it’s doors 6 or 7 months into the deal.  Come on!

The break down of all the statistics; after two years only 1 of every 100 start-up (New and in Prelaunch) MLM companies will survive long enough  to be sending you a pay check to your mailbox. The business has a 1% survival rate.

Most marriages last longer than this before there is a divorce.

Friends of ours, Bob and Anna Bassett explain it like this…

Now picture yourself at the casino, intent on a pleasant evening of playing the slots.  According to a good friend of ours who loves to gamble in Vegas, slot machines can pay out anywhere from 83% to 99% and must be signed as to their payout.

So there you are with your bucket of nickels looking at one machine on your left that reads 83% Payout and one on the right that reads 99% Payout!

Which machine do you choose to play? It’s a no-brainer, right? Unless you believe in choosing by color or by intuition, you would sit down at the machine with the 99% payout. A much better chance of a big jackpot, or more realistically, you get to keep your nickels longer!

Be careful how you choose.  Your choice could bring you success or years of struggle and frustration, jumping from one prelaunch to the next and the next.  It is like some kind of epidemic for some people.  They just can not seem to help themselves from being attracted and attached to start-up companies.  

Would you choose a company with a payout signed at 1% or a company that has been in business  for two, five, seven years and is signed at a payout of 10% up to as much as 50% just like the Vegas slots.  

To me the choice should not be that hard to make. Which company do you choose? 

After two years, a company has a far greater chance of surviving a couple more years, and perhaps many years into the future to take care of you. 

Life is a gamble, but making a decision about which MLM company to join does not have to be.  Think of it like this, you can make a wise investment or you can  loose your shirt as we almost did and our  friends have done, to the tune of $200,000 with maxed out credit cards and a re-mortgaged house to boot.

If you’d like to take the gambling out of choosing the very best MLM company for you, simply get in touch with us and we would be honoured to spend time with you and share some of the things you should be looking for in a company as well as what you should avoid.

To Your Ultimate Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

Judgment Against Famed Felon Barry Minkow of $584 Million

Why do humans get caught up in scams? Mainly because we believe in other humans that they would never knowingly hurt another.  The reason we get hoodwinked is because the con-artists are just that…experts.  They are expert cons.  A judgment against famed felon Barry Minkow of $584 Million was entered in the courts June 1/11.  Minkow is scheduled to be sentenced on July 7 after pleading guilty to a federal charge of manipulating Lennar’s stock.

Barry Minkow, network marketing con who prayed on the industry and then moved on to prey upon his own church, is one of those experts.  Who was repeatedly caught with his hands in the cookie jar.  Which leads to another question.  Why was he allowed to prey on others after he was caught the first time?

I really don’t have the answer to that, but I can share with you the down side of network marketing and the importance of thoroughly doing research on those leaders in the network marketing company you plan to join.  As you will learn from Barry Minkow, it is easy to be fooled.  Don’t believe everything you hear…research yourself and follow the bread crumbs you will eventually find the good, the bad or the ugly about the leadership.

Please allow me to share this news article by Al Lewis.  You decide if Minkow is a person you would want to be at the helm of your MLM company. There are lots more like him who are running MLM companies and conning trusting people like you and me.


Home-building company Lennar Corp. (LEN) has won a $584 million judgment against convicted felon Barry Minkow, who is likely to be headed to prison yet again.

Minkow is slated to be sentenced on July 7 after pleading guilty to a federal charge of manipulating Lennar’s stock.

The stipulated judgment that Lennar won was entered on June 1 in the Circuit Court for the 11th Judicial District in Miami, Fla.Lennar had sued Minkow and California developer Nicolas Marsch for extortion and defamation.

Minkow declined comment. Lennar didn’t return messages.

Marsch had several business disputes with Lennar and hired Minkow, a self- styled fraud investigator, to smear Lennar, according to the judgment.

“In and around November 2008, the Minkow Defendants entered into an agreement with the Marsch Defendants to extort Lennar,” the judgment said under the heading “stipulated facts.”

The defendants also “agreed to manipulate the public securities markets to harm the Lennar Plaintiffs’ business,” the document said.

In January 2009, Minkow likened Lennar to Enron and called it a “financial crime in progress” in a press release and online. His efforts drove down the price of Lennar stock by more than 20%. But Minkow has since stipulated in court that his statements were false and malicious.

The half-billion-plus judgment marks another turn in the career of a renowned con-man.

Minkow, now 44, was sentenced at age 23 for the text-book case fraud known as the ZZZZ Best Co., a carpet-cleaning company that he took public.

Minkow had claimed a net worth of $90 million, drove a red Ferrari with a ” ZZZZ BEST” license plate and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as a Wall Street wunderkind.

When ZZZZ Best was exposed as a massive Ponzi scheme, Minkow was sentenced to prison for nearly eight years.

Following his release, he earned a master’s degree in divinity from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Then he became pastor of Community Bible Church in San Diego, Calif.

He also became a corporate-fraud investigator, establishing the “Fraud Discovery Institute,” where he uncovered instances of deceit at publicly traded companies and investigated Ponzi schemes.

For several years, he was an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a tipster to journalists. Members of his church have said they found his story of transformation inspiring. He was also working on an unreleased movie about his rehabilitative journey from convicted conman to minister and fraud detector, called “Minkow.”

-By Al Lewis, Dow Jones Newswires

I invite your help to make the network marketing/MLM industry a more respected, truthful and trustworthy profession.

The road to an awesome improved professional industry is through increased knowledge of what is good and what still needs to be avoided and improved in our industry.

It continues to be our best wishes for your success in this industry which can be achieved through education and sharing expert knowledge of the skills that do work today.

Comment whenever you have something of value to contribute Tweet, Retweet, or use the other social media share buttons on our blog site to let others learn also.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


Frustrated Network Marketer – The Big Guru MLM Lies

Like a lot of frustrated network marketers you are trying desperately to build a business from home on the Internet. Just as soon as you think you have it all figured out one of those Guru’s or guru systems comes along and says here is what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW, BUY NOW, GET IN EARLY, DON’T MISS OUT… oh yeah …it is the latest and greatest thing that will make you a trazillion dollars!!! Not happening!! Sorry!! The Big Guru MLM Lies.

There is no "One Thing" that will make you successful, if you are spending more than 25% of your time on the Internet trying to strike it rich, you are road kill, you do not stand a chance, it will not be happening! If you do not learn the skills you lack the most important aspect of your success. I can prove it.

You do not have to agree with me, but you will see why all the money that you have or will pay out to the gurus will only dwindle your bank account and max out your credit cards. Oh yeah  that has happened and you may just be one of the unfortunate ones.  These “gurus” have stolen your belief in network marketing.

Read this eBook, Success in 10 Steps to find out why. NO it is not another opportunity or affiliate program for you to join and lose money, it is a book just like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, or “Chicken Soup” books or any other book you would find in a book store or library. It was written by, Michael Dlouhy.   He joined over 100 MLM companies to see why 97% failed. He was even a consultant for many of these MLM companies.

Discover what to stay away from online for scams and there are plenty of those out there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would never be scammed again? You have nothing to is free except the time it will take you to read for a couple of hours.  Is you success worth 2 hours of your time? I think it is.  I am very happy that someone thought enough of me and my success as a network marketer to share this eBook with me. I would like to return the favour.

Most people don’t realize this year is 1/3 over, and chances are they are not 1/3 of the way to their goals for 2k-10K a month. If nothing is changed, nothing will change. So where are you?

imageI wish you the best in what you are doing, and if there is anything you want ask me feel free to do so, maybe I can help you, if not chances are I can point you in the right direction.

If you would like a copy of Success in 10 Steps just be in touch, you can find me on Facebook.

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

Stop Pitching and Spamming In Social Network Settings, Unless………

Stop pitching your network marketing opportunity.  Just because people are breathing, can stand on their own two feet and do not require an oxygen tank to survive, does not mean that we want to hear about your latest, greatest, biggest, best MLM opportunity with the only compensation plan like it in the industry that is a game changer and  is going to be saving millions of children if we join YOUR deal.

As  Professional Network Marketers, coaches and mentors we have made it our business to rally against  pyramid schemes, promotional hype campaigns and those famous get-rich-quick scams.  My husband and I actually look into MLM companies…yes we look at the legal stuff that most  do not feel are important enough to read .    We look at the compensation plans because the videos do not, DO NOT tell you the whole truth about just how hard you WILL have to WORK to make the income that is being promised to you in the flashy promotional videos.

We actually crunch the numbers to know how hard a network marketer will have to work to make $10,000 a month. We tear apart the Policies and Procedures, to see what is in the legal jargon that may legally force you to give back your commission check and perhaps never even receive one to begin with.  Legal hoops and qualifications are in most contracts that prevent you from ever receiving a check, but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t read them, would you?

However  there is one really huge problem with us putting ourselves out to the public in this manner.  We are targeted everyday by other network marketers who pitch, pitch, and pitch some more their “business opportunities”.  Please, please, please, give up!  We are not interested in your deal. Unless you can prove to us that you are in a 5 Pillar company we are very happy with our own 5 Pillar company.

We get pitched all the time and have been threatened to be removed from“friends” lists on Facebook and other social network sites because we do not show an interest in the company products or services. We have been told we are heartless because we do not want to look at another opportunity.  Come on, in most of these cases we were not even friends by those who were pitching their deals.  So no need to unfriend us, we were never friends to begin with.  This is outright SPAM.

Look; it is time that all network marketers took notice that this method of marketing is from the stone ages.  This selling and marketing approach does NOT work in an online social setting such as Facebook.  You tick people off and turn a potential prospect away using this technique.  Surely it is easy to notice this trend.

New methods involve a skill known as building relationships and making friends.  Don’t demoralize and threaten others because they do not align with your deal.  It would be worthwhile to get to know people  first before you start throwing up all over the prospect.

My mentors Michael Dlouhy and Art Jonak teach this…

  • The chances of doing business with your prospects increases as you build relationships of  know, like and trust.

Your Network Marketing life expectancy will be much longer than 45 minutes if marketers would just learn this one skill.

So at this point  we will not be entertaining any notions of  joining another MLM company or even leaving the company that we are in now if you can not prove to us  that your company is a 5 Pillars company or more.   We would do our homework and are able to determine if any company measures up to the 5 Pillars yard stick.  Remember this is our life’s calling, we have made it our business to look at over 400 MLM companies (and counting) along with our team of coaches and mentors. We have narrowed the playing field substantially already.

What’s a 5-Pillar company? Do YOUR due diligence and read this book and you will be able to determine  what a 5 Pillars company looks like and/or determine if your present company is a 5 Pillar company.  Read  Success in 10 Steps

What questions can you expect to have answered as you go through the mentoring process and reading Success in 10 Steps?

  • Does the MLM company management team have experience as network marketers or are they coming from a corporate America approach?  How long has the company been doing business as a network marketing approach?
  • What hoops will be in you company’s policies and procedures that you will have to jump through to get a check? Did you understand your company policies and procedures…the legalese?
  • Do you know the compensation model?  How many people will you personally have to sponsor before you’re making $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 per month?

Your very best solution for creating an income from home today is to learn to build   relationships, regardless of the fact that the prospect may or may not join you in your online opportunity.   Have no agenda, offer value, and offer real help. Become educated about this business/industry.

On a side note, it is common knowledge that there is a failure rate of 97% to 98% for any new business, traditional or MLM; knowing this fact how will you do any differently without learning skills to make a difference?  If you are looking for a copy of Success In 10 Steps feel free to contact us and we will send you one.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

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The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to purpose. — Michel de Montaigne

Compensation Plans and Math Talk About Frustration

Very few individuals can really say that they totally understand their compensation plan. Compensation plans and math what total frustration this causes. As a network marketer would it not make sense to know how hard you have to work to make the income you hope to make in your company.  Did you know that there is a formula to determine just how hard you have to work, how many active people you will need to make a residual walk away income of, for example of $5000.00 a month.  Knowing that MLM companies often embellish their advertising campaigns will alleviate most of the frustration, but actually analysing your MLM compensation plan would be the best place to get started. 

This video may help to explain the problem.

If you are not making the income that you were promised or you’d like to know more about your network marketing compensation plan, and you regularly use counting blocks to calculate your commissions, contact us and we will help you understand compensation plans.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker