Frustrated Network Marketer-5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your MLM Pay Check

A company management team should be able to show by example any success in MLM  that  they have had. When the management team can show by example their management experience and integrity in network marketing  you will have a much greater chance of success. Company Management Experience with Integrity is Pillar #1 that you should be looking for in a company when deciding what company to join.

If you are a distributor and frustrated so far with your results or if you are new to the industry and looking for an opportunity,  ask your self these questions, Does the company’s management team have experience in Network Marketing or Multilevel marketing?”  Does the management team come from a successful network imagemarketing background or is their experience from Corporate America?”  “What type of background do they have in online marketing and how successful were they?” “ Did they legitimately build their business or did they buy a position or were they offered a position?” 

It becomes important to you that management knows and has gained experience by doing the business so they understand the business. MLM is a different business model than any that is experienced by those at the helm coming from Corporate America.

Do they lead with integrity or GREED and EGO?  If the management team of the business lead with greed and ego you will generally find that the compensation plan is written  that   the top distributors will make most of the money; while, the majority of the distributorship  work very hard and make little or no money at all.  If the compensation plan is designed with qualifications  or hoops that most would not even be able to meet, image you forfeit your commission to the company. 

Many compensation plans are designed that way and attempt to make the compensation plan look really good by hooking you on the idea that there are many ways to earn commissions. In the end most distributors will not be compensated fairly for their hard work and efforts.  (There is nothing wrong with a compensation plan having several ways to earn commissions, but when they knowingly stake the deck against you, then there is a problem with integrity.)

Okay here is the skinny on compensation plans…in order to receive a commission check you have to meet certain qualifications, (This is the case in any MLM company) You will find qualifications such as bring in 5 new recruits a month, sell a huge amount of product, and have 5 people in your left leg and 10 in your right leg, who knows? Just  be aware of compensation plans that have impossible hoops to jump.  Compensation plans are difficult at the best of times but when you are unable to reach all the requirements guess who loses…you lose…and the company gains because of the the product volume you brought to the company.

Is the contract fair to the company and you the distributor?   Integrity or the lack of integrity will often show up in the policies and procedures (binding contract between you and the company).   PnP’s are imagewritten by lawyers that will protect the company at ANY and ALL cost and are often written to give the company full control and no remedy to the distributor if an issue surfaces.  Most are very difficult to understand and give the company the power to terminate you at any time for NO reason. This definitely shows lack of integrity.  Many times promises are made by the companies recruiting material such as earn a certain amount of money …that you cannot achieve due to the clauses of the PnP’s and compensation plan which so few take the time to study or even read and understand.

A background check of the management team needs to be investigated  to see if there have been integrity issues in the past.  Take the time to Google their names and add the word scam in quotes to a search. image There may be issues show up giving particulars to the incident and very often lead to court documents.  If you do find information that management has been involved in shady practises in the past ask yourself this:  Do you think they might do it again?  If this is the case you may find yourself starting all over again trying to build your business so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Ego of the management team can affect the distributor’s bonus cheque in ways many have never taken into consideration.  If the management team has a large ego they may furnish themselves with all the finest that life can offer.  The issue is that the luxuries are paid for out of the compensation plan  leaving less to go into the pocket of the distributors.  Ego may often prevent you from talking to the management team until you have reached a certain achievement level in the company.  The management team should be available to all of the distributorship, regardless of the achievement level, for training, advice and any other issues that may arise.

A lack of understanding of our industry (meaning your policies and procedures and your compensation plan) can cost  and will cost you thousands of dollars and years of failure and frustration.  To protect yourself and to maximize your success contact us and we would be honoured to help you and answer your questions.

Stay tuned to an upcoming post for Pillar #2 Timing in the Industry, Timing in the Company

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  1. It is so important to investigate the backgrounds of a company – strangely enough people would do it for a job – so what is happening that they don ‘t do it when they partner up with a company for life?

    Frieke Karlovits

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