Successful Network Marketing–Knowing How To Analyze An Opportunity BEFORE Spending a Dime

To be successful network marketing – knowing how to analyze an opportunity BEFORE spending a dime will save you years of struggle, frustration and starting from scratch over and over again.  On the other hand, if you have already signed on the dotted line with a company and are struggling to create that income from home as an online network marketer, I strongly suggest and recommend that you find a mentor with a servant’s heart to help you look at the opportunity you are currently in to see where there can be some improvements made. Usually it is just a matter of learning some skills, a network marketing education if you will.

How many times have you started a network marketing company, only to find frustration with the duplicable system, the upline support is next to zero or non existent and the compensation plan just does not add up as you were shown in the presentation? 

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel; had an organization of twenty, thirty or even hundreds in your downline when…BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar? Perhaps you were terminated without cause, the company went out of business or changed it’s business model from MLM to direct sales.  Heaven forbid the company may  decided that it does not need  sales reps at all of any kind, direct or MLM distributors.  What happens then? 

My hope would be that you would determine just how much of a risk the company you are thinking of joining will be before you join.  But if you find that you skipped that step and are in a company now,  there is still a way to determine how much you are risking by  using the 5 Pillars technology. Once you read the book Success in10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy you will, when finished the free training course,  have an equivalent of a University degree in Network Marketing. 

You will learn:

  • How to avoid scams that are masked as legitimate MLM Companies and turn out to be pyramid schemes
  • What is the best compensation plan? 
  • What is the best system for duplication? 
  • What is the best MLM company for YOU?
  • What to say and when to say it.

Just imagine how you would feel if you were NEVER scammed again, could finally create a residual walk away  income of 10K a month or even more and could finally say I have found a company that I can call HOME.

Just what is your desired income, perhaps an extra $500 a month is good enough for you?  Will your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan allow you to retire and/or will your business to your heirs. 

The Policies and Procedures will in most cases indicate that you can retire or leave your residual income to your heirs; succession. But, have you read them close enough to know that there may be qualifications that MUST be met by your heirs, or even qualifications that may prevent you from ever retiring.  Oh you can retire whenever you wish, but in most contracts in MLM if you decide to retire and do not caring on with your training responsibilities and your team building responsibilities; you will no longer be eligible to receive YOUR residual income that YOU created.  Making it impossible for you to retire and take a vacation when you want if you still want to receive that residual income that you worked so hard for.  This income, if you choose to walk away from a contract written like this will now roll right back to the company. OUCH!!

Read your PnPs for your self.  Look for words such as “ongoing” training, responsibilities, succession. What do your heirs have to do to qualify to receive what you have willed to them in your last will and testament?  How will your heirs feel when they realize that in order for them to receive what you have willed to them, they MUST sign up as a distributor and perform all the same duties that you do now?… Recruiting, selling, pitching your deal, training your downline.

You can  put any company to the 5 Pillars test.  Using the 5 qualifications listed in the 5 Pillars qualifying technology that will allow you to determine what your chances of success and or failure will be with any company.  You can find out what the 5 Pillars technology is by contacting us and we would be honoured to explain this important tool for evaluating a business opportunity.

What would have happened if you had the ability to properly analyze an opportunity before you decide to spend a dime? If that sounds like what you want, then give us a call and we would be honoured to share with you what we have learned over the past few years.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Network Marketing-Not a Sales Business

So what would be easier? Going to work everyday, fighting traffic or learning skills to build your network Marketing business? One simple truth, Network Marketing is NOT a sales business. 

Without a doubt, many people are in network marketing without any idea there are skills needed to really succeed. This happen by being mislead into thinking that nothing could be easier than network marketing! The truth is the network marketing is a very hard business, because it takes WORK. Once you have learned the skills, then it becomes easy.

We are  all told, “write down 100 people’s names, go through the phone book and just pick phonebooka name…call it, or show them the products and what a fantastic opportunity you have found.”  But it does not work this way, and you know it if you are honest with yourself.  Just look back over the last 100 people you called and how you felt doing it.  No one wanted to hear from you, they don’t know you. They hang up in your ear.  Find a dublicatable system that does allow for opt-in qualifying leads and then go to work; build relationships of know, like and trust.

The truth be told,  you have been lied to. The fact is no one ever bothered to tell you that you might have to learn some skills!  Get educated about the industry.  If you get this one simple fact, Network Marketing is primarily a relationship business, a leadership training business, you are on the path to success.

The most basic skill set that you need in order to build solid and lasting relationships and therefore needed to build a solid and lasting business in network marketing is communication skills.  So let me ask you where you received your network marketing education? Were the skills taught to you in kindergarten, grade school? No? How about High School or University? Still no?  Well you must have learned the skills from your priest or pastor….no?  You obviously learned the skills from your parents? 

No is the answer to all the questions above because we are not taught the skills until we go looking for answers and education.

Without the necessary skills, you will fail in network marketing!

Some people are just natural born communicators and don’t require much in the way of any training, but truthfully, there are special skills that are needed to become successful in this business no matter what your communication level.  To have success you have to be able to speak to your prospects personality color.  Yup, there is a skill I bet you didn’t know about.

Even though there are good communicators, it does not indicate necessarily that they are going to know exactly what to say and when to say it. They often end up going too far too fast, scaring their prospects away because we the sponsor have set off the prospect’s natural  “salesman alarm”.  

The key to becoming a great communicator is knowing what to say and how to say it (especially in this tricky industry) By this I don’t mean just open your ear’s and closing your mouth. I mean truly understanding and learning about your prospect in the first couple of minutes or less of a conversation.

So why do you think you are listening?

Before you even determine their needs, a critical part of truly understanding your prospect, you must understand how to gauge your approach, depending on their personality.

If you are ready to learn more today contact us and begin learning the skills.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


Successful Network Marketing – Being a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

By now others in the MLM industry have come to know “Mentoring for Free” as a community of international volunteers.  Whose purpose is to help anyone in any company succeed in Network Marketing by providing education, coaching, mentoring, and support within a mastermind environment for free.  We are in it to create successful network marketing  by being “A Mentor with a servant’s heart.”

Understand…Failure and frustration is not your fault!  When you can grasp that Network Marketing is a people helping people business and having a mentor who is having success show you the skills that are working for them TODAY, then the frustration and failure begins to be alleviated as you accept their guidance.

You may love your product, your company even the people on your team; if you are not finding the success you thought you would have by now, then you need to do something about it.  

Unfortunately there are  those who have an issue with the mentality of helping others for free; without an agenda.  It is regrettable that only a small handful of individuals will understand and embrace the concept of “Being a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart”.

Many ask why  we do this for free and are concerned that they will be manipulated in some way?  What would be the benefit to a mentor to just sponsor someone who is only curios about the industry of MLM or having to carry this prospect across the finish line?

It is because we have been there. More than once!   The mentorship will provide you with a very in-depth look at Network Marketing and just how ruthless it can be at times.

Having a heart for others does not give evidence that you can never say “NO”.  We are not here as mentors to be used by anyone. In some circumstances it is necessary to say “NO”.  Sometimes “tough love” will create in the frustrated network marketer a moment of enlightenment which causes a time of soul searching.  In time this  person may come back to you with a full understanding of just what you are working to accomplish with them. The ultimate goal is to create successful network marketing practices while building their own network marketing empire.

It is the duty of a mentor to help empower people. To help them find their own self-worth and strength from within themselves. It is the mentor’s duty to teach them skills they may not have; which are required for success in their online business.

To create successful network marketing, mentorship goes two ways. The  mentor must possess integrity and be ethical while there has to be a student who wants help, is coachable, is willing  to do whatever it takes and makes sacrifices to finally find success.

For some frustrated network marketers they need to “toast” a little longer; until they see that the MLM industry has “toasted” them on both sides and they feel they can no longer go it alone. 

For us being a mentor with a servant’s heart; the giving is natural. It is heart warming to see people grow before your eyes and improve their skills.  This leads to building a successful network marketing business.  Ultimately leaving them in a position to be a mentor to others; allowing them to have a “heart” as well.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker      Be a mentor and be the change that needs to take place in this industry.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo