Frustrated Network Marketer – Stop Chasing MLM Pipe Dreams

As technology has evolved we are accustomed to living a quicker paced lifestyle. We have same day delivery service, same day dry cleaning, one hour photo labs, micro-wave cooking, drive-thru banking and restaurants.  Everything it seems has to be instant, NO patience  and little effort required.

Many online network marketing opportunities are promoted this way as well.  Just take a look around at all of the instant business scams out there. Make passiveincomesyour fortune overnight, 3 months to millions, WE build it for YOU (passive)! RIGHT? (pause for a short chuckle)

We want to believe it so badly…that we just cant resist, mainly out of fear of loss. Chasing that quicker, instant, we build it for you, 3 months to millions and easier way usually sends people right out of business.

We chased those ads, systems and pipe dreams. If you look closer at the truth, here is what is cost liestruth us. Time & Money, which equals failure and frustration. Perhaps the amount of money we lost is not as much as some have lost, it really does not matter how much.   Friends of ours lost over $200,000.00 chasing pipe chairpassivedreams and pyramid schemes. Forget about the money…but the time we can never get back.

There is a price that we all will pay when chasing these get rich quick schemes. You will lose faith in the industry and in humanity itself.  We  lose the ability to trust that this industry could ever possibly bring financial freedom. We lose hope, faith and trust that there are honest people who are promoting “real, legal netWORK marketing opportunities.

There have been some really huge arguments fought between spouses over network marketing…sound familiar?

Most people have a   problem when you decide to improve your situation in life. The problem … one or more of the people closest to you will NOT want to see you succeed. 

Here is what hurts so bad…our friend’s wife was totally on board. She wanted to see him succeed. He blew her out of the water;  passive however, when he started looking at other business "Deals". Slowly they spent less time together. They argued about the next get rich quick idea. Deep down in side his wife just did not understand what he was doing. She only knew that this was taking time away from their relationship.

He was spending himself out of business and out of his wife’s life.

stop Here is the point. There is a blueprint for success right in front of all who are looking for answers. That blueprint is this…network marketing  is a people business…which requires work, faith, persistence and patience and those relationships are built on know, like and trust.

You need faith, trust and persistence to see things through. It takes time; not weeks, not months and maybe not a couple of years, but you can have financial freedom…in time. Network marketing takes WORK. It is not Net”PASSIVE”, Net”AUTOPILOT”, Net”INSTANT” or even Net”WE Build it FOR YOU”!

Success is a process with a beginning point which leads to your final destination…dreams realized.

What gets us really excited is thinking about all of the people we can help along the way.

The only time we spend thinking about the mistakes we made, is to share our story with others. We can only hope that it will save someone from making the same mistakes we made and feeling the failure and frustration that does come without proper training and skills.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership with a vision

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6 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer – Stop Chasing MLM Pipe Dreams

  1. So true – pipe dreams are like one wy plates and stuff – cute for one minutes then discarded and never used again. A real business is like crystal glass or other valuables – takes some time t prcure, but will last for ever.

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