Self Development, A MUST For MLM Success

Obstacles and past experiences in our lives are the cause of much of the loose of  our morals and also serve to jade our perspective of future development . As a human society we become lax and set in our ways so much that we forget the power of  change, our dreams, goals and positivity.  It is always easier to blame another for our failures, when we should be looking within ourselves.  If we expect to have change and self improvement in our lives it must come from within.  It will never be found in another human. 

Taking full responsibility for our own lives, decisions and changes is a wonderful way of finally ridding ourselves of the demons that have haunted us and kept us from finding our true purpose in life. However; inner reflection is not easy and usually will make people feel very uncomfortable. On the other hand it is losing  those deep-rooted feeling that causes a much larger  reward.  The funny thing is that through the process of finding your “real” self you find solutions instead of more reasons to stay bogged down where you are now.

The result is the release of a huge weight off of your conscious mind. Self improvement is the key to your success in life and in any business adventures. Be infectious and pass this on to others, take the lead by being the solution to your own hold ups.

The “big picture thinkers” know the rewards of higher education. Learning is a never ending story or at least it should be.  However it should not stop at book smarts.  We should continue our own self education process for as long as we live. It is widely acknowledge by successful individuals that learning continues throughout our lives…self learning! We may go to school for thirteen years but education does not stop there.  We can admit that there is always more to learn and many strive to do just that but few strive to continue to grow personally and emotionally.

It seems to be the rational of many who finish their schooling years that once that training and education is complete that there is no need to further our personal and emotional growth. How unwise that thinking is. For it is after these years that we are required to learn and grow the most. It is these years of personal growth that we find just how strong a foundation of morals we  stand on.   Yet it seems it is the one area of our learning and emotional development  that is called into question most often’

To have more you must become more. To be more you have to become more. There are many self development books that can help you reach the next level in your personal life, relationship building and business.  If you need a little help getting started then contact us and we will be honoured to recommend  some of the self help books that have helped us move to the next level.


Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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