Successful Network Marketer–Where Is Your Log Cabin?

We all look at life differently so our perception of success differs as well.  We even sometimes judge success of another person by our own sense of what success is based on our own feeling of what success is to ourselves.  We judge many things by our own paradigm when we should look through the eyes of the one we are judging.  The late Jim Rohn uses an illustration which fits perfectly into what success really is.  Successful Network Marketer–Where Is Your Log Cabin?

What do you think success is?  Your idea of success is a very personal view and one that is yours alone.  Others may share the same idea of success but yours will only satisfy you.

There is that class reunion where everyone that goes begins to prepare to look their best.  It often seems to be a contest where everyone begins to wonder who has been the most successful.  They just can’t wait to see what has happened in the life of their other class mates.  It is unfortunate but some of those that go to the reunion base success on how big the income is, what luxuries you have afforded and what kind of vehicle you own.  That may be their meaning of success but not yours.  How do you judge other peoples success?

I was listening to a recording of a Jim Rohn seminar where he gives his thought on what success truly is.  If you have heard of Jim Rohn and know anything about him you would admit that he has been very successful in life.  For a number of years Jim has held seminars around the world teaching a philosophy that promoted success in business, life in general, family and relationships.  He has changed the lives of very many people and move them to success with his words of wisdom.  In the recording I was listening to he goes on to describe what success is.  In the illustration he referred to a man who left the general public life to live in a log cabin in the mountains.  It was a simplistic lifestyle which afforded very little luxury.  How can this be successful?  Jim goes on to say that the man had saved his money to be able to buy the log cabin and land and then began living his dream.  This is a very successful man Jim Rohn stated because he has reached his dream and living the life he chose.  Not everyone is successful enough to ever live the dream they hold dear.

Success is not always based on the amount of money or luxuries afforded but based upon the dream you hold dear.  It may be helping others, being able to travel the world, having a family as you have envisioned, living a debt free life and even being able to retire when you want where you want and with whom you want.  Success cannot always be judged upon the amount of money and luxuries an individual has because it may not be something they are dreaming of. How to you judge success and Successful Network Marketer–Where Is Your Log Cabin?

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