Successful Network Marketing–Knowing How To Analyze An Opportunity BEFORE Spending a Dime

To be successful network marketing – knowing how to analyze an opportunity BEFORE spending a dime will save you years of struggle, frustration and starting from scratch over and over again.  On the other hand, if you have already signed on the dotted line with a company and are struggling to create that income from home as an online network marketer, I strongly suggest and recommend that you find a mentor with a servant’s heart to help you look at the opportunity you are currently in to see where there can be some improvements made. Usually it is just a matter of learning some skills, a network marketing education if you will.

How many times have you started a network marketing company, only to find frustration with the duplicable system, the upline support is next to zero or non existent and the compensation plan just does not add up as you were shown in the presentation? 

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel; had an organization of twenty, thirty or even hundreds in your downline when…BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar? Perhaps you were terminated without cause, the company went out of business or changed it’s business model from MLM to direct sales.  Heaven forbid the company may  decided that it does not need  sales reps at all of any kind, direct or MLM distributors.  What happens then? 

My hope would be that you would determine just how much of a risk the company you are thinking of joining will be before you join.  But if you find that you skipped that step and are in a company now,  there is still a way to determine how much you are risking by  using the 5 Pillars technology. Once you read the book Success in10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy you will, when finished the free training course,  have an equivalent of a University degree in Network Marketing. 

You will learn:

  • How to avoid scams that are masked as legitimate MLM Companies and turn out to be pyramid schemes
  • What is the best compensation plan? 
  • What is the best system for duplication? 
  • What is the best MLM company for YOU?
  • What to say and when to say it.

Just imagine how you would feel if you were NEVER scammed again, could finally create a residual walk away  income of 10K a month or even more and could finally say I have found a company that I can call HOME.

Just what is your desired income, perhaps an extra $500 a month is good enough for you?  Will your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan allow you to retire and/or will your business to your heirs. 

The Policies and Procedures will in most cases indicate that you can retire or leave your residual income to your heirs; succession. But, have you read them close enough to know that there may be qualifications that MUST be met by your heirs, or even qualifications that may prevent you from ever retiring.  Oh you can retire whenever you wish, but in most contracts in MLM if you decide to retire and do not caring on with your training responsibilities and your team building responsibilities; you will no longer be eligible to receive YOUR residual income that YOU created.  Making it impossible for you to retire and take a vacation when you want if you still want to receive that residual income that you worked so hard for.  This income, if you choose to walk away from a contract written like this will now roll right back to the company. OUCH!!

Read your PnPs for your self.  Look for words such as “ongoing” training, responsibilities, succession. What do your heirs have to do to qualify to receive what you have willed to them in your last will and testament?  How will your heirs feel when they realize that in order for them to receive what you have willed to them, they MUST sign up as a distributor and perform all the same duties that you do now?… Recruiting, selling, pitching your deal, training your downline.

You can  put any company to the 5 Pillars test.  Using the 5 qualifications listed in the 5 Pillars qualifying technology that will allow you to determine what your chances of success and or failure will be with any company.  You can find out what the 5 Pillars technology is by contacting us and we would be honoured to explain this important tool for evaluating a business opportunity.

What would have happened if you had the ability to properly analyze an opportunity before you decide to spend a dime? If that sounds like what you want, then give us a call and we would be honoured to share with you what we have learned over the past few years.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Frustrated Networker-Five Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

How you can be financially free in five years. I know a huge statement!  But is it really imagepossible?  Frustrated networker, if you avoid these 5 mistakes that you don’t know you are making, it is possible. 

Well if you find the right opportunity you sure can. The opportunity being network marketing.  However the thing is that in network marketing you do have to do your due diligence, look around and review compensation plans and policies and procedures. And you have to know what to look for to be able to determine if you have indeed found a good opportunity. 

You see it is ALL in knowing how hard you have to work (how many active customers and partners you have to have to make a recurring income of $10,000.00/month), what qualifications you have to meet and what commission your company is willing to pay you for all of your efforts that will determine whether you become financially free in five years. It is about finding business partners who are volunteers.  The ones who really do want to change their financial future and become financially free. They are LEADERS!!!

In a 5 Pillars company (company that has 5 components in place that will give you a much better chance of success…a lack of these 5 pillars is the mistake that most are making and don’t know it) it is possible to accomplish your dream of retiring in 5 years…and it all begins with finding four LEADERS.  If you have four people in your first year, you are right on track to retire…..but many people feel they have not achieved much of a milestone or built fast enough and quit.

Let’s imagine for just a moment that you have five people on your team; beginning of this year, you and four other team members; LEADERS. (You could actually have sponsored imagemore than four business partners, however some people sponsored will not be business builders.  They may be hobbyists. and that is ok, they do bring volume to your group.) Also assume that each of the four partners will be able to sponsor two people the coming year and those will be able to sponsor one new business partner each.

Remember that things do not actually work this perfect in real life, but this is a good estimate of the power of four…. and those four leaders keeping their vision and goal in front of them at all times. It is a lesson in persistence, determination and delaying instant gratification.  It is also a lesson in decision making.  Deciding to keep going even when it seems impossible.

So over a period of five years building and adding new team LEADERS you would eventually accumulate 3,125 people. (Team effort, remember you do not personally sponsor all 3,125 individuals) How much in recurring income would you be making a month?

If each person on your team were purchasing only $20 a month in product, it would be $62,500 per month!

What would be easier for you to do in the next 5 years:

  • Saving $12.4  million from your current personal income of which you have no extra expendable income so you can earn 5% interest in a savings account to be able to have $62 thousand per month!
  • or learn though education, mentoring and coaching which compensation plan actually pays you for all your efforts.  A 5 Pillar company does this! 

Are you in a 5 Pillar company?  If you are not sure would it make good business sense to find out?

Remember it is about numbers…what % is your company willing to pay you…1%, 2%, 5% or even 7%.  Not bad percentages, but how about 10%, 20% or even 53%?  Are you in a  company that is paying that kind of commission….and on ALL business brought to the company?  Not just on your “weak leg”, not just down 5 levels but on infinite width and infinite depth.  That my friend is how you will be able to retire in 5 years…


Practice the Slight Edge philosophy, find a good 5 Pillar company and this is a great example of what can happen for you in about five years. So, that’s it.  What do you think?  It’s up to you.

If you would like to avoid the compensation trap that most networkers find themselves in and would like discuss your compensation plan then contact us and lets figure out how hard you have to work so you can retire in 5 years.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just
passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

Creating Income From Home – Traditional Income Vs. Residual Income

Traditional Income versus residual income, how is it created? Everyone knows that we all  have a limited number of hours to spend at our jobs.  Once we punch the clock, we start getting paid, and notice that the boss determines how much you are worth.  Once you punch back out  at the end of the day your income stops immediately.  How can you even begin to build a nest egg this way?  It is almost impossible to get rich this way since it is  dependent on you being at work.   We continue to hope, scrimp and save because most do not know there is  alternative methods of creating income from home. 

You can start building residual income once you put in some time building your business (residual income is not created over night) then you start seeing results.  You actually earn on this 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   When you continue do some work during your day you add to your residual income so you can finally retire and fire your boss.  Imagine, you finish your work in the evening and go to bed; however; your income doesn’t stop growing. You could eventually go on an extended vacation to the sandy beaches of Tahiti or take several days off of work to be with your kids at home, but you do not stop creating a larger nest egg…residual income. 

Everybody knows when you are creating residual income through a network marketing opportunity, you are in complete control.  If then, you determine how much you are worth, no one but you can put a ceiling on your income potential. That is unless you are not in a 5 Pillars Company

However a word of caution; a red flag if you will. Everybody knows when you are creating residual income from a network marketing company,  the compensation plan and  policies and procedures will determine if there is in fact a ceiling being placed on your potential earnings. Imagine, you are no longer in control of how much you can make because  Business  Models Drive the Behaviour in The Fieldpolicies and procedures

So what is going to be easier for you, having someone help you learn and understand your company PnP’s and Compensation Plan or continue to join company after company hoping to create residual income?

You can start earning as soon as you get started, and getting started is easier than you might think.  But to get started you need to educate yourself about this industry and how you can avoid joining a scam or a company that does not meet the 5 Pillar Company yard stick. All leaders use the 5 Pillars to gage their network marketing opportunity.  If you want to create success, then you will need to know if you are in a 5 Pillars Company.  

“Profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living, profits make you a fortune. It’s difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich on profits” – Jim Rohn

If you are like the majority of Network Marketers, then you are always looking to learn new skills and obtain more knowledge for yourself or to pass along to your team. Help yourself by contacting us and we can help you change how you conduct your business and move you towards owning your life!  Taking the ceiling off!!

Get the Free Network Marketing Help you need!

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker



Tactics of a Frustrated Marketer – Points to a Lack of Integrity

I find it very interesting just what tactics some  will use and stoop to, to get a list of leads.

Below is one such ad tactic that I noticed on my Facebook profile page just the other day.

 For All Vitamark Reps!

Free! How to market your business online without chasing friends, family and strangers. Limited offer. Click here now!

When you click the link the next page and Ad reads as this

VitaMark Reps…

FREE! How to get up to 19 Checks Per Month, Earn Upwards of $519.17 Per Day, and Personally Sponsor 107 Reps into YOUR VitaMark Business in 60 Days or Less Marketing 1 Simple Website!

This FREE Presentation is for serious VitaMark Business owners ONLY who are 100% dedicated to reaching a $10,000+ Per Month Income with their VitaMark Business. If that is not you, please leave this page now.

This is simply an Ad for My Lead Pro System which is known for using these tactics.  VitaMark is not the only company to be debuted in this light.  The very funny thing is I feel that this is a waste of someone’s marketing strategy time.  VitaMark Reps are already using a system that does not require making a list of friends and family.  So perhaps the promoter of this ad should maybe do a little research and would know that there is a duplicatable system in place for all reps of VitaMark. There is not a  Vitamark Rep that I  KNOW who will  fall for this. They don’t need to.

They are some of the best well trained Reps out there that know a good duplicatable system when they see it AND THEY USE IT !! They are also very well trained at researching and analyzing  different systems as well as companies.

At the bottom of this capture page is a link to articles, one of which is titled "VitaMark".  When clicked upon, it  takes you to another lead capture page.  Only this time you see a man with an unhappy  face. You are told that you will get a very special gift by filling out the information here as well. This time for Network Marketing Boot camp.

So what does this have to do with Vitamark? or any other network marketing/MLM company…..absolutely nothing.  Perhaps the fact that VitaMark is known in the industry as a  “streamline” Company, that can  be matched in any of the 5 Pillars by very few companies is why they have chosen this company  to get a little bit of attention.  Critical thinking networkers will NOT be fooled by this tactic.

Vitamark is a 6 Pillar company :

1. Company management with integrity

2. Timing in the Industry

3. Remarkable Product at a reasonable Rate

4. Compensation Plan

5. Duplicatable System

6. Partners first, Company second

There is no need to join multiple lead programs, buy leads or "Hope" to hear from your upline. When the company’s philosophy points to caring for it’s partners, it will all be there.

“Vitamark International” has since merged with “It Works Global” who carries on the tradition of caring for it’s independent distributors with their success in mind.

Your Success Matters,

Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership With A Vision

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

Frustrated Network Marketer – 5 Pillars for Your Success

In the eBook “Success in 10 Steps”, written by Michael Dlouhy, he talks about the 5 Pillars for Your Success.   These are the  5 Key Factors you want to see between YOU and the Company you join in order to assure your success.

The first factor (Pillar) is Management experience with Integrity.

Why is this important to your success?

In this case experience means the experience the Management staff have in personally building a down line themselves in a MLM company.  Has the management team actually ever, ever built a downline in any company before…experience.

Large Corporate Managers in your typical brick and mortar, Wall Street Corporate America standard businesses are trained to look strictly at profit margins.  They have to look at what is best for the company’s bottom line and are judged primarily on that performance.  Bring someone in off of Wall Street to run a network marketing company is not good management.  The "Wall Streeter’s" do not understand the hard work distributors put in and make up all kinds of policies and procedures to make it harder for them to make a check. Too many qualifications.

As a distributor you want to look for Management that looks at managing the company with the distributor in mind, experience, someone that has been there and done that in the Field.  A word of caution at this point…not all who have experience in the field will have your best interests at heart.  You can read just how much they have your interests at heart by reading the Policies and Procedures…if you ever see words such as “sole discretion” or “ongoing” to mention a couple of red flags…RUN!  That is looking out for the Company, not you the Distributor.

When managing a successful Network Marketing Company, management has to realize that for the Company to have success, more and more sales, the distributors must be successful. Without successful distributors there are NO sales, NO sales equals NO profits for the company.  The companies success will never come from the amount of prospects sponsored into the company…it is SALES generated!  Products sold!

Network Marketing Management needs to think more long term than conventional Bottom Line Corporate America Companies.    A Corporate manager/CEO who has never built a downline, his/her experience no matter how big a billionaire he/she may be, will not mean success for the Network Marketing company or distributor.  MLM/Networking is a whole new ball game.

 Commit to Success Today
Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership with a vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker