Frustrated Network Marketer – Heavy Hitter Techniques to Close

When you mention the words home based business or network marketing people turn on their "salesmen approaching alarm" and block out everything you are telling them.  No one wants a pushy, aggressive salesman using heavy hitter techniques to close them (sell them) into an opportunity. These techniques cause most distributors to be frustrated network marketers.

Knowing how most people feel about pushy, aggressive techniques, why would you ever think you could build an MLM business by selling someone on the “deal”?   Most MLM gurus still teach – "sell and close" for a  business-building and marketing technique.   How will you ever make money or have success getting others to take a look at your opportunity that way, knowing that no one wants to be sold or to sell?

Take time to talk with people.  Ask them why they are looking to create additional income from home? What are their dreams? Do they want to travel?  Building relationships and listening is important to know what really motivates a person, and what they see as their struggles to create an income from home.  Creating an income from home is far different than the typical 9 – 5 day JOB. Build a relationship and work together as a team to solve their struggles. Focus on building a close relationship with the person, which you will never do if you try to sell them. Then you have a team building system that will work in any company.

The failure rate is high in most businesses, a MLM opportunity is no different.   Build relationships, avoid sounding like a pushy, aggressive salesman; then you have a real chance to make a long-term residual income from network marketing, and the “retirement dream” is not too far off.

I would like to share with you an experience one of my friends and mentors had while chasing the MLM dream.  Debi Talbert had this to say about hitching your MLM wagon to a “GURU”, a Heavy Hitter.

Just the other day a friend of mine asked me “What was the worst thing you ever spent your money on?” I have to admit it was the thousands of dollars I spent on training from one of those “gurus” and buying leads from their lead generating company. I spent so much, that I’ve never admitted the total to my husband. Do not make my same mistake. Not one person joined me in my business from all the leads I called using their “closing” techniques. Take a few moments of your time and read the book Success in 10 Steps. It’s definitely a book worth reading. The money I never spent! It’s free.

Your power lies in taking action. I encourage you to enjoy a mug of root-beer and take action on something your read here today that inspired you.

Expect Success – Debi Talbert

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, one of the world’s leading generic MLM trainers suggests this method of prospecting…

Do you want to present your network marketing business opportunity in a relaxed, stress-free, and rejection -free environment? Try delivering your business presentation from this point of view.

Your obligation is to:

"Let the prospect know about your network marketing business opportunity."
That’s it.

* You are not obligated to make up the prospect’s mind.
* You are not obligated to force or close the prospect.
* You are not obligated to determine what’s best for your prospect.

All you are obligated to do is to let the prospect know the facts. Then, it is up to the prospect to make a decision to join or not to join. Your prospect will know what is best
for him.

tomlydSo which method would you prefer?  Spending thousands of dollars on techniques that do NOT work or free training that actually teaches you to prospect without being a sales person.

To learn techniques that do work in today’s market feel free to contact us and we will introduce you to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter through a training webinar.

Commit to Success Today
Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership with a vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

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4 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer – Heavy Hitter Techniques to Close

  1. Thanks Dale. It seems to be a trend that most newbie and seasoned veterans get tangled in. Buying leads. They just do not have the knowledge and education to make informed decisions or to understand where all these so called “hot” leads are coming from. Too bad, could save a person a fortune if the only knew.

  2. Hey Darlene,

    Love this topic!
    Learning how to build relationships and find out what the prospect needs and helping them to get it are the stepping stones to success.

    I agree with you that closing prospects is a no win situation. If you have to close someone to join, than you have to close them every month to build their business and stay on autoship….that is if you can find them!


  3. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right, closing someone will do nothing to build your business. They will have “buyers remorse” sometimes, leave and you have to fill that whole again. It is a constant battle. Having a volunteer is much better. The retention rate goes up and the attrition rate goes down when you sponsor volunteers.

    ~Darlene and Dave

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