Successful Network Marketer–The Story Of The Mass Appeal Product And The Backorder

When you go to your favourite store to get that sale item you have been waiting for you expect to be able to get it.  When you learn the item you wanted is on backorder there is a huge let down.  Successful Network Marketer–The Story Of The Mass Appeal Product And The Backorder is a story with a happy ending and one you will want to be a part of.

I have seen many network marketers get very frustrated and sometimes to the point of quitting when a product they are marketing goes on backorder.  Oh what will I do?  What will the customer think?  Oh I just can’t do this.  These are some of the reactions I have heard from marketers and there is occasion when these remarks would be justified.  If the manufacturer is having production problems or the company the marketer represents is continually make ordering errors or never risk having extra stock on hand to supply orders, then the marketer is justified in having these thoughts.

But what if the product is so in demand that the company cannot keep up to the orders?  If any company can say that about an in demand product then it is a great problem to have.  Many companies have great flagship products but not all of these products are in high demand.  When the product is in very high demand and on backorder it is best to be honest with the potential customer or business partner and tell them up front.  With a product in such high demand  the customer will wait because they want the product and only that product because obviously so does everyone else.  You see when the product is in demand and exclusive, telling the simple truth to the customer explaining the situation caused by high demand generating very high sales volume will be all it takes to appease them.

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