Stop Pitching and Spamming In Social Network Settings, Unless………

Stop pitching your network marketing opportunity.  Just because people are breathing, can stand on their own two feet and do not require an oxygen tank to survive, does not mean that we want to hear about your latest, greatest, biggest, best MLM opportunity with the only compensation plan like it in the industry that is a game changer and  is going to be saving millions of children if we join YOUR deal.

As  Professional Network Marketers, coaches and mentors we have made it our business to rally against  pyramid schemes, promotional hype campaigns and those famous get-rich-quick scams.  My husband and I actually look into MLM companies…yes we look at the legal stuff that most  do not feel are important enough to read .    We look at the compensation plans because the videos do not, DO NOT tell you the whole truth about just how hard you WILL have to WORK to make the income that is being promised to you in the flashy promotional videos.

We actually crunch the numbers to know how hard a network marketer will have to work to make $10,000 a month. We tear apart the Policies and Procedures, to see what is in the legal jargon that may legally force you to give back your commission check and perhaps never even receive one to begin with.  Legal hoops and qualifications are in most contracts that prevent you from ever receiving a check, but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t read them, would you?

However  there is one really huge problem with us putting ourselves out to the public in this manner.  We are targeted everyday by other network marketers who pitch, pitch, and pitch some more their “business opportunities”.  Please, please, please, give up!  We are not interested in your deal. Unless you can prove to us that you are in a 5 Pillar company we are very happy with our own 5 Pillar company.

We get pitched all the time and have been threatened to be removed from“friends” lists on Facebook and other social network sites because we do not show an interest in the company products or services. We have been told we are heartless because we do not want to look at another opportunity.  Come on, in most of these cases we were not even friends by those who were pitching their deals.  So no need to unfriend us, we were never friends to begin with.  This is outright SPAM.

Look; it is time that all network marketers took notice that this method of marketing is from the stone ages.  This selling and marketing approach does NOT work in an online social setting such as Facebook.  You tick people off and turn a potential prospect away using this technique.  Surely it is easy to notice this trend.

New methods involve a skill known as building relationships and making friends.  Don’t demoralize and threaten others because they do not align with your deal.  It would be worthwhile to get to know people  first before you start throwing up all over the prospect.

My mentors Michael Dlouhy and Art Jonak teach this…

  • The chances of doing business with your prospects increases as you build relationships of  know, like and trust.

Your Network Marketing life expectancy will be much longer than 45 minutes if marketers would just learn this one skill.

So at this point  we will not be entertaining any notions of  joining another MLM company or even leaving the company that we are in now if you can not prove to us  that your company is a 5 Pillars company or more.   We would do our homework and are able to determine if any company measures up to the 5 Pillars yard stick.  Remember this is our life’s calling, we have made it our business to look at over 400 MLM companies (and counting) along with our team of coaches and mentors. We have narrowed the playing field substantially already.

What’s a 5-Pillar company? Do YOUR due diligence and read this book and you will be able to determine  what a 5 Pillars company looks like and/or determine if your present company is a 5 Pillar company.  Read  Success in 10 Steps

What questions can you expect to have answered as you go through the mentoring process and reading Success in 10 Steps?

  • Does the MLM company management team have experience as network marketers or are they coming from a corporate America approach?  How long has the company been doing business as a network marketing approach?
  • What hoops will be in you company’s policies and procedures that you will have to jump through to get a check? Did you understand your company policies and procedures…the legalese?
  • Do you know the compensation model?  How many people will you personally have to sponsor before you’re making $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 per month?

Your very best solution for creating an income from home today is to learn to build   relationships, regardless of the fact that the prospect may or may not join you in your online opportunity.   Have no agenda, offer value, and offer real help. Become educated about this business/industry.

On a side note, it is common knowledge that there is a failure rate of 97% to 98% for any new business, traditional or MLM; knowing this fact how will you do any differently without learning skills to make a difference?  If you are looking for a copy of Success In 10 Steps feel free to contact us and we will send you one.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to purpose. — Michel de Montaigne

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