Success In MLM Today-The Shocking Truth About Getting In Now

Timing in the industry and timing in the company. Is it really possible to determine when and if the timing is right for you to join a business opportunity?  It is not easy but here are a couple of tips from an industry leader, Michael Dlouhy:

A)  You’ll waste a lot of time, money and energy getting in too early, because a large percentage of these companies fail in the first year or two.  If this happens you are left with starting over again and building with another company.  If it has not passed the test of time historyimage may repeat itself leaving you with crushed dreams and frustration.  Some of the companies out there are in a state of prelaunch and you could never be sure the owner(s) ever planned to open.  The idea behind this tactic is to build a database and sell it to other companies for quick and fast profit leaving you to start all over again and the only ones that made any money are the owner(s) of the scam.

B)  You will waste a lot of time, money, and energy getting in too late. Ifimage the company is a household name, a dinosaur, its momentum growth period occurred years ago. Once the growth levels out the company holds it’s own and your chances of building your business big diminishes.  You will be fighting an uphill battle to gain any financial success in a company that is this old. Most certainly if you are starting new in the company.

C)  You need to join when the company has proven it has staying power (perhaps 3-5 years), but BEFORE its momentum growth period (in general, the time it takes a company to go from $100,000,000 to $500,000,000 a year). IF you can find a company like this, which also has the other 4 pillars of success in place, some fun work will give you the chance to ride a momentum wave to wealth.

Timing in the industry (Network marketing specific product) is another consideration when looking into a business opportunity.  Is the product sold always in demand or one imagethat becomes out dated in a short period of time (technology) or will the margins for profit shrink as the product becomes mainstream and competition from large corporations intensifies? 

A number of years ago companies sprang up offering long distance at cheaper rates.  In the beginning there was money to be made but the service providers began to offer even cheaper long distance rates.  As the competition intensified the margin for profit shrank and the distributors watched their paycheques shrink.  Eventually many of these mlm companies went out of business leaving distributors to start all over again.

The five pillars for success are what the company needs to have in place for you to be successful, but this particular pillar requires something of you.  Is your own timing right for you to be in the network/mlm industry?  Do you have the time to spend building your business and are you willing to take the time to build your business?  Many join this industry with the wish to make money and it is ever only a wish.  You need to be willing to sacrifice your time to spend building a business and learn the skills it requires to be successful.  You need to spend time imageworking on yourself through self development and be willing to step into a leadership roll. 

It is very difficult for others you bring into your business (downline) if you are not willing to step into leadership and provide direction and training.  Are you willing to make the commitment?  If you are not then you will become frustrated and may even quit with lack of success.  If you are not willing to give the time required and make the necessary sacrifices at this time then it just might be your own timing that is not right for you to be in the industry.  Only you will know when the timing is right for you, so take the time to examine yourself and see if you are willing to sacrifice what is required of you to be successful.  If your timing is not right at the present time, that can change as your circumstances change.

Once you know what to avoid, you’ll want to know what to look for. Read our article on how to find a Five Pillar Company.

Overall, an experienced MLM mentor will help you determine if network marketing and your MLM Company is right for you and if not, what 5 Pillar company you are most likely to succeed in.

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passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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