Tactics of a Frustrated Marketer – Points to a Lack of Integrity

I find it very interesting just what tactics some  will use and stoop to, to get a list of leads.

Below is one such ad tactic that I noticed on my Facebook profile page just the other day.

 For All Vitamark Reps!

Free! How to market your business online without chasing friends, family and strangers. Limited offer. Click here now!

When you click the link the next page and Ad reads as this

VitaMark Reps…

FREE! How to get up to 19 Checks Per Month, Earn Upwards of $519.17 Per Day, and Personally Sponsor 107 Reps into YOUR VitaMark Business in 60 Days or Less Marketing 1 Simple Website!

This FREE Presentation is for serious VitaMark Business owners ONLY who are 100% dedicated to reaching a $10,000+ Per Month Income with their VitaMark Business. If that is not you, please leave this page now.

This is simply an Ad for My Lead Pro System which is known for using these tactics.  VitaMark is not the only company to be debuted in this light.  The very funny thing is I feel that this is a waste of someone’s marketing strategy time.  VitaMark Reps are already using a system that does not require making a list of friends and family.  So perhaps the promoter of this ad should maybe do a little research and would know that there is a duplicatable system in place for all reps of VitaMark. There is not a  Vitamark Rep that I  KNOW who will  fall for this. They don’t need to.

They are some of the best well trained Reps out there that know a good duplicatable system when they see it AND THEY USE IT !! They are also very well trained at researching and analyzing  different systems as well as companies.

At the bottom of this capture page is a link to articles, one of which is titled "VitaMark".  When clicked upon, it  takes you to another lead capture page.  Only this time you see a man with an unhappy  face. You are told that you will get a very special gift by filling out the information here as well. This time for Network Marketing Boot camp.

So what does this have to do with Vitamark? or any other network marketing/MLM company…..absolutely nothing.  Perhaps the fact that VitaMark is known in the industry as a  “streamline” Company, that can  be matched in any of the 5 Pillars by very few companies is why they have chosen this company  to get a little bit of attention.  Critical thinking networkers will NOT be fooled by this tactic.

Vitamark is a 6 Pillar company :

1. Company management with integrity

2. Timing in the Industry

3. Remarkable Product at a reasonable Rate

4. Compensation Plan

5. Duplicatable System

6. Partners first, Company second

There is no need to join multiple lead programs, buy leads or "Hope" to hear from your upline. When the company’s philosophy points to caring for it’s partners, it will all be there.

“Vitamark International” has since merged with “It Works Global” who carries on the tradition of caring for it’s independent distributors with their success in mind.

Your Success Matters,

Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership With A Vision

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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