Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Hill Grows

Life is full of ups and downs, achievements and disappointments, successes and failures, joys and sadness.  In life there are no easy paths that lead to a perfect life where all is bliss and happiness all the time.  Along the path of life there are obstacles you will encounter and decisions to be made.  Frustrated network marketer – when the hill grows into a mountain what will you do?

There will be times when life delivers us a new challenge and the hill becomes a mountain.  It will be up to us to decide whether we accept the challenge or walk away.  How we handle a challenge will determine whether we will be successful or fail. The key is in your decision. The choice is yours alone. If a path of failure and disappointment is chosen there is no one to blame but you.

I know a network marketer who has been up to the challenge a number of years now.  You see the network marketing company she is with is not in her country but to her that does not matter.  Yes there are challenges but because it is what she wanted to do so she chose the path of success.  The company was a perfect fit for her so she accepted the challenges that she knew would be difficult but the road to success was in her view.  To her the decision that if she could not build her business in her country she would build it in countries that the network company was in was a decision she HAD to make.  She is successful now and in the near future she will have achieved her goals and be living her dreams.  She is an inspiration to those that know her and will be so to many many more.

Recently two network companies merged and with the merger both companies have gained expertise that they were lacking and in fact the new entity has increased in strength and expertise.  A move that was beneficial to both companies and the distributors.  New products introduced which means a learning experience for those that have not been introduced to these products before  and different selling techniques.  One of the unfortunate turns of events is that the company is not in all the countries that the merging company was in creating  new challenges for some of the distributors in those countries.  But for those that seek to achieve their dreams and goals they will find a way around or over the mountain that has obstructed their path.

How we deal with these mountains will determine whether we need to take a different path or continue on the path we are on and face the new challenge.  We need to remember that we are business people and need to make  decisions based on a business point of view and not on an emotional one.  Emotions tend to cloud your vision and give way to negative emotions if the situation does not follow the path we had set.  Stephen R. Covey in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people” came upon a revelation and quoted it in his book.  “There is a gap or space between stimuli and response”.  The gap is the time you will have to make a decision to respond to the stimuli and the outcome will depend upon your decision.  Depending what the decision is, you will need to use the right criteria to make your decision and in business basing your decision upon an emotional response will lead down the path of negativity when in reality the situation you are cast into may be the best situation for you.

Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Hill Grows into that mountain that seems too high what will you do?  What will you do in that gap between stimuli and response?  I can only encourage you to make your decision based upon the right criteria and what is best for you.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Successful Network Marketers Have Learned Skills


Not having a major purpose OR goal for your life is like trying to navigate through uncharted waters. You may eventually get somewhere you planned, or you may drift like a ship without a sail, always wishing-but never finding-the place where you would like to be. As you grow as an individual, so will your major purpose and goals for life. It is the natural order of things that, when you reach the top of one mountain, you will look around for higher peaks to climb-other opportunities. In life, either you are moving forward and failing forward  or you are going backward. As humans it does us no real good to live in the past.  Continuous movement forward even after failure is the positive direction to move in.  When you chart your course carefully and thoughtfully, you can dismiss all doubt that you are going in the right direction.

FAILURE IN NETWORK MARKETING IS A GIVEN!  Apparently we feel we have to beat ourselves up over and over again before we finally decide to pay attention.  Ask yourself, “Why have I failed?”  The answer we neglect to see is right before us.  We continuously and constantly make the same mistake over and over.  If what you are doing now is not working for you, why move on to another opportunity and make the same mistakes again.  BUT you do not have to relive your failures everyday.  The biggest mistake is that before we start an online business opportunity, we regrettably do not educate ourselves about this industry.

Successful network marketing organizations are not built by one person. It is through teamwork, people from every walk of life & experience level coming together and working together. It takes many hands working for one common goal.  You absolutely need a great product. You won’t sustain success without one. But the MOST critical is a LOT of people working together, educating others with the necessary skills to be a huge success.

 Failure in this industry DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.  

Your success is a wonderful thing to us.  So our first bit of coaching is, figure out your   "WHY" you are proud to be a network marketer. Write it down. Test it mentally. (Will it keep you going in VERY tough times?)

Motivational speakers and personal development will make you a better person but they WILL NOT HELP YOU BUILD YOUR NETWORKING BUSINESS! DOES PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT MAKE YOU A BETTER DRIVER? A BETTER DITCH DIGGER? A BETTER LAWYER? A BETTER DOCTOR? NO!   YOU NEED SKILLS!!!! I can give you the skills, no string attached!

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Are You Walking Past a Fortune


Frustrated Network Marketer–Choice To Make It Happen Or Not

Everyday in life we all do one thing and that is we prioritize our daily routine.  We put things in the order that is important to us for the day.  We do this to make sure the really important thing get done for sure.  To others it may seem trivial to prioritize but then they are the ones that find themselves in trouble of some sort for not getting a certain thing done that would make a big difference in the near future.  So Frustrated Network Marketer–Choice To Make It Happen Or Not will depend on you setting  priorities.

We all know if we don’t make it a priority to pay the bills we have accumulated the bill collectors will soon be knocking on the door.  In some cases the telephone, power or cable company cut off service until the account is brought back to a zero balance.  If we do not make priorities to ensure our future we may find our future full of disappointments and shortcomings also.

To those of us in the networking marketing arena we too must make priorities and some of them may be unpopular with family which may require sacrifices to be made.  Far to often people join an opportunity with the dream of being debt free and financially set for the future.  The only thing that lacks is making their dreams and business a priority, then find themselves wondering why they never reached their dreams.  Regardless of what we do in life we need to set priorities that move us closer to the success we see in our dreams.  If we do not, our choices will be counterproductive to reaching our goals and in the end it will be the reason for our failure.

When we join a network marketing opportunity there are certain criteria we must meet to receive our pay check.  In most legitimate companies there will be a monthly autoship or service to purchase to qualify for a pay check.  Your priority there would be to make sure you have the money to make your purchase.  Another priority would be to make sure if you use the social sites that you have a presence on the site everyday. You would need to be consistent everyday and post and make new friends to grow your network.  If you blog you need to post at least once a week every week without fail.  You need to make your business a priority if you want to reach your dreams of being debt free and having financial freedom.

There will be times when you will have to make decisions that are unpopular and affect other people.  There may be times when you may not be able to put your kids into a sports program due to the lack of finances because you may need the money for your business.  Am I saying that you put your business ahead of everything? NO!  But you will need to exercise common sense when it come to making priorities regarding your business.  There will be times when you will need to sacrifice something for your business that will affect you and your desire to do something for yourself.  How easy or difficult it will be to set priorities will depend on how strong your desire is to achieve your dreams.

One of the key elements in becoming successful is setting the proper priorities.  If you want to be successful then you will have to set priorities.  How bad do you want to reach your dreams?  Frustrated Network Marketer–Choice To Make It Happen Or Not will be yours.  Set priorities for success or not set priorities leading to failure.  Live your dreams by setting your priorities, you are worth this and much more.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him
discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Frustrated Network Marketer–One Word Your Day Job Boss Loves

Like many others in the network marketing industry you are probably working your online business part time. Frustrated Network Marketer – One Word Your Day Job Boss Loves is: non-commitment.  Oh don’t get me wrong he also hates that word if it applies to your performance at his establishment.  When that same word applies to your online business he just loves it because it still makes you dependent on your day job and making him rich while you live pay check to pay check.  What are you going to do about it?

How committed are you to your own online business?  I didn’t hear you!  How committed?  Come on be totally and brutally truthful with yourself.  Have you reached out for help?  Oh you have.  Were you also totally and brutally truthful to those you have asked for help?  Did you provide a good phone number so they could help you?  Many seem to reach out but when asked the question, are you as far along as you thought you would be?, the answer becomes vague and only partial truths.  The norm seems to be fake it till you make it and cloud the issue of why you are reaching out or searching for an answer of why this business venture is not working for you like you were told it would.

Fake it till you make it syndrome leads you down the path of failure and frustration which further leads you  to “QUIT”.  When that occurs you have certainly failed and the dreams you have die in the process.   Most people don’t like to fail  and like  to admit failure even less.

My wife and I speak as people who offer our help freely but with  one obligation and that is commitment to do what is asked of you when it comes to the homework we assign.  The homework is not difficult and it provides an insight into the industry which explains why you are struggling.  If you are at all committed to your business and dreams, you will take the time to do as we ask because we are committed to see that you reach your dreams.

The homework assigned on average takes approximately 9 hours to complete.  If you have been struggling for months or even years  what is 9 hours out of your time to finally figure out why you are so frustrated?  If you are not willing to be truthful and committed to do the homework then it tells us you are not committed to make your business work and you enjoy struggling.  If you are not willing to commit you are wasting your time as well as ours and I have to ask again, are you committed to make your business successful or are you just dabbling in a network marketing business for a hobby?  I don’t know about you but I did not join a business for the sake of joining a business, I did it to make money and realize my dreams of financial and time freedom.  How about you and what are you going to do about it?

Are you really committed to having success?  Are you just wasting your time?  I hope you are committed to reaching your goal of success.  If you are committed, we are here to help you by providing free information in the network marketing industry which will open your eyes to the reasons why you struggle.  If you are committed start by downloading this free eBook on the industry and by the way we will be calling you to see how we can help.  Filling out the form truthfully will be an indication of how committed you really are to yourself and your dreams.  Are you COMMITTED?


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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

If We Remain Undecided and NEVER Take a Risk; Nothing Will Ever Change

If we are to love another there is certain risk…to love is to risk not being loved in return. To wish is to risk pain. To try is to risk and eventually quit.  But risk must be taken because the greatest failure in life is to risk NOTHING!

 I would like to share with you an article that Jennifer Fisher wrote and shared with her group followers of Facebook.

So many of us don’t fully engage at first and one of the reasons could be that we are afraid of what will happen if we fail. 

Our failures will NEVER be WHO we are. Our failures are the ‘cliff hangers’ that give power, drive, hope and encouragement to the stories of our success of WHO we are to become.

It’s an incredible feat to be able to say we’ve made it to the top of the mountain we’ve been climbing…… It’s a testament to others that they can get there too….. but did we helicopter in or is the story BIGGER than that?

When I started my journey in the network marketing industry in 2003, I didn’t have a CLUE …. BUT … I liked the concept. So I said, sign me up, I want that ticket on the Network Marketing train.

From the moment I put my foot on that train, I faced one failure after another….on this journey and I’m actually proud to say I’ve experienced one cliff-hanging failure after another.

Falling on our face is sometimes painful. Sometimes it’s even embarrassing, but I’ll tell you a BIG secret…. Learning from that failure, getting back up, dusting our self off and setting out once again… that’s the only thing we can do if we really, truly want what others only dream of.

I have a friend on Facebook who shared this in one of his status messages:

Ken L Francis Did you know that failing forward is how all people succeed? There is no GLORY w/o the STORY.

Want to hear how I’m working my way to being a million dollar earner in Network Marketing? Great. It started with one failure after another… one getting back up after another….

Ken says it all….. There is no glory without the Story!

Success is not being born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Life’s greatest success moments Do come from some of our greatest failures… So treasure your cliff hangers, because in truth, those moments in time are the makings of our greatest achievements.

There is no growth without making mistakes… so go out there and get busy…. make your mistakes, learn from them and then let them go…. keep climbing !

To YOUR Success

~Jennifer Fisher

Thank you Jennifer for sharing this article with my blog followers.

If you would like help getting out of the starting blocks, download and read Are You Walking Past A Fortune? 

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker