Skills For Success–Xerox Is Duplication

To someone who is new to network marketing/mlm the operative word is duplication.  You will find if you are unable to duplicate the results of your successful upline you hit a wall.  Ultimately leading to frustrationimage and failure.  Skills For Success – Xerox Is Duplication is a prime example of how a company developed a skill for duplication that even today is a house hold word.

We have all heard the expression “I can’t do what you do.” and in some cases that is true.  Your sponsor might be a programmer and have very attractive and entertaining sites that you could never duplicate because programming is not your forte.  The only other way to duplicate the sites may be to hire a programmer to design your sites at a cost.  But what if is not in your budget to do so?  Sometimes a new business partner looks at the whole picture and determines that their sponsor is not duplicatable and starts down the path of frustration, struggle and eventually quit.

As a sponsor what can you do about your new business partner’s fear?

One of the best methods is to explain that when you first began your journey into network marketing you were where they are now and felt overwhelmed also.

Explaining you have arrived where you are today by building upon your skills one at a time.  It is important to explain you learned your skills one at a time and built upon your skills as you mastered each one.  The key is to learn one skill and master that one before moving onto the next.  Like an infant learns to walk “one step at a time” imageby putting one foot in front of the other, as your  new business partner must do.  As a sponsor you must be sensitive to your new business partners fears and frustrations.

If you are a new business partner your fears will be made real if you look at the whole picture of your sponsors success.  They did not join an opportunity and by magic acquire the skills they have today, they gained them one at a time and mastered each one before moving on.  Make a decision of what skill you need to learn first and then ask for the help of your sponsor to learn and master this first skill.  Then take your second step by learning and mastering a second skill then a third, fourth and so on.  As you add a skill one at a time you will find you are not so overwhelmed and come to the conclusion that your successful sponsor is not so hard to duplicate.

Sponsors be aware of what might not be duplicatable for your downline. Buying leads, paying to have capture pages created or designing your own as a programmer, being placed into an upline or any other advantage you haveimage that cannot be learned or afforded by your downline.  If you do not take this into consideration you will find frustration and struggling begin to grow and the beginning of an attrition rate.

Is your upline teaching you the skills you need to be successful?  Are you getting the help you need  when needed?  Do you feel overwhelmed with no end in sight?  There is an answer to these questions which begins by downloading the free eBook “Success in 10 Steps” which is a generic book about the industry and no companies or products are mentioned.  We also have free skill calls that compliment the eBook and free training calls.

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