Successful Network Marketer–Testing The Water Before Jumping In

Do you find what you are doing to promote your online business or product never seems to work?  Your upline just keeps telling to keep doing what they have taught you to do but the results never come.  How long do you continue to promote your business this way?  To become a Successful Network Marketer–Testing The Water Before Jumping In will be a necessary step.

Doing the same approach to promoting your business, if it has not produced any results, is a waste of your time and effort.  If you continue, expecting different results, it  would be like watching your favourite movie over and over expecting a different ending.  You need to set a time limit on the approach you are using and at the end of the time limit if you are not getting the results you were expecting you will need to review your approach and adjust.  It may also be necessary to come up with a new plan on advertising your business opportunity or product.

The most successful network marketers plan an approach, test it then adjust as necessary. The plan is made very carefully based upon their own past experience and others who have already taken the path.  Before they teach the new approach to their downline they will test it themselves over a predetermined amount of time.  If they find their method lacking the results they were hoping to get they will adjust their plan and might even replace it with a new one.  They never put a plan to their downline until they see the results they were looking for.  To do otherwise would discourage their downline and may even cause an attrition rate because there was little or no testing of their method to present their business opportunity or product.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who is a very successful network marketer teaches and trains people what to say and do when it comes to presenting your business opportunity or product.   The material he teaches has been tested before it is put out in his training seminars.  When new material is developed Tom"’s staff tests it and if it is viable it is kept but if the material produces no results it is either discarded or reworked and tested again.  The fact that Tom has been so very successful comes from learning about people and how to talk to them rejection free.  His methods are tested and proven so he passes them along with the utmost confidence.  tomlydWhen Tom began his network marketing career he jumped in before testing the water.  It was not until he began testing the water first, that he had any success.

To be a Successful Network Marketer–Testing The Water Before Jumping In is a better way of ensuring your success.  When you don’t, you find yourself wasting your time and effort on useless business activities and if you are serious about your business that is where you don’t want to be.  If you need any information on talking to people rejection free or looking for a business opportunity you can contact us and we would be honoured to help you in any way we can.

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