Successful Network Marketing–Knowing How To Analyze An Opportunity BEFORE Spending a Dime

To be successful network marketing – knowing how to analyze an opportunity BEFORE spending a dime will save you years of struggle, frustration and starting from scratch over and over again.  On the other hand, if you have already signed on the dotted line with a company and are struggling to create that income from home as an online network marketer, I strongly suggest and recommend that you find a mentor with a servant’s heart to help you look at the opportunity you are currently in to see where there can be some improvements made. Usually it is just a matter of learning some skills, a network marketing education if you will.

How many times have you started a network marketing company, only to find frustration with the duplicable system, the upline support is next to zero or non existent and the compensation plan just does not add up as you were shown in the presentation? 

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel; had an organization of twenty, thirty or even hundreds in your downline when…BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar? Perhaps you were terminated without cause, the company went out of business or changed it’s business model from MLM to direct sales.  Heaven forbid the company may  decided that it does not need  sales reps at all of any kind, direct or MLM distributors.  What happens then? 

My hope would be that you would determine just how much of a risk the company you are thinking of joining will be before you join.  But if you find that you skipped that step and are in a company now,  there is still a way to determine how much you are risking by  using the 5 Pillars technology. Once you read the book Success in10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy you will, when finished the free training course,  have an equivalent of a University degree in Network Marketing. 

You will learn:

  • How to avoid scams that are masked as legitimate MLM Companies and turn out to be pyramid schemes
  • What is the best compensation plan? 
  • What is the best system for duplication? 
  • What is the best MLM company for YOU?
  • What to say and when to say it.

Just imagine how you would feel if you were NEVER scammed again, could finally create a residual walk away  income of 10K a month or even more and could finally say I have found a company that I can call HOME.

Just what is your desired income, perhaps an extra $500 a month is good enough for you?  Will your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan allow you to retire and/or will your business to your heirs. 

The Policies and Procedures will in most cases indicate that you can retire or leave your residual income to your heirs; succession. But, have you read them close enough to know that there may be qualifications that MUST be met by your heirs, or even qualifications that may prevent you from ever retiring.  Oh you can retire whenever you wish, but in most contracts in MLM if you decide to retire and do not caring on with your training responsibilities and your team building responsibilities; you will no longer be eligible to receive YOUR residual income that YOU created.  Making it impossible for you to retire and take a vacation when you want if you still want to receive that residual income that you worked so hard for.  This income, if you choose to walk away from a contract written like this will now roll right back to the company. OUCH!!

Read your PnPs for your self.  Look for words such as “ongoing” training, responsibilities, succession. What do your heirs have to do to qualify to receive what you have willed to them in your last will and testament?  How will your heirs feel when they realize that in order for them to receive what you have willed to them, they MUST sign up as a distributor and perform all the same duties that you do now?… Recruiting, selling, pitching your deal, training your downline.

You can  put any company to the 5 Pillars test.  Using the 5 qualifications listed in the 5 Pillars qualifying technology that will allow you to determine what your chances of success and or failure will be with any company.  You can find out what the 5 Pillars technology is by contacting us and we would be honoured to explain this important tool for evaluating a business opportunity.

What would have happened if you had the ability to properly analyze an opportunity before you decide to spend a dime? If that sounds like what you want, then give us a call and we would be honoured to share with you what we have learned over the past few years.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Frustrated Network Marketer-Success in MLM Requires Coachability

Frustrated network marketer are you ready and willing to learn from those who have gone before you? Those who have left footprints in the sand for us to follow. Are you ready and willing to learn from those who are successful building a network marketing business TODAY? Success requires coachability.

Are you coachable? I mean really coachable?

There are so many network marketing trainers out there giving you their advice on how to build a business today who dried up as successes years ago. There are a few simple questions to ask these advice givers who you may choose to be your coach and mentor:

  1. Are you building today?
  2. Are you successful building today?
  3. Are you in touch with what is going on in MLM today?
  4. Do they know what methods and techniques actually work TODAY?

I followed one specific trainer for quite a while. I always listened to this person, but never had success….and still listened, because they were the expert. I was doing everything this person instructed me to do, just the way they said to do it. 

Just recently this individual started their own network marketing company. Right now that network marketing company is crashing because they don’t want to be “just another slice of the pie.”  They are changing the whole business model. BUT…this person (who wasn’t successful starting their own company) still wants to be a network marketing trainer. So what is it that they are going to be able to teach me to have success when they can not keep their own business going?

What kind of a network marketing trainer doesn’t want to have a company that’s “just another slice of the same pie”?

I have NEVER had anyone ask me “is this just another slice of the same pie?” I have never had anyone tell me they didn’t want to buy my products because it’s “just another slice of the same pie”.

This is about as bad as the MLM trainers who teach “handling objections”.  Handling objections, well don’t create them to begin with.


This is a proven fact. If you are focused on people not wanting to join “just another slice of the same pie”, you will attract people who don’t want “just another slice of the same pie”. If you are focused on overcoming objections, you will attract more objections to overcome. Just like you asked for. The universe will respond to our desires.

You can learn the SKILLS you need to be successful. You do NOT have to cold  call leads. You do not EVER have to deal with objections or rejection again. (When you learn how to attract just what you want)  We can teach you, if you are indeed COACHABLE!

Stop struggling today!!

This business is not easy, but it’s simple. It’s not get rich quick, but you CAN get rich. It is not all fun and games, but it is FUN.  If you are coachable and can follow a PROVEN system and the advice of those who are TODAY building a network marketing empire, we can help you.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker



Zeek Rewards, Shrouded in Secrecy–Zeek in More Trouble!

Again … If people would only listen to PROFESSIONAL network marketers, (Not the gurus, not the affiliate marketers and certainly not those pushing High Return on Investment SCAMS); then they certainly wouldn’t have to endure this kind of stuff!!    Zeek Rewards shrouds themselves in dark secrecy …why is that?

If at any point someone can give an example in the history of MLM (By the way in my opinion Zeek Rewards does not stand up to the definition of MLM) where moving funds offshore, closing themselves off to public scrutiny and operating in ever-increasing DARK secrecy has benefited ANY member and was done for the sole purpose of strengthening the legitimacy of a company itself, I’m all ears.

I would like to point out that the following article was NOT published by me.  The author of this information is “behind mlm”.  The information was posted at the following Website URL.  I do not take ANY credit for the information provided in such a clear cut article.

Unfortunately too many good people get hurt by these kinds of opportunities!! That’s why it’s so important for all professional marketers to educate  others of the dangerous possibilities of High ROI ops!!

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 08:34 PM PDT

Once upon a time you could market Zeek Rewards to prospective new affiliates on the trust that here was a company owned and operated in the US, with US banking services and backed by a company that had 14 years of history of conducting business out of Lexington in the US state of North Carolina.

If you had a problem, sorting it out was as simple as calling support up and getting your problem fixed at the latest, within a few hours. Oh, and let’s not forget “neither Zeek Rewards nor Rex Ventures have ever missed a payment”.

Sure Zeek Rewards business model didn’t really stand up to scrutiny (how could it when it was launched guaranteeing a 125% ROI) and the whole thing reads like a dodgy investment scheme, but at least members could proclaim with confidence that should something go wrong – the money was easily recoverable because it hadn’t been fluttered away to some distant undisclosed location.

Well, not anymore.

Ever since Zeek Reward’s local North Carolina based bank booted the company from its client base sometime in May, what we’ve since witnessed is an increase in secrecy, blaming of company affiliates for all the company’s ongoing problems and overall decreasing transparency regarding the opportunity.

Touted as initially being ‘for Zeek Rewards affiliates only‘, Zeek’s publicly viewable support forums (outsourced to third-party community provider ‘Get Satisfaction’) quickly became a revealing insight and invaluable tool for prospective Zeek Rewards affiliates to conduct due diligence into the company.

Behind the “we are not an investment scheme” and “you get paid to advertise” sunshine and smiles was a raw look at what was really going on behind the scenes for company affiliates. An insight for prospective members of what they themselves were likely to experience if they decided to sign up and invest put money into Zeek Rewards at any given time.

Since the abrupt announcement in late May that Zeek were immediately suspending the issuing of checks while they scrambled to find alternative banking channels, the Zeek Rewards support forums have seen an outpouring of requests for help and support from the company’s affiliates.

Having observed the support forums for a few weeks now, these issues are constantly at the forefront and for the most part remain unresolved:

Zeekler auction winnings not being paid, dating back as far as April

checks sent to Zeek Rewards gone missing, dating again back to April

VIP bids not being credited correctly

complaints about regular wait times of over 2 hours to speak to someone in support only to then either be disconnected or told the matter had to be escalated (and never hearing back from support again)

support emails not being answered

frequent problems with payment processors ranging from availability, not being able to login to created accounts, ongoing delays and in the worst cases the missing of funds

complaints regarding Zeek Rewards affiliates using other affiliate’s emails to create fake Zeekler customers to dump VIP bids onto

Perhaps not so good for the company and its affiliate’s recruiting efforts, but a real-time snapshot of insight into company operations and what being an affiliate of Zeek Rewards is really like.

Without a doubt, for prospective Zeek Rewards members the support forums has been an invaluable source of the much touted requirement of due diligence that is universally prescribed within the MLM industry today.

Rather then acknowledge the ongoing problems and concerns with the opportunity and allow non-members to observe what affiliates are going through, today, on the eve of of Zeek Rewards’ Red Carpet event for June no less (which the company charges $1000 for affiliates to attend and more if they wish to talk to company management – something you wouldn’t know if you didn’t have access to the Zeek Rewards support forum), customer support rep ‘Alex’ announced that the company was going to close off the forums from public view.

On Wednesday June 13, 2012 this community will be going through transition.

With this migration from a public community to a private community we have some caveats that will take place, all the content in this current community will migrate over.

We are striving to build a more reliable customer service experience for everyone in Zeek Rewards.

Citing the building of a ‘more reliable customer service experience‘, one can only wonder what Alex is talking about given that non-affiliates have never been able to participate in the support forums (as it should be).

How does closing off this avenue of due diligence from the public in any way provide a more reliable customer service for Zeek Rewards affiliates?

The answer is it doesn’t.

What it does do however is conveniently sweep under the carpet ongoing concerns and shift them out of the public eye. One particular concern that remains unanswered is the current state of Zeek Rewards banking arrangements.

Following an initial announcement claiming that Zeek Rewards was ‘awaiting Hong Kong’s approval of our provided (credit card) solution‘ back on May 21st, the company then put out a bizarre warning to affiliates to not worry about ‘zonalibre1′ appearing on some credit card statements for Zeek Rewards purchases on June 2nd.

With ‘Zona Libre’ the name commonly used to refer to the offshore tax-haven Zona Libre de Colon in Panama, this not surprisingly raised some eyebrows.

Then, with no further explanation as to the status of their Hong Kong application, a few days ago Zeek Rewards started asking affiliates to inform their credit card companies that charges originating out of Korea were legitimate. With things seemingly not working out in Panama and Hong Kong (China), it seems for now that Zeek’s credit card processing has been relocated to Korea.

Again, something else you wouldn’t know as a prospective member if you didn’t have access to Zeek Rewards’ support forum.

On the traditional banking front, after half-heartedly conceding that their existing bank in North Carolina showed them the door, Zeek Rewards then attempted to shift focus on their new banking arrangements by announcing they were going paperless with affiliate commissions.

All very well but when you consider that bank accounts are still needed to fund online e-wallet solutions (which are all based offshore), the fact of the matter is that Zeek Rewards still need a bank account somewhere to draw money out of and deposit into.

In a half-arsed attempt to quell suspicions that Zeek Rewards had indeed moved their banking services offshore (a worrying sign indicative of a lack of US-based banks willing to do business with the company), Zeek Rewards first attempted to legitimise their secrecy by blaming affiliates.

Citing NxPay as an example, COO Dawn Wright-Olivares stated on a recent radio show interview that the offshore payment processor had recorded up to 2,000 calls from angry Zeek Rewards affiliates wondering where their money was.

Going on to explain that this was unacceptable and that affiliates contacting their banks was going to get them shut down, this is the current reason cited for the secrecy surrounding Zeek Reward’s current banking arrangements.

On the Zeek Rewards support forums however, a customer support representative took it one step further and suggested that members stop asking questions and just continue to deposit money with the company or get out:

jmw: Who is Zeek banking with now? What is the name of the new bank and where are they located?

EMPLOYEE Brett Gurney (Official Rep): this is a huge problem with zeek and it literally puts the company in danger…too many affiliates running around calling the banks and lawyers to find out this and that…

in my opinion…this needs to stop and if it doesn’t those people who have to know this information maybe should just not be in zeek.

To date the question of who Zeek Rewards are banking with and whether their bank accounts remain in the US or offshore remains unanswered. Seemingly by the amount of censored replies in quoted support thread above, a closely guarded secret and something Zeek Rewards does not want its current or prospective members to know or even ask about.

Another recent half-hearted attempt to answer the banking issue questions without really answering them was published on the Zeek Rewards News blog on June 8th:

We have resolved our banking issues. Sample Bid purchases have been being processed, and posted to accounts all along and are running on a 7-10 business day processing time.

Again we are truly sorry for this frustration. Thank you for your continued faith and trust in us.

For an opportunity members are able to readily pump $10,000 USD a pop into, this is naturally a wholly inadequate response. Out of the fifty-eight recorded comments left in response to their vague announcement, Zeek Rewards chose to publish just four of them (6.8%) – all four showing unwavering support for the company.

Of course this bank account issue  is just one topic I’ve chosen to highlight the ‘read between the lines’ benefits of Zeek Rewards closing off their affiliate’s problems and concerns from the public and prospective members, there are many more relating to Zeekler’s auction winnings, payment processors, missing bids, credit card payments etc.

As a prospective member conducting my due diligence into Zeek Rewards, currently unresolved issues like this,

I have 4 affiliates with over 30 000 USD who have been waiting for 14 days, or 9 business days now for their money getting in to NxPay.

No answer at support or tickets yet.

which was published just 6 hours ago. Along with where Zeek are sending my money off to if I join Zeek Rewards, current affiliate concerns and issues like the above are certainly not going to be covered in the sales pitch of my potential upline.

Along with the thousands of comments that don’t get published on the Zeek Rewards News website, this increased reliance on secrecy and a lack of communication and transparency isn’t inspiring any increased confidence in the opportunity or Zeek Rewards as a company.

If anyone can point to an example in the history of MLM where moving funds offshore, closing themselves off to public scrutiny and operating in ever-increasing secrecy has benefited members and was done so to strengthen the legitimacy of a company itself, I’m all ears.

Footnote: Some of the quotes cited in this article are taken directly from the currently publicly viewable Zeek Rewards support forum (

Under normal circumstances I’d link to these sources as individual support threads but given Zeek Rewards are flipping the switch and cutting public access to the forum sometime in the next 24 hours I didn’t think there was any point.

The quotes provided however are legitimate and were made by Zeek Rewards affiliates at the time of publication of this article.

Troy Dooly supported this program, and unfortunately we all can make mistakes, human nature…just goes to show that we all have to use our own judgement and ask questions, seek advice and think critically BEFORE joining ANYTHING.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him
discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Are You Walking Past a Fortune-Create an Income

Lets look at 4 ways to create an income. There will be at least one method that some of you may not be familiar with.  Which leads to a question posed by  Tom Big Al Schreiter in his book “Are YOU Walking Past a Fortune?”.  He wrote  about this income generator, the thing is many just do not understand that this income generator requires some training or an education if you will. Before we move on to look at generating  income, let us look at some traditional methods of generating an income.

Most of us will go to school and a few of those graduates will further their education by imagegoing on to university or college. For their reward, whether we attend college or not, as an employee we are rewarded with approximately 45 years of hard labour.  This is  the employee mindset…some people are very content to be the employee, while others find no contentment at all and look for other ways to create income.

This is an age old concept. You work for another business owner to get paid for your contribution to the company. In many instances in this business model you do not get paid what you are worth, but what the employer feels you are worth.  You will have no chance to benefit from the profits…(unless of course the employer  offers an employee incentive program.  (A method to entice you to do more; bribery) You never really have job security because someone else controls this. You can be laid off at any time at the employers whim.

For those who feel that being an employee is just not for them they follow bigger dreams and look for a way to become the boss, the employer. You will create a bigger pay check as the boss (normally), but you are still sentenced to a lifetime of hard labour.  You will imageprobably put in more hours than if you were an employee, but it is YOURS!  After you divvy up the profits you get to take home what is left.

But what happens to your business once you decide to retire? Well it may be passed on to the next generation or it just might cease to operate.  Poor management may be it’s demise as well causing all or your hard work to go up in smoke.

Now there are still others who feel that becoming a franchise owner would be a little less riskier than starting a business from the ground up and tackle a huge debt in investing in a particular brand name.  They follow a blue print set forth by the franchise and for this dream the franchise owner must pay an established percentage of the profits to the franchise owner.  Those who have ventured into owning a franchise find that there is very little return on such a large investment.

We have looked at three ways to generate income.  From traditional to risky and not so risky.  Network marketing or multi level marketing has been around for many years.  Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Shaklee, Watkins and other companies have been around for many years and are a household name.  But many customers are not be aware that these direct sales business men and women knocking on their doors were actually involved in network marketing.  Surprise!!

Although it has been around for years it has gained popularity with many people.  Many are attempting some way to generate an extra income from home.

So what is network marketing?

It is an income generating method or business model which allows you to be your own boss as in example 2, but with very little investment as described in example 3. (Word of caution…if you are investing more than $1500.00 to initially get started in an MLM company, RUN!  Just my opinion. It probably is not a legitimate business opportunity. You sure do not want to be joining a venture where you may be required to re-mortgage the house.)

The business (your business) grows as you tell others about the products you have and by others joining you as business partners.  Do not expect that it will grow over night, this is a real business and just like any business venture you would start it will take time and patience to see any results for your labour.  Most who are employees do not go from making $2000.00 a month to $10,000.00 a month in the space of a week.

Your income is distributed by your company to all the distributors which is determined in the companies compensation plan.  Note: not all compensation plans are equal.  Be sure you understand the very detailed commission plan, as it usually is not as easy as explained in promotional hyped up videos. (It is funny that some people we talk to think that they will only need to find 3 or 4 people and then they will be earning thousands of dollars…NOT TRUE! You have to do the math and you have to know the formula to be able to determine how many you really have to have in your business to generate the income that your sponsor tells you you can earn)  The formula is in the 10 K question.

You and your business partners are paid for your sales  down a determined amount of  levels and a set width again determined by the commission pay plan. In a 5 Pillar company you are permitted to build infinite levels deep and infinite levels wide, removing any financial cap which may be in other companies. You earn from your own efforts and the efforts of others. As your team grows, your business grows and your income grows right along with it. In many cases you will be able to conduct business worldwide via the use of the internet.

There have been many very successful business owners of this business model such as Jim Rohn, Tom Big Al Schreiter, David Bertrand, Randy Gage and the list goes on.   Even actors and other celebrities have gotten involved with network marketing or at least endorsed a product or two.

Are YOU Walking Past a Fortune?

As mentioned  caution is required in any venture.  If you are new to this business model and you lack education and training in this you very likely could fall victim to the dark side of MLM, even the veterans of network marketing struggle and fail and are taken advantage of by the… vultures, the gurus and the con artists. You could find yourself ripped off and broke.  There are some very unscrupulous individuals who prey on the unsuspecting and uneducated in this industry.

As a good friend of mine, Mike Sherratt says, “As in all business there are enough fly by night operators operating through your best friend or relative who are themselves an unknowing victim and may suck you in to the whirlpool of losses and failures.”

If you’d like to learn how you can avoid the cutthroats or would like to remove the mind boggle and meadow muffins from MLM, contact us and we would be happy to share what we know.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

Frustrated Network Marketer – Ad-Ventures4U MLM Scams


Frustrated network marketer, it is vitally important that words you use are backed by action or they are just a sequence of letters put together to spell words that are intended to be used to draw on unsuspecting victims into a web of deceit and MLM scams.

The correspondence below is from the owner of Ad-Ventures4U, Steve Smith and is a plea to the members of his honesty and integrity.

to David Mills

show details 2/23/09

We play no favourites at , we all get paid the same.  It does not matter if you are the first or the last to join because we pay a % and everyone makes the same %.   You are doing a pay run tonight at midnight eastern and as long as you have upgraded you can earn on this pay run.
So start earning online today, we built this so that everyone could earn and not have to spend hours promoting or advertising, now if you do promote it does help you because you get a 15% referral bonus on all upgrades you put into our company.

We are built on honesty and integrity, we do what we say and do it right.  We have done all pay runs, all payouts, answered all support tickets in a timely manner.  We don’t play because we are here for the long haul.  So join us and start earning now online.  Steve Smith Owner

I am sure that the above plea would not have been needed if there had been true integrity and honesty in the past.  To me this is a red flag.  The plea is there for the owner to convince himself, as well as those they are trying to recruit into the opportunity, that there is honesty and integrity in this business.  This plea would not have been necessary if past actions proved there was integrity and honesty.

Ad-Ventures4u was supposed to be extreme revenue share but the rules changed as time passed and the revenue sharing disappeared along with the money that had been invested.  Whether the owner realized it or not the business model he created was a ponzi.  Upon further investigation the advertising revenue that the site produced was about $415 a day.  It is apparent that the extreme revenue sharing could not be supported from the advertising revenue so to support the payouts the owner used the money from the ventures purchased.

In the very beginning Ad-Ventures4u was advertised as an “Extreme Revenue Share” site where you could invest and receive a return on your investment.  Once the owner realized that the cash was running out he stated on the front page of the site “NOTICE WE MOVED TO PANAMA FEB 1ST-2009 YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED ANY INCOME–YOU ARE PURCHASING ADVERTISING”  Making this change does not protect the owner from the legal issues created from an illegal business model, because it began illegally, trying to make the changes to bring it into the legal realm makes no difference, the fact that it was an illegal entity, in the very beginning, is all the authorities are concerned with.

I believe that the owner realized from the beginning that the business model was illegal and is now trying to justify his actions.  As the rules changed a confusing description of “in profit” or “not in profit” surfaced which took those, that did not understand what was meant, off their feet giving him the time to perpetrate his crime.

To those that continued to promote and managed to get some unsuspecting people to invest heavily may find themselves in great difficulty in the future.  If the owner is indicted in the future and turns over the database to the authorities to make a deal, those named may receive a subpoena to appear in court and give testimony to answer for their actions and participation in the crime.  As a participant you may be required to pay back, those that have lost money because of your actions, and may be required to spend time in prison for your actions as well.  In one article I read stated courts do not accept ignorance as an excuse for you actions.

If you research Ad-Ventures4u you will find the owner to be “Steve Ray Smith”.  It is also noteworthy that he has started which was to create the revenue to payout the revenue share which he has since dissolved.  There may be other sites that he is involved with so be aware or you could fall victim.

Here is some interesting material you may want to read straight from Steve Ray Smith: possibly posted by others who have received his emails due to their membership in Adventures4U.

Final food for thought:  With all this honesty and integrity he claims to have,

He has scammed once.

Do you think he will do it again?

Past track records are usually a way of life for scammers.

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.
Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

Commit to Success Today
Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership with a vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker