Successful Network Marketing–The Secret Of A Solid MLM Foundation

Successful network marketing has to have a foundation to build upon; otherwise there will never be success, only failure and frustration.

Imagine this if you will:

A developer has decided to build a new building in the heart of New York City. Have you constructionever watched the progress at a construction site?  It seems slow at first, but after several weeks of watching workers push dirt from one side of the lot to another,  they finally begin to do something that seems to  allow progress. They have done a lot of necessary “pre work” such as  run wire, bury water lines, build forms, lay in grids of steel, and pour concrete for the foundation.

Then, seemingly overnight, another work crew arrives and  trucks arrive with windows and doors,  prefabricated parts and more steel. Before you can blink there is a finished building.

There was a tremendous amount of  careful planning and laying of a foundation as the very first step to ensure stability. Although the remainder of the building was put up in what seems like a blink of an eye,  the foundation, which took longer to prepare and work on, will ensure the structure will stand indefinitely without fear of it failing later.

Without a firm, stable foundation, any structure will fail! And this is no different in network marketing today.

Your network marketing business must be built in the same manner.  On a firm foundation. I know, it is so hard to be patient, and want to see the downline take shape and people joining you in your business NOW. However, if you don’t take the time to lay the FOUNDATION in the early stages of your business, the organization will fall. There needs to be some delay in gratification.

Building your organization the RIGHT way may take longer, but the end result is it will take care of you and pay your children’s children for life!  Net “WORK” marketing takes time to build a solid foundation.  Real legitimate opportunities take time to build. There is NO legitimate network marketing opportunity that will afford you or I a quick income from home.   There will always be those who will build quickly, but they still will not be creating income in 3 hours after joining a biz op.

What is the FOUNDATION for success?

Here is what I know, automated systems will NOT build it for you, unless the result you are going for is to annoy those you call with your automated dialler system. Pestering   automatedyour  family, friends, relatives and co-workers will not do it.  A pre-scripted sales pitch over the phone does not work.

What does work? Do you want to know the secret? If you want to know then read further.

Stop buying into the “gurus” telling you this is how it is done when they have never in their entire career ever built a downline or ever been consistent or persistent with any business opportunity.  How can you tell, the gurus are “selling” you stuff now because they are no longer successful, they washed up years ago and are selling you stuff that does not work to create a successful network marketing income from home today.

Most Fail in this industry and few have been Successful.  Would it not make sense to learn from the successful people. Notice I said people, not “Gurus”?  Learn from the Few who are still today a success.

To create a solid foundation to build upon, learn from those who are right now, today, actively building a a downline in a real, legitimate business.

If you are looking for false illusions of success, and want to hold onto false hope…do not look here. We teach the real skills  that you will need and most lack.  And we will help anyone in ANY company.

If it is your goal to build it once, build it big, build it to pay your children’s children, then be consistent and persistent.  Two things that the “gurus” are not doing now.  They however do know how to sell something once. But, when they or anyone stops selling anything the income will stop and they are faced with selling another “something” again.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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