Successful Network Marketing –The Super Close, Tom Schreiter Magic Sequence of Words

The big boys make all the money in your company, however you are wondering why, even with your hard work you are not doing as well.  You can have successful network  marketing if you follow the super close Tom Schreiter Magic Words skills training. You think that you have all the skills and all the right MLM information but are not successful.

The problem is that we think that the big boys were just good at finding prospects and you may feel that this is all that is required of you…find good prospects.

The thing is that you may have found the very best prospects to join you, but they were ruined by the the wrong words that entered their brain. The fact is that the big boys most likely have more skills and are using Magic Sequences of Words. Skills are crucial and learning the magic sequence of words a MUST.

Now the title of this post may scare some, but using the magic sequences of words is not high pressure sales techniques or a bunch of hype, but it will turn you into a super closer. But the best part is this can be done rejection free. And in during the first two sentences that you say to your prospect, all in a matter of about 30 seconds.

In an earlier post  Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Sentenced to a Lifetime of Useless Presentations and Rejection  when you know where the “conflict” is fought and where it is that network marketers have to go to work … the six inches between their ears.  Tom Schreiter tells us that this conflict can be fount and won in 30 seconds.

Those who are using lengthy video or flip chart presentations you may want to shorten it  to 30 seconds.  That way you are not wasting your time or your prospects time.  They already made up their mind an hour ago.  Stop wasting your breathe.

Research is very clear and Tom Schreiter explains in  his training sessions how it is possible for a prospect to make a decision in 30 seconds.  It is all in knowing how the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work. Then use the right sequence  of words and you have passed all the filters and gone straight to your prospects subconscious mind where ALL decisions are made. 

The subconscious mind is but the size of the pea and is where all experiences, beliefs, memories, and programming takes place. It is in the conscious mind where all talking, observations and thinking conspire.  It is the size of  a hotel. It only takes 6 seconds for the subconscious mind to relay a message to the conscious mind where all decisions are made. And this process is exactly the same for your prospect.

The goal is to turn of the prospects “salesman alarm”.  The right words have to be said to do this. And it is all in social proof.  Most people want to be in the majority, not in a minority and they want this even when they do not have facts to back them up.

Learning  the magic sequence of words is a skill that has to be mastered. It is possible to stop any rejection using these two words, “Most People”. In your prospects mind they have already decided that they want to be in the majority…”Most People”! Their mind has now conspired to cooperate and be part of “Most People”.

Try this as another example shared by Tom Big Al Schreiter, “Most people I show this business to get excited and want to know more.  Your prospect has now pre-closed himself and it was done rejection free while social proof worked to keep his mind open.  Tom suggests now that to turn off the sales man alarm, all you add are these three words, “but some don’t, They would rather surf the TV channels and the internet,  watch Survivor on TV, and keep going to work everyday for their boss so he can retire and live in his big house on a hill overlooking the bay.  Anyway, let me show you how this works.”

tomlydTom also suggests using these social proof phrases, “everybody knows” and “everybody says”.

For you to be successful network marketing, take time to get educated, and continue to learn as many magic sequence of words as you can.

Your free education starts by reading Success in 10 Steps . It is a must read even if you have already joined a company.  Perhaps you are not having the success you want, this book will change your life as it has for the thousands who have already read and applied the knowledge within the pages. You will have the equivalent of a University Degree once you go through all the free training material provided. Contact us and we would be honoured to send you a copy of this invaluable resource.

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