Selfless Giving Brings MLM Abundance

Seth Godin devotes one chapter of his book “Linchpin” to why you should give things away with no agenda.  He explains in his book “Linchpin” that in the end, this unselfish giving will eventually bring you abundance and success. And it is true of the network marketing industry as well…selfless giving brings mlm abundance.

This is the very philosophy that we promote.  I am certain that you have seen or heard about all the various programs that encourages you to make extra income from home while building relationships…(which appears to me to be more like prospecting?)  There are also several /mentors/coaches who are charging you a  huge fee for a personal session with them.  It is my humble belief that a better relationship of trust will be built when there is NO exchange of currency.  In this manner you are truly being unselfish while in the end helping someone else to succeed in their business of choice.  It is also my belief that when a mentor/coach is an experienced and successful person, who is willing to coach you for free, that this is even more proof of how successful they really are!  (They don’t need your money, they are making it from their own business.)

If you find yourself thinking, “why would I spend my precious time helping someone who is not on my team and is not paying me?”  I want you to realize that these thoughts come from a poverty mindset.  In comparison, an abundance mindset reminds us that there is always plenty enough to go around and that helping other people will bring rewards for you in the future. That future reward may be indirect, it may not appear to be related to the original giving at all, but it is part of the plan that God has for all of us.

The Go-Giver philosophy is at the heart of what we do every day.  We believe in mentoring YOU to success, and when that happens, our future takes care of itself.

Creating the “culture of giving” that Seth Godin writes about helps abundance flow, not just through me but through everyone who will adopt this philosophy.


To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership with a vision

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