Make $5000.00 For Christmas

$5000.00 you can earn before Christmas this year, flashy messages and huge income claims (illegal by the way)  distort our rational thinking.  It  gets worse at this time of the year when we are dreaming of Christmas and what we would like to be able to provide to our family and friends. The sad thing is that we start to believe the confident and brash salespeople dressed in sheepskin. wolf

These sales folk sound so credible.  They keep feeding you what you want to hear; how much money you are going to make … and how many bonuses you will be paid … and how marvellous you are.  The truth is you are a marvellous and wonderful person, you don’t’ believe it though because perhaps you are not accustomed to hearing this.  This is however manipulation to get you to join the “deal”.

Here is an interesting fact … in the same time it has taken you to read the above two paragraphs, another person has given up their network marketing career!  Because they were lied to.  The promises made never came true.

Wholeheartedly they jump right  in to the water without any thought to check out theShark company and the product or even the management team running the deal.  There was never any forward planning or reading the policies and procedures of the company, which could have saved them years of failure and frustration. The network marketing water is murky, muddy and  not shallow, it’s deep and full of sharks.  Uneducated about this industry will leave you as bait for the sharks.

Take a deep breath, STOP! Just stop and put things into proper perspective.  Network Marketing is not a sales business. It’s NOT! It is a relationship business.

If you want to be in sales, go find a sales job. Go work at Home Depot or Target.

If you want to LISTEN, if you want to TEACH and if you want to MENTOR … welcome to the real world of Network Marketing.

If you can help someone achieve their long term, so far; unachieved goals, and help them become successful , and help them own their life, then you have discovered what networking is all about and achieved more than most people will ever achieve.  You will be creating a legacy for you.

heavy hitterI know full well that everyone on the internet is now proclaiming to be a “Mentor and a Coach”.  But look a bit further before you decide who you may want to get help from.  If you are being asked to pay for coaching and mentoring and receiving only 15 minutes of mentoring for your $125, now a one time free session, you may wish to reconsider.  These “heavy hitters will toast you quicker than a pop tart!  

There is an organization who are mentoring for hours at a time, days, weeks and years and never asking for a dime in return for the service.  I know because I am still riding on the same free bus pass that I received two years ago.

Real Network Marketing is helping you discover the person you want to be. Maybe this sounds strange, but this step makes the difference between people who start something and then give up before starting something else … again with the same outcome. Sound familiar?

The most important person to satisfy is yourself. NOT the person who wants you to sign up into their deal.

Set out your own plans and goals and targets. Talk about your dreams. Write them down, touch them and feel them … repeat them.

Now you are equipped to give your heart and soul to other people who need help and advice, people who need guidance and a hand to hold.

What then is the result for you?

Now that you know what network marketing is and is not, the new you, while focussing on helping other people, will suddenly find that round pegs start to find the round holes, and the square pegs will start to find the square holes, and before you know it, you are applying your new character to your own self development and your own network marketing business. The power of “Paying it Forward”.

The system I am showing many people, has provided the ingredients and the recipe described above, and everybody knows that a tried and tested system will let you enjoy the tasty results of following the recipe word for word, line for line and ingredient for ingredient with no substitutes.

If you want more information or a one to one chat …. Please  send me an email to the following address 

Remember to include your name, city where you live and your time zone.
Tell me what you are trying to achieve and I will respond as quickly as I can.
Together, people can make things happen, so let’s start now!

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

The Shocking Truth About ViSalus Acquisition

I just read an interesting news article about developments surrounding the possible acquisition of ViSalus by Blyth, Inc., which happens to be a publically traded company. The article was dated in LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2012.  You can read the whole news article here at PR Newswire. So with the potential acquisition of ViSalus, where does this leave imageViSalus Distributors? Please also note that it is NOT my intention to bash Blyth, Visalus, ViSalus distributors, their management team or  owners of either of these companies. I would however like to draw your attention to the fact that in a publically traded company the shareholders are the bosses and say what is what.

For those in network marketing and those who like to keep a pulse on what is in the news,image developments of this sort are worth taking a look at. Just days ago Blyth, Inc., completed the 3rd phase of a 4 phase procurement of ViSalus.

The interesting thing to note is that Blyth is a publically traded company.  So when times get rough (and all companies go through growing pains) it is time that distributors to pay attention to warnings when they surface.  

Who is going to get paid first? The Distributors or the Shareholders? Exactly, the Shareholders. When revenue is tight where will the money come from to pay the shareholders? Right again…the commissions that should have been paid to the distributors is now going to the shareholders. It comes from the checks of the Distributors!

Read the following paragraph from the article and see if you see the same warning signs that we see”:

All three company co-founders, Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer; Blake Mallen, Chief Marketing Officer; and Nick Sarnicola, top sales leader, have agreed to stay on with ViSalus in their current roles. The founders personally invested $14.6 million from the proceeds of the acquisition in restricted stock of parent company Blyth, Inc., making them the largest inside shareholders after the Goergen family.

These guys now become part of the top shareholders.  To be exact they will be the second biggest shareholders next to Blyth, Inc. All three now answer to someone else. They no longer will be the final decision makers on any aspect of business that goes on with the company or with the distributors or if the company business model  will remain MLM or become direct sales business model. Look ViSalus is a great company with great products, they have to be or they would be out of business by now.  These guys; Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer; Blake Mallen, Chief Marketing Officer; and Nick Sarnicola are top notch guys, but with a deal like this the distributors will no longer be first in any financial concerns.

Anyone paying attention knows that ViSalus has had a great growth period this year  from $34 Million in 2010 to $231 Million. A seven fold increase.  Not bad at all. This should be a warning sign to any distributor in any company that it could spell potential hardship in the future of the company. Right now it looks like a great deal for everyone in the company including the distributors who should have received some pretty good commission checks.

But what really happens when ViSalus becomes a “household name”? Will ViSalus keep it’s current business model or will they go direct sales….will they need the distributors any longer? This situation has happened many times in the past when the company becomes so big and everyone knows about them that the distributor base is terminated and the company resorts to retail selling.  They change the business model.

This whole news article that we read at PRNews brings up a lot of concern for us.  We always encourage network marketers to READ their contracts.  Your contract is what is referred to as your Policies and Procedures which also includes your Terms and Conditions as well as your detailed Compensation Plan.  Why do we encourage people to read this information.  Simply because it is YOUR LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT!

Right now you probably do not fell the ViSalus or any other company would ever terminate their distributors and change their business model.  Well they would and they can. They CAN and they DO, just like in the case of Bazi and Xelr8 Distributors.  Read their story here.

ViSalus distributors should take a look at their Policies and Procedures, which is the binding agreement between you the Distributors and the company. It’s all spelled out there in black and white what they can do.

We found this clause in the ViSalus  Policies and Procedures which states that  Distributors are forbid to be in any other Network Marketing company. Here’s the clause:

24. During the term of this agreement (and any renewals) I will not participate in any other network marketing companies. In addition, during the terms of the Agreement and for (1) one year thereafter, I will not solicit or recruit, ViSalus employees or Promoters, whether active or inactive, to participate in any network marketing program. I acknowledge that my violation of this provision will result in immediate termination of my Promotorship and payments of any kind

imageIf the procurement of ViSalus by Blyth, Inc. does go through that means that they will own TWO network marketing companies.  PartyLite and then ViSalus (this hinges on “if’s” at the moment remember)  It looks to us that it is quite alright for the company to have their hands in two companies but not the distributors.  The old saying, “What is good for the goose is apparently not always good for the gander!” in this case.

Where is the integrity in this guys?  When a company isn’t managed with integrity and when the going gets tough they either shut their doors or change their business model and eliminate all of their distributors. You know, the people who have built the company in the first place. Why? Because the management cares more about THEIR bottom line than the well being of their distributors. 

There are companies that don’t want you to know this. Some companies make it virtually impossible for you to find their P & P’s. You may be in a company now, that on the surface, looks great and you think, they would never do something like terminate you for no reason. It may be two years down the road, but if you are in a company in which the policies and procedures dictate that they can terminate you at any time for any cause, then it can happen to you.

Just like any other career, there are skills and education that everyone needs to build a successful network marketing business. Part of that education is knowing what your contract says. In network marketing you are in business for yourself, but you work for a company that controls the way you are paid. The employment contract in network marketing is your Policies and Procedures. You MUST read your Polices and Procedures and OBEY it to the letter.

Visalus is a remarkable company with expert people doing their marketing. They rock the industry with their product that is certain.  We are just concerned about the information that we are reading and seeing the hand writing on the wall.

This article was not written to bash or bad mouth anyone, it is however; our personal opinion on the matter which we are entitled to.  We recommend that everyone think as a critical thinker when it comes to their long-term success as a network marketer and never suggest that you substitute our opinion for your own.  We believe that everyone should be asking questions.

We learned early on from our mentors Michael Dlouhy, Frieke Karlovits, Jennifer Fisher and Bob and Anna Bassett to be critical thinkers.  We learned how to think and not what to think.

We ask that if you consider calling, leaving a comment or writing us, please don’t just do so to throw names around or accuse us of not telling facts. Please explain exactly what we got wrong. Our opinions are ours, and we are entitled to those. If you can point out what is verifiably inaccurate, we will be happy to make any and all corrections to those mistakes, or to make clarifications when and where necessary.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just
passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

INTEGRITY of the Network Marketing Industry Scam

Integrity is a word that we as network marketers hear all the time.    We hear this statement repeatedly…”My company has integrity.” or my “Management  Team has integrity.” Perhaps you have been asked what the integrity of your company is  by your prospect?  The same old answer is this.  “Oh yes, my company and the management team are excellent.  They sold their Widget company for 300 million dollars and have now come out of retirement to lead our network marketing company; Banana Bonanza Juice. He is a family guy with 3 children and a wife who adores him.”

When building an online home based business, Integrity is a MUST for success.  So just wait right there.  For those who are about to jump on me and say that this is not the only thing required for online success, you are correct, it is not, but it is a MUST!!!

We individually have integrity or we do not.  Network marketing companies  either have it or they don’t.  Integrity defines us as humans and as companies. It tells others a lot about us right up front.    Simply put, integrity is behaving in secret just as you would if the whole world were watching.   Be honest with others and of most importance with yourself; do what we say we are going to do and believe in what we say we believe in.   Integrity means that you adhere to moral conviction, or code of honour, that won’t allow you to do certain things that you feel would corrupt you.

Network Marketing companies, are comprised by it’s very nature of individuals. I am sure that most would agree that not everyone is overflowing with integrity (company  management teams as well).  Sure the network marketing company ad campaigns were meant to portray integrity and probably that is what their true intentions were. However as these companies grow and make money sometimes that causes GREED and EGO to take over management; integrity is forfeited for the almighty dollar.

You just have to listen to the complaints of the distributors or do a little in-depth research on line and you can see how much integrity the leader/s of a company has.  As Dr. Phil says “Past history is a good indicator of  future behaviour.” Once a con-man…well perhaps, just perhaps always a con-man.

Case in point , Alan Kippax and Business In Motion. 

Shyam Sundar, a journalist his whole life, has been waging a battle against pyramid scams and money circulation schemes.  Visit his blog Corporate Frauds Watch.

Mr. Alan Kippax, who induced ‘BIM,’ stole  millions of dollars from thousands of mis-informed Canadian and UK  citizens during  two decades of terror as a con-man.  Network Marketing Leader in disguise. Using correlated cunning techniques of psychological and social   manipulation with the hopes of overwhelming  the members with guilt that would hinder them  from going to the authorities.

Source: Bob and Anna Bassett

Alan Kippax is just one of the  not so shining example of someone who thousands thought was an upstanding citizen, business owner and man of integrity.  There are many more perhaps not as ruthless or narcissistic, but may not be leading and managing the network marketing companies that we are involved in with integrity. How do we know if the company we are with is actually a company of Integrity? Check this out…are the actions of the management apparent or is it all talk and no action. In order to do our due diligence we have to listen to what the management is saying, observe what they are doing and ask questions.  If you can not get answers to your questions and concerns, this should be cause for some concern on your part.

There is a group of  leaders who have become involved with an organization who are working on bring integrity back to the place of most importance in this Network Marketing Industry.

Just as we came to Network Marketing because we understood the effects of leveraging off the efforts of others, so can we use that same concept to bring about this revolution.  It starts with you and I making the commitment to be the example, teaching it to our business partners and expecting it of our leaders.  A ‘leader’ who lacks Integrity will NOT lead for long.

Moral courage and character go hand in hand… a man of real character is consistently courageous, being imbued with a basic integrity and a firm sense of principle. ~ Martha Boaz

To your ultimate success,

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

Frustrated Network Marketer–Is Your Network Marketing Company Really Watching Out For You?

Is your life going like you planned?  Are you on the mountain top looking out over the horizon seeing clear skies ahead?  When you look out what do you see?  Are you looking for extra income or have you already joined a network marketing company with the hopes of reducing your financial burdens?  If so please make sure you do not become a Frustrated Network Marketer–Is Your Network Marketing Company  Really Watching Out For You?

In today’s world we have seen the economy fall considerably leaving many people struggling to make ends meet.  Many have had to make major sacrifices just to be able to put food on the table.  Others especially the more elderly have made life threatening choices to be able to eat and pay for their medications.  We have also seen the food banks filled with those in need.  Many others have built up debt on credit cards just to survive and left with massive liabilities and no where to turn except to claim bankruptcy.

Regardless of where you are in this slow economy there is the network marketing industry to which you can fall back on.  For many of us this is exactly what we have done to improve our financial and time freedom.  Is it easy? No!  You need to work at building your business as well you will need to learn the proper skills.  It Takes work and there is no way around that.  You will also need to find a company where you are going to be paid for your hard work and there must be integrity on part of the owners and management team.  If you are unsure we would be honoured to share with you information of what to look for when trying to find the right company for you.

If the owners or management team of the company you are looking at have a real interest in their distributors you will be able to tell.  Have they set up any type of plan to help their people get out of debt and become more self sufficient?  Do they just talk the talk or do they walk the talk.  You can generally tell by how they present themselves and whether they have made themselves accessible to the distributors.  Can you call them and ask for help and advice or are you just ignored?  These are things you need to know.

We know of a company where the owners and management team have a true desire to help their distributors become debt free first and then build their nest egg.  For them it is important for people to reduce the stress related to having debt.  It is a fact that people think, work and relax better without financial stress.  The owners have set up a bonus for the distributors who have reached a certain level where they will receive a portion each month which is put toward your monthly debt.  They push for distributors to work towards that goal of becoming debt free and living a happier stress free life.  The company does everything they can do to make that possible and will help you if you ask.  Yes you do need to work for it and maintain the level to receive the bonus.

The company encourages people to become their best and does whatever they can to make that happen.  They are watching out for the distributor and would have it no other way.  Do we know what company it is? Yes, it is the company we are independent distributor for.  Our company might not be for you but if you wish to explore this option just give us a call and we will share with you what we have experienced and know.  we do know that we are well looked after and so can you.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Is Your Network Marketing Company Watching Out For You?

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who continue to struggle with what they are doing and just keep spinning their wheels and those who have found the right company who is watching out for them and helping them achieve financial freedom.  What will it be for you?

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Success is Teaming with a Company Built on Integrity

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Personal development is a must for success. It is no secret that to achieve more you have to become more.  This is also true in business and in particular with a network marketing business when the integrity of some companies may be in question.

However to find a company  to work with that will provide you with a long-term partnership, where you will not be wondering if you will be “fired”, (terminated) at the company’s whim and their sole discretion.  You have to be ready and willing to see and or hear some things that you may not want know about the so called “Integrity” of the company management. You will learn a lot about the integrity of a company just by doing some back ground investigating of the management team.  There are many things to be looking at when joining an opportunity to be able to protect you, your wallet and your own reputation and integrity, (if of course this is a matter of concern for you.)

One area to note and look into is that you certainly have to read your contract, the policies and procedures very precisely and carefully and if need be get advice from someone who understands legal language for exactly what it is!

We have met more than 1 person – in fact bunches – too many to name, who lost what they had built (their monthly residual income) simply because they had not read/understood the contract they had signed and agreed to.  The were “FIRED” and terminated at the companies sole discretion because the company  CAN and WILL use ANY clause in your contract to terminate you when it serves them best.  (It is in YOUR best interest to know just what you agreed to when you signed up.)

When you signed up what did you give up?

If you have ANY doubts with regards to you contract simply be in touch. Our service is always FREE.

As Mentors in the MLM industry, we are Empowering people with Hope, Mentor-ship and a WAY to own their lives! We are just Ordinary People Who Have Found a Way to Create Extraordinary Abundance & Freedom! Would it be OK if we helped you do the same; at NO cost to you? Only your time and desire to learn is needed. If you are coachable you will find success by following in the footprints of the most successful leaders who are volunteering their time and effort to make sure that no one is left to struggle alone.

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Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker