Stupidest Thing Network Marketers Do: Quit Too Soon

Are You Walking Past a Goldmine by Quitting Three Feet From Gold

Quitting is NOT a new concept or revelation. Humans have been notorious for being quitters all down through the centuries. We quit our jobs, families, going to the gym, marriages, friendships, but the worst is that we sometimes quit on our own selves.

As network marketers, the ONLY way to lose is to quit.

So, it’s not going as fast as you would like. You were lied to. You talked with your best friend and he said "No". Move on, it is not a big deal.  He said no to the opportunity not to YOU!

This may come as a surprise to you, but there are many  who did get  rich in network marketing; and were tempted to quit right before it all came together for them. I was there myself many times.  Do not allow yourself to go there.  I have seen on my own team those who were so close and quit just as they would have seen some fruits to their labour.  They gave up three feet from gold.

The truth is that we live in an instant gratification kind of society, give me what I want NOW! We become tired of trying, wishing, dreaming, hoping  and very simply just give in  and  feel that we are not cut out for success.  So we just give up. Why?

As network marketers we can come up with all the excuses to give up. Here is a partial list of reasons (excuses) why people quit:


  • 1. They let someone steal and destroy their dreams. “Dream stealers”, they are all around you in your family, your social network and even in your network marketing companies, they are just  everywhere. They think it is their responsibility in life to destroy you dreams  and tell you all the reasons that network marketing will not work for YOU.   Everyone thinks they are the final authority on what is going to work or not work for you. Especially when it involves money. I have heard it said that if the person (including your spouse) giving their opinion doesn’t earn the kind of income and have the kind of lifestyle that you would like to have, what are you even listening to them for?
  • 2. They never were very clear about what they wanted to begin with. It’s not enough to say, "I want more money", or, "I want to be a success". Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich suggests that you must have an exact, specific, detailed image of why you are doing this.
  • 3. They thought (Instant gratification) it would happen sooner and more quickly. They don’t want to wait, pay the price, taking some knocks and bruises along the way and really grow their business. They say something like this, I’ve been doing networking  for three weeks and do not have financial independence or time freedom yet.
  • 4. They thought it would easier. We want it NOW, and we want it handed to us on a silver platter.  We want someone else to do the work for us. Auto Pilot Marketing and being Lawn Chair Marketers does not work. 
  • 5. They didn’t think it would involve WORK. Ridiculous I know, even to say it, but is true. Many people don’t get the concept that MLM is a business. Just like any other “business” opportunity in our traditional 9 – 5 setting or corporate America. This industry requires work to finally see the fruits of your labour. Work this like a business, and it will reward you like a business.

6. Biggest reason of all:  along their journey towards success, financial freedom and time freedom, they lost faith in themselves and the opportunity.

Do any of the above reasons sound familiar to you and do you find yourself  thinking on any of these excuses?  Are you thinking about giving up, quitting just three feet from gold?

It is important to continually feed your mind with the right kind of knowledge and encouragement through books, self development and staying close to the fire.  Stay close to the leaders and your upline, company events when financially feasible, and team calls.  

Never give up, never! Just keep going for the prize.  It takes work so do it, and enjoy the ride along the way.

Find ways to celebrate even those who say "no". Don’t expect that there will always be a crowd cheering you on. The truth is, most people don’t want to see you succeed big time anyway. They are afraid you’ll get too far ahead of them. They’re afraid your success will show their lack of effort for what it is.

NEVER Give Up!!! 

To YOUR Ultimate Success,

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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