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We have all heard this saying: “To be more you need to become  more.”  This saying is true and is one of the skills for success and begins from development from withinimage.  There are so many who think they have all they need to be successful in life and business but eventually hit a wall they cannot get over or through and failure begins to rear it’s ugly head.  Why does this happen?  How can we better equip ourselves so we do not hit this impenetrable wall?  Yes we all hit walls in our lives but if we are always striving to learn and develop our selves from within the walls will be just hurdles we can jump over.

For those who do not believe in self development there are living examples to the result of not developing from within.  We have spoken to a number of people who were on the road to success when the wall appeared and stopped them on the road.  As you delve deeper into the reason(s) for success turned failure you will find a variety of reasons.  One reason was the person was observing their friends around and saw they were not progressing toward success.  With this in mind self destructive actions imagebegan to show up and soon success began to slip away and in many cases the person was not aware of what was happening or why.  Others have never been able to get on the road of success and never gave it a thought but are not pleased with present circumstances.  Some have been able to get on the road to success but being greedy and egocentric watched it slip away while placing blame in the wrong area.

The first step to change is to recognize there is a problem and not blaming others for your lack of life skills.  If you take a long hard look in the mirror: What do you see?  Do you really know that person?  Do you love the person you see?  It can be very difficult to do a self examination of yourself but if you do you will need to be brutally honest if you want a chance to change your circumstances.

Over the course of our lives we have been programmed byimage others to see by their perception of how we should look, feel and behave.  That is their map of how the world should look, feel and behave.  Through self development we need to discover how we should feel, look and behave by creating our own map of life.  As we develop this map we must exercise caution to make sure we do not impose our map on others for they need to develop their own.

Each person including yourself has value, deserves the privilege of self expression and respect.  You can gain these by recognizing your own self worth by loving yourself, building self esteem and respect.

There have been very few who have discovered how to develop and grow within and only due to dire circumstances or after much research and testing.  The rest of us need the examples and writings of these individuals who have blazed the trail for us.  One of the imagemethods that gives desirable results in self development is to study a self development book in a mastermind environment who will have your best interest at heart, creating a safe harbour for you to participate and express yourself.  When you use this type of self development method you tend to develop an accountability to the group.

There are also a variety of self development books from which you can draw upon the authors experiences and observations.  You will generally find the best variety to choose from in the larger book stores and if you prefer you can get many in audio also.

Here a just a few self development books for your consideration:

1)  Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

2)  Screw It, Let’s Do It – Richard Branson

3)  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

4)  Lincoln On Leadership – Donald Phillips

To be more you need to become more and for those in a leadership capacity that could be the difference of having a productive team as apposed to an unproductive team that spends most of its time complaining.  For those who have a home business you will be in a leadership capacity as you build your team.

As you begin your self development your outlook on life and business will change for the better giving you an advantage over those that feel no need for self development.  Taking the time to discover how your mind has been programmed by those around you as well as theimage media and taking steps to undoing the damage will free your mind for greater things to come.  Self development is a life time commitment to which there is no end and anything less will produce results of a lesser quality.

Are you standing at your wall and no way over or around? “What are you going to do about it?”

I recommend you contact us and we will help you find that mastermind group for self development so you can build on your life skills.  If you need to build on your network marketing skills then download this free e-book “Are You Walking Past A Fortune?”

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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