Struggling Network Marketers – A Sure Way To Sky-Rocket Your Income

Although working on the internet involves risk, receiving the proper education for your online venture will make your successes more profitable. It is a sure way to sky-rocket your income.

It is true, working from home is an available and close-at-hand business; however, it does involve receiving a certain amount of education on your part. Not only will you suffer a lack of success but those you bring into your organization will also suffer because of a lack of proper skills.  Your business prospects can suffer a big setback.  A Mentor can provide you with all of the skills concerning your network marketing business. A Mentor will help you dive into the reasons for your lack of success and help you analyze those problems and help you design an efficient business plan.

Learning these skills can be a little overwhelming and alarming at first. An industry specific mentor will provide you with the proper guidance and help you make an impressive start to your online marketing opportunity. This mentoring will etch in you many important skills for your success and help you start from scratch or bring new realizations to those who have struggled for many years.

A Mentor will educate you on how to make solid decisions about choosing a network marketing company, and how to stay away from the many scams and schemes that are around every corner on the internet. You will also learn the importance of reading and understanding your Policies and Procedures, your contract with your company.

Further, you will also finally be able to analyze your compensation plan. You will be able to know just how hard you will have to work to make a walk away residual income of say $10,000.00 a month from your efforts. What you have to realize here is that actually making this kind of residual income is NOT exactly how you have been shown in the marketing video presentation of the company you have chosen.

The important thing to remember as a network marketer is not that you have a product that YOU love, but one that the masses will be stumbling over to purchase. Remember that you chose to become a network marketer because you wanted to make money. Therefore, the importance of a good compensation plan is even more important than the actual product. Do not settle on a product that speaks to you, but look at the income possibilities for you which you will see while analyzing the compensation plan.  In my opinion settling on a company that is only willing to pay you pennies on the dollar of revenue brought to the company is ridiculous.  Especially when there are companies that are paying 30% commissions.  A wrong choice here can hurt your profitability.

Mentors will provide you with useful information and help you decide which products will benefit you most. Going deeper a mentor will also help you choose your niche market.

For any on-line business to succeed it will be necessary to be educated in skills. An effective  mentor will educate you about the importance of reading your contract and understanding your compensation plan as well as other skills such as attracting traffic to your website.

There is a group of professional network marketers who are addressing teaching and training internet topics, with hands on mentoring, while effectively using the internet marketing tools that show you how to enhance your business. STOP paying for coaching, STOP paying for learning skills, STOP paying for leads, just STOP, STOP, STOP struggling. You do not have to struggle any longer.

There are over 55,000 people a day turning to the internet to make quick money, unfortunately few of them will actually succeed. Why?  Because most never educate themselves for success in this industry. This industry is not unlike conventional jobs where we educate ourselves to be doctors, plumbers, school teachers, secretaries,or electricians. Prevention of mistakes is paramount for your success. Avoid making mistakes by finding a mentor to hold your hand and show you the ropes. A mentor will provide you with detailed skills about the common mistakes most online marketers make, and the ways to avoid them.

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership with a vision

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5 thoughts on “Struggling Network Marketers – A Sure Way To Sky-Rocket Your Income

  1. We are all equipped with self-development skills. The only difference is that not all of us choose to make the most of them, which is actually very unfortunate.

    The moment you start thinking that you’re the best is the moment when somebody else steals the crown from you. Why? Because that person continually updates himself or herself. It’s only a matter of time before he or she surpasses you.

    Obviously, self-development skills are very important and play a large role in human evolution. Without them, how do you expect to survive? Here are some self-help tips to guide you:

    Self-Help Tip # 1: Keep on Reading.

    Self-development skills rely heavily on knowledge. That’s why it’s very important to read a lot. Read a book, read today’s paper or even the blog you currently favor. Reading not only updates you on what’s new and what’s out there, it also exercises your mind.

    Watching television has its perks but reading helps you absorb material better. Besides, reading is unequivocally related to other branches of learning as well. Reading helps your imagination, and improves your writing and even your social skills.

    Self-Help Tip # 2: Follow in their Footsteps.

    Improving self-development skills is easier when you have a role model. Role models are your constant reminder that it is possible and that it can be done. They are the very manifestation of what you want to accomplish.

    If your goal is to improve your public speaking skills, for example, there’s no shortage of public figures who have conquered setbacks like dyslexia or stage fright. Having a role model also helps out map out what actions to take and what mistakes to avoid.

    Self-Help Tip # 3: Take Time Out.

    Your self-development skills are not going anywhere, so don’t be afraid to take a little time out once in a while. Use this time to reflect on where you are now, where you are going and how your journey is going so far.

    Reflection helps you assess yourself and come up with better ways to improve yourself in the future. A lot of people have also taken up the art of meditation in order to improve their self-development skills. Not only is it a good stress reliever, it also helps you see yourself more clearly.

    Cultivating self-development skills is very important. However, it is also crucial to note than no man is an island and that there are some things you can’t do alone. For all your self-development skills, you also need to learn how to ask other people for help when you need it.

    To Your Success,
    Mike 🙂

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your input and valuable tips that you have added. Sometimes it is really hard to fit in a blog all the tips and ideas we have floating around in our heads. Please drop by again and share your knowledge.

    Dave and Darlene

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