Make $5000.00 For Christmas

$5000.00 you can earn before Christmas this year, flashy messages and huge income claims (illegal by the way)  distort our rational thinking.  It  gets worse at this time of the year when we are dreaming of Christmas and what we would like to be able to provide to our family and friends. The sad thing is that we start to believe the confident and brash salespeople dressed in sheepskin. wolf

These sales folk sound so credible.  They keep feeding you what you want to hear; how much money you are going to make … and how many bonuses you will be paid … and how marvellous you are.  The truth is you are a marvellous and wonderful person, you don’t’ believe it though because perhaps you are not accustomed to hearing this.  This is however manipulation to get you to join the “deal”.

Here is an interesting fact … in the same time it has taken you to read the above two paragraphs, another person has given up their network marketing career!  Because they were lied to.  The promises made never came true.

Wholeheartedly they jump right  in to the water without any thought to check out theShark company and the product or even the management team running the deal.  There was never any forward planning or reading the policies and procedures of the company, which could have saved them years of failure and frustration. The network marketing water is murky, muddy and  not shallow, it’s deep and full of sharks.  Uneducated about this industry will leave you as bait for the sharks.

Take a deep breath, STOP! Just stop and put things into proper perspective.  Network Marketing is not a sales business. It’s NOT! It is a relationship business.

If you want to be in sales, go find a sales job. Go work at Home Depot or Target.

If you want to LISTEN, if you want to TEACH and if you want to MENTOR … welcome to the real world of Network Marketing.

If you can help someone achieve their long term, so far; unachieved goals, and help them become successful , and help them own their life, then you have discovered what networking is all about and achieved more than most people will ever achieve.  You will be creating a legacy for you.

heavy hitterI know full well that everyone on the internet is now proclaiming to be a “Mentor and a Coach”.  But look a bit further before you decide who you may want to get help from.  If you are being asked to pay for coaching and mentoring and receiving only 15 minutes of mentoring for your $125, now a one time free session, you may wish to reconsider.  These “heavy hitters will toast you quicker than a pop tart!  

There is an organization who are mentoring for hours at a time, days, weeks and years and never asking for a dime in return for the service.  I know because I am still riding on the same free bus pass that I received two years ago.

Real Network Marketing is helping you discover the person you want to be. Maybe this sounds strange, but this step makes the difference between people who start something and then give up before starting something else … again with the same outcome. Sound familiar?

The most important person to satisfy is yourself. NOT the person who wants you to sign up into their deal.

Set out your own plans and goals and targets. Talk about your dreams. Write them down, touch them and feel them … repeat them.

Now you are equipped to give your heart and soul to other people who need help and advice, people who need guidance and a hand to hold.

What then is the result for you?

Now that you know what network marketing is and is not, the new you, while focussing on helping other people, will suddenly find that round pegs start to find the round holes, and the square pegs will start to find the square holes, and before you know it, you are applying your new character to your own self development and your own network marketing business. The power of “Paying it Forward”.

The system I am showing many people, has provided the ingredients and the recipe described above, and everybody knows that a tried and tested system will let you enjoy the tasty results of following the recipe word for word, line for line and ingredient for ingredient with no substitutes.

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Together, people can make things happen, so let’s start now!

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

One of the Biggest Scams Throughout MLM History – Purchased Leads

The "Get some leads" scam. Have you bought into this swindle?

It starts much like this…you join your company. You are all excited, you have instructions from your upline sponsor to go make a list of at least  25 – 100 of your family and friends; everyone you know, and write their names on a piece of paper. Then call your upline, at which time you go pound that list together. You are going to get some great leads who will join your network marketing opportunity. You talk to all of your relatives and they say "No" – and you talk to all of your friends, they are even less interested. What is there left for you to do?

Still somewhat enthusiastic and hopeful you look for some hot leads. You become inspired and run an ad, you create new contacts on Facebook, and then you fall victim to  the buying leads scam.

And what happens next?

Those who took the time to respond to your ad were only looking for a traditional job. Your new Facebook contacts just want you to sign up into their programs. Those exclusive, surveyed, laser targeted hot leads you bought; they hung up because you were the 20th person who pitched them this week while they just sat down to eat their dinner.

I really wish I did not have to tell you this, but…You’ve been scammed!

Or, possibly your sponsor never told you the real truth about network marketing.

Stop and think about this critically (it is your future), if your friends and relatives hated what you said to them, why would perfect strangers (purchased leads) like your rambling any better!?

You don’t need new people to ruin. The gurus have already ruined enough good people who have lost so much (money) and most unfortunately, gurus and heavy hitters have ruined good people’s dreams. The gurus have destroyed good people’s belief in this industry, by promising the world and never coming through on that promise.

We all have believed these lies and then given up and turned our backs on our dreams and belief. Oh yes, the gurus and heavy hitters or the washed up marketers; turned motivational speakers, who are charging you $1000.00’s to hear them in person or purchase their cd’s and stuff did pretty good…they have your money. For every one of YOU there are still thousands in the same position, everyday losing money to these scams and scammers. You have no more skills now after freely and hastily giving them your money, then before you became a network marketer. 

You need to fix what you say to people. I think that may hurt a little.

Will you invest the time and energy to learn the skills of talking to people so that they believe the good things you say?

Or are you thinking to yourself, "Ah no, that’s too hard. I’ll just run some more ads, waste more time on Facebook, and lose more money buying more leads – and hope I get lucky."

It doesn’t matter where you get the prospect, you will still have to talk to that prospect. And unless you learn how to get your message inside your prospect’s brain, your message will be falling on deaf ears.

“You are already saying great stuff about your company, your products, and your opportunity. But, your prospect doesn’t believe you. You have to learn this skill: how to get your great information inside of your prospect’s head. Pros know this. They master the skills of talking to people.” ~ Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

To Your Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership with a vision

Frustrated Network Marketer – Stop Wasting Your Money

Successful network marketers who were Sponsor Monsters of the past have neglected to tell you one thing.  It took them years to finally make it! It was a struggle with many trials.  Frustrated network marketer…stop wasting money.

The thing is they are selling themselves as “overnight success stories” now.  Promising you that you will be making $1000 of dollars by next week if you use their systems and program.  All the while reaching in your pocket book; taking your money.  It may only be later that you realize they have taken your dreams right along with them.

In reality those who we view as "overnight successes" have in fact laboured for years in ambiguousness before they finally “made it” and were rewarded for their contributions. Many of the once successful networkers who are now promoting their “stuff”, marketing tools and affiliate programs, no longer have the success they once had as network marketers, building a downline for their business. They have found a new way to make millions of dollars by convincing you that you have to make a list of family and friends and cold call your prospects by buying their programs and attending their workshops.  You are wasting your money! Stop it! These techniques do not work.

If you want proof read this.  We hear many stories such as this all the time.  Perhaps his story is very similar to your own.

It looks like I will probably be getting out of this network marketing company and probably network marketing all together. I hate cold calling, I was a telemarketer in college and hated it with a passion. This business has you do the usual…write down 25 names of people you know…then you send them to your business website or give them company information that you have bought…then you do a 3 way call with your upline or sponsor…honestly its easier to sell products online that doing this!
I’m in a deep hole financially right now so I don’t have money to buy brochures, dvds or trial samples of the product. I’m empty! Sorry for the rant I am just extremely frustrated because of the hole I have put myself in. I am looking to volunteer to go the middle east so I can get a pay check and my daughter will have benefits. I’m not looking for a handout I am looking for a hand up!

There go his dreams…can you see it? Gone, stolen. He has been lied to.  He believed the lies, but he did not know what the lies were. He trusted someone to help him realize his dreams. If you do not know what to look for lies you will not be able to spot them. It is not his fault!

There are some very big names out there who once were and are now selling and promoting information while making a buck on your trust.  Have you ever noticed that once you join their “free” tool or program that all of a sudden, if you wish to proceed or gain further information that you have to “upgrade”? It went from FREE to only $149.00 to gain the insiders, insiders secrets. STOP IT! These guys are dream stealers  putting your money in their pocket and you in the poor house.

I’m a fun-loving, easy-going sort of person. But my teeth clenched, my heart broke and my eyes welled with tears as I read his message.  I was once stunned by how many companies and “Heavy Hitters” make HUGE profits NOT on product sales, but instead by selling a ton of worthless marketing materials to the distributors who trust and believe in them! I am no longer surprised by this, but it hurts deeply to have to read these emails from my friends who have suffered at the “Guru’s” hands.

Success is a cumulative effort; the road to the top in network marketing or MLM is usually long and requires learning skills with careful planning.  Climbing to the first rung on the ladder of success, you must learn skills, learn about this industry, by that I refer to learning about how sleazy some promoters of programs, tools and companies are.  To get the job done, the attraction marketer does not care how much of your money he takes from you.

Even when you find it less than comforting or you may find it unpleasant to learn about this industry it is a must.  Learning just how ruthless and inhuman some individuals and companies can be at your expense is a necessity for you to begin to see just what is really needed of you to make a success of yourself.  YOU CAN find success. You just need to be informed before you make some decisions.  Learn the skills before it is far too late and you have racked up credit on your charge cards.  Hoping at the same time that your spouse will never find out how far in the hole you dug yourself.  Learn this before you are about to loose your home and re-mortgage again for the 3rd time. Yeah it goes this far.

You will become the boss, the leader, because you have developed the habit of taking the initiative to get the job done by learning all you can about this industry. You will be the best and be on top of your game because you have taken the steps to learn what it really takes to be a success in this business. You are responsible for your actions and your future.

Commit to Success Today
Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership with a vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

How To Attract MLM Prospects

imageWith some research, reading, education and mentoring in this industry we have discovered that there are five ways to attract  the very best mlm prospects for your home based business opportunity.  Do you know how to attract MLM prospects?

Here are 5 ways to attract MLM Prospects:

  • You have to brand yourself to give you a slight edge difference from yourimage competitors. Don’t brand some guru, you have to put you out in front of people if you ever want them to join you. After all people join people that they know, like and trust. That is branding and relationship building at its best.

Michael Dlouhy has put together an easy way to brand yourself with his philosophy of being a mentor with a servant’s heart. Read Success in 10 Steps and you will see that it is all about being a mentor. That will give you a slight edge when you market YOU.

  • Again in In Chapter #1 of Success in 10 Steps, Bottom-Fishing For Heavy Hitters-What Do Your Past & Jimmy Hoffa Have In Common? you will read that to find MLM Prospects you have to let them know you will be there for them to guide and encourage them every step of the way while working to achieve their imagegoals.

You must find a mentor. You must have a mentor to be a mentor. You want a mastermind group of like-minded people who want YOU to succeed. You want up-line support available when you need it. “To succeed long-term, you need to become a mentor with a servant’s heart. When you do, people will ask you to PLEASE sponsor them into your business”.

  • In Chapter #1 of Success in 10 Steps, Bottom-Fishing For Heavy Hitters-What Do Your Past & Jimmy Hoffa Have In Common? you will read that “When you build people, your retention rate goes through the roof.”image

People are people – not numbers. They have goals, dreams and desires. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandmothers, and grandfather’s to someone that loves them. They are not a number, but real people. If you treat them like a number, I promise you: you have NO future in network marketing.

  • In Chapter 7 of Success in 10 Steps, Your MLM Business-From Soup To Nuts, you will learn that to attract MLM prospects to you, you will require a simple marketing system that’s inviting, informative, non-threatening, educational, & fun. You MUST have a  duplicatable lead system. You have to have people to talk to right. 

imageThere has to be an easy to follow step by step system that anyone can use with ease. It has to be teachable to your downline. That is what Michael Dlouhy describes in Success in 10 Steps as a “Greased Chute”.  Every things just flows with ease as you do step 1 and then into the next step and the next and so on.

  • In Chapter 3, A BIG Research Surprise-Opportunity Wears A Fake Nose & Moustache you will learn that if you want to inspire people to learn, grow, develop, succeed, and be all they can be, you must be able to provide them with a mastermind group focused on personal growth. It is up to you to develop into the person who can handle being a leader, handle having a larger pay check so you do not sabotage your business. You gain these strengths and qualities throughimage personal development.

In the end, you must  develop your own skills & knowledge. And no matter what the future may bring for your company, so long as you gain relationship skills, knowledge and grow personally your income is more secure. 

 To recap:

  1. Brand Yourself
  2. Find a Mentor so you can become a Mentor
  3. Build relationships with people
  4. A Duplicatable System
  5. Provide your prospects with a personal development  mastermind group

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just
passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker