Slamming MLM – Slamming Your Deal On The Wall , The Call And In The Email

imageHave you ever been invited to be a friend on your favourite social site?  Do you remember what happened after accepting the invitation?  This new friend slammed their deal by spamming your wall.  “YOUR WALL!”


Hey wait a minute, this is my wall and I know that I did not give you permission to spam my wall with your products or business opportunity.  I usually respond by removing the post from my wall and had already made up my mind not to click the link provided.  Always in the back of my mind, this imageunwelcomed link could possibly lead me to a virus or to a Trojan Horse which may allow a hacker access to my account or possibly worse “My Computer.”  Even if the link was clean it is still an unwelcomed event.  Is that how you usually handle this sort of situation?

If you view your wall as I do, it is mine to do what I want to do with it and not some spammer.  If you are in an opportunity your own wall is where you may present your products and business opportunity if that is what you have been taught to do.

It makes sense to me that if I do not like this type of behaviour from others “Why would I spam another persons wall after becoming friends?” I would not.  If the behaviour continues I usually let the person know that I do not appreciate being spammed.  I am not ignorant or callous when I let them know, I just try to pass on the information that it is not ok to spam nor is it productive.  There are methods that are ok to use when you want to present your products or business opportunity.  I imageunderstand that most have been taught this spam method by their upline because that is what they were taught as well.  By the way, that method is old school and it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

imageIn this age we have caller Id on our phones.  After awhile we begin to recognize some of the names and numbers that come up.  How do you react when you get a call from a Survey Company that wants you to spend the next half hour answering questions?  Do you hang up because you don’t have the time or find the call unwanted?  Do you give them a piece of your mind and tell them not to bother you again?  Point here is that this is a form of spam because you did not invite the call or opt into answering questions for a company that makes money by you answering their questions.  Do you think others may feel the same way if you use spamming techniques to push your business opportunity or products?

If you use this type of method for your business you must realize that you are not in rapport with those you are communicating with.  A generic trainer Tom “Big Al” Schreiter teaches that you have only 30 seconds to build imagerapport with your prospective customer or prospect otherwise you are to late and they shut you out.  If you know people, you must also know that any chance of success with them will be built upon a know, like and trust relationship.  If you spam them you will have given up the opportunity to build a real relationship with them.

There are other methods that can be used instead of spamming your deal.  One is by asking a prospective customer or prospect if it is ok to send your opportunity link or product sample.  One of two responses will come back.  One is yes I am interested and the other is no I am not interested.  If they are not interested that is ok and you can still build a relationship with them.  Timing for them may change in the future.

imageWhen spamming, not only does it aggravate people it also insults them.  You are really asking them for some of their valuable time to look at your presentation.  Would it not be better to do it on their terms instead of spamming them?  People are much more open when they are appreciated on their terms and in a respectful manner.

If you have been online for a while you get to know the feeling of being spammed.  Every time you open you email client you get a whole host of emails you were not expecting.  That’s just great, you have to spend your valuable time clearing out your email account of the unwanted clutter.  The best part is you never even asked for it.  You see every kind of product and business opportunity represented in this junk mail.  If it is filtered by a junk mail filter you generally need to click the x on the tab to delete permanently.  Hey spammer, all that effort and money you put into sending out your unrequested mail was just deleted and not even opened up.  You never had a chance and if you wish to continue to waste your time and money just keep doing it.

If this is the method you are being taught then its time to find a new mentor who can teach you the right way and get you some real results.

imageFor those of us that do not like spam we can create filters that will put this useless dribble into the trash and we will never have to see it.  You also have the satisfaction of knowing that a spammer has just wasted their valuable time and resources without having a real chance at presenting their products or business opportunity.  Just remember that if a spammer is tying their time up to create the campaign then you are free to reach out to the people they are trying to spam.  The difference is you will get results if you are using the proper methods and the spammer falls out of rapport.

We teach, to our business partners, the proper respectable methods of approaching people without aggravating them or falling out of rapport.  People, whether they are product users or potential prospects, want to be treated with respect and dignity and not insulted with spam.

Proper methods of presenting your products or business opportunity begins here.  Learn the proper methods of approach and you can’t go wrong but you will become professional.

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.


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