Successful Network Marketer–You Know What Your Talking About, But Do They?

When you first join an online business opportunity you are excited to get things going and begin to earn some money.  Well the first thing to do is of course use the product you are promoting.  This will give you a first hand experience with the product and what it does for you.  This builds your confidence and sets up your testimonial on the product.  You see word of mouth is one of the bet ways to get the word out about your product and the benefits it provides.  Then comes along the dreaded skeptic who make negative claims on your product Successful Network Marketer–You Know What Your Talking About, But Do They?

To a new network marketer a sceptics comments can be devastating and shake their confidence.  For the new marketer there are a few thing that you need to consider when these comments come your way.  Has the person making these skeptical remarks ever tried the products you are offering for sale?  If they have not then the comment has no founded truth or nothing to give it validity.  Sometimes sceptical comments are made out of jealousy because the skeptic has never experienced the benefit you have gained from a product so how could you?  Sometimes a skeptic is afraid you and your business may become more successful then they are and often they will make comments to try and make sure that it doesn’t happen.  Does it seem fair that people do this?  NO! but this is what happens in real life.

What can you do as a marketer?  Well, first do your business and don’t let the negative comments about your business or product bring you down.  If it is someone you associate with you may need to separate yourself from this person because whether you believe it or not, negativity can take a toll on you and your business.  Where you have a factual belief in your product and business never let anyone change your belief or discourage you from succeeding.  Believe you are worthy of success and then go for it with all you can and never give up.  You don’t need to argue with a skeptic, just leave them alone and move on to success.

Skeptics can harm you and your business if you let them but my best advice is to remain promoting your business and products.  Skeptics find that many products and business opportunities never work because they have made up their mind that it just won’t work before they even give it a chance and we all know the power of the mind.

I am reminded of a story which just happened recently.  We had just given away one of our products recently as a part of a promotions contest.  A young lady won and she tried the product which was very successful in accomplishing what the product promised.  At this point she began promoting the product on her own when the dreaded skeptic made their comment.  “ You must have photo shopped your pictures because if this really worked wouldn’t everyone in the world be thin also.  Not a well thought out statement from a skeptic when there are so many variable about life to consider.  So Successful Network Marketer–You Know What Your Talking About, But Do They?

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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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