MLM Success Requires a Sustained Effort

To have success in any endeavour  there has to be a "Sustained Effort."  What does this really mean? I believe it means to keep on going, no matter what.  I have been involved lately with a self development group online.  We have been studying “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. We read a chapter each week and submit our thoughts on the chapter. Then twice on Wednesdays we mastermind some of the lessons.  One of the chapters was about a “Sustained Effort”…to which one participant explained this way.

There have been very few things in my life that I have been persistent with. My marriage is one – 19 years and counting. My children are two – my oldest is 27 and I am still very much a part of his life. My friendships are three – (I have 3 true friends).  One I have known for 29 years. One I have known for 17 years and one I have known for 12 years. Notice
all of these are relationships. Those for me are easy.  What has been difficult for me is to stay persistent in any venture that I wanted for myself. This time when I read this chapter, I finally got what it means to be persistent. It doesn’t matter what the voices in my head
are saying. It doesn’t matter what those around me are saying. What does matter is what I am doing.

I believe that is why Mr. Hill included in this chapter  what was going through his mind when he was first  given his task. He had some of the same doubts that I do, but that did not stop him. He was letting us know that if he can do it, so can we. Can you imagine what this world would be like today if he would have given up because of his doubts or what other people said about him?

To be persistent at anything means to continuously work, regardless of the fact of if I feel like it or not.  What I need to look at is the end goal and what it takes to get there. Then work at it no matter how difficult it may seem.  When I take a trip, I get directions, pack, then leave
for my destination. I have never once stopped on the way and said, "I’m not there yet so I’m not going any further." I always continue until I reach my destination.

That is what I have to do now. I’ve got the destination, I’ve got the directions, and I am packed. It is time for  me to get going on my trip. There may be many road  blocks, detours, and rest stops along the way. But I know one thing, I will never again stop before I get there!

If you are serious about success in your network marketing business don’t let road blocks and detours get in your way of your goals.  Have a sustained effort that will carry you through until you can see your plans coming together. It means to keep going and keep going, NEVER GIVE UP! Your success is like taking a trip, you don’t stop half way to your destination right?

To your success,

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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