Successful Network Marketing-How to Generate Quality Network Marketing Leads

Are you wondering what strategies will lead you to successful network marketing? Are you wondering how to generate quality network marketing leads for your online business opportunity?

It seems that a common problem facing network marketers is finding good imagequality leads.  Most find they have spent far too much money on leads and far too much time calling leads; which they find out too late  were not even interested in network marketing   These so called laser targeted leads where nothing more than an innocent bystander  hoping against all hope to win a free iPod or Lap Top.

Cold calling leads does not work …in reality you are not calling people who are interested in a MLM business opportunity, so why spend time building a dream for someone who does not even know how to spell “MLM”?

It can be very frustrating finding the right people to talk too.  It took us some trial and error to discover what now seems to be logical prospecting methods.  What we found out through trial and error is this…do NOT talk with family and friends…immediately after joining an opportunity.  They are not your best prospects…Tip: Find success first and your new lifestyle will be proof enough for your family and friends to join you, they will come looking for you when you are taking 4 day weekends and going on thirty day cruises.

So just who is your target market? 

Well think of it like this, does a golfer want to buy a hockey stick? Does a ballerina want to buy a hammer? Or does a carpenter want to buy ballerina slippers?…didn’t think so.

You have to be definitive and restrictive. 

YOU WANT Network Marketing or MLM leads; that is a specific search or target market.  Focus on people who ARE  interested in what you have to offer. Easy to do and easy not to do, if you do not become laser focused and specific in your target market search you will end up spending a lot of image money and waste a lot of energy looking in all the wrong places.  For all of your efforts you will have leads who are absolutely worthless to you.

In our experience if you do a search for “home based business leads” or “work from home business leads” you will find all kinds of leads but not for the type of business you are promoting…you will find people who are interested in Traffic Exchanges, those who like to surf ads for hours at a time or people who like to do surveys and be paid very LITTLE for their efforts, but you will not find those who would be interested in network marketing or MLM opportunities such as Amway, Shaklee, Herbalife, It Works Global or Visalus; just to mention a few.

A friend of mine, Mike Sherratt says this about the RIGHT targeted lead…:

One of the other mistakes people make is even if they buy “targeted network marketing leads” the leads are not personally branded, meaning they would not know who you are if you were to call them. This is so critical. It’s like the difference between night and day when you can call a lead that knows who you are vs. one that is a cold lead.

So how do you find your target market?

Harry Browne, Michael Oliver and a few other gifted network marketers will tell you, you have to find out what the prospect  wants and then help them get it. NEVER, NEVER lead with your company first, this is called YOUR agenda. Now you are asking WHY? Because if you have not built a relationship with someone first no one cares about your business opportunity. It is a proven fact that people join people, not companies. If you build relationships FIRST, get to know someone FIRST, then this will build your business.

YOUR target market then is definitively and restrictively “Network Marketing or MLM Leads”.  

To aid you in finding your “Network Marketing or MLM Leads” you will need:

Capture Pages with valuable content that is definitive … industry specific to the type of lead you are looking to attract.  Capture pages that will allow for plenty of visitors and is user friendly with content readily available, specific to the prospects needs.

My good friend Michael Dlouhy says that if you want people to give you their information you must in exchange for that information give something away for free which is VALUABLE!!!  Truly valuable!

imageYou also have to continue to reinforce that valuable content whenever possible. Michael Dlouhy teaches a pay-it- forward philosophy in his volunteer organization Mentoring for Free. Where anyone who downloads his free eBook Success in 10 Steps will find valuable information, but will also be connected to their own personal mentor who is available for free consultation, coaching and mentoring for as long as the person needs the help.  It is one remarkable free offering to receive in exchange for providing your contact information.

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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