Frustrated Network Marketer – Qualities of a Great MLM Leader

Frustrated network marketer, in my journey to create an income form home it became very clear that I need to be very closely involved with my own self development.  While reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and reviewing it’s chapters with a master mind group of like minded people, I have found myself asking… “What are the qualities of a great MLM Leader?".   I believe a leader has the following qualities:

* Has a willingness to render humble service

* Has the ability to get others to perform

* Teaches people where to find answers without appearing to always being the expert

* Helps people succeed without fear of his/her followers (downline) being more successful

* Builds relationships so they understand each person and can help them  grow

* Sets a good example by practicing what they preach

* Requires no “title” to give him the respect of his followers (downline)

As a competent leader there is nothing for us to prove.  We do not have to be the best,  We do have to know where to find answers and and point people in the right direction.  However, many people feel the need to emerge out of a given situation as the expert and very smart (EGO).  They feel the need to and are compelled to answer every question themselves.    Understand that as a leader in MLM you need to develop your people so they can become self-sufficient.  That means you become a professional “pointer” and show them where to find the answers.  Hence they will in turn teach this to the people they sponsor (known as duplication.)

If you are a super star, space commander,  heavy hitter or sponsor monster you only set your downline up for failure and frustration.   93% or more of your downline will not be able to duplicate.  They will quit.

Strengthen and develop your people.  A sponsor monster will only bring in the people to the team.  They do not have the time or the desire to groom and mentor their new recruit.  Someone with leadership qualities will have to step in or up to work with the new recruit.  However working with more than you are comfortable with may bring damage to your group as well.  Do not overwhelm yourself with too many at a time, you will spread yourself too thin.   Placing some of them under someone else with leadership qualities and asking them to work with those people will benefit you and the new recruit.

As a leader it is your responsibility to help new team members magnify their strengths and minimize or improve their weaknesses.  It does however take effort on your part, it takes hard work.   I am targeting the people who believe in MLM but have been abandoned by those heavy hitters!  Someone has to help them and nurture them…They have a dream as well as I do.  The heavy hitters have good people jumping ship all the time.  It kills their belief and spoils them in so many ways.

Building relationships and helping your people will build trust and loyalty.   How could you ever retire with confidence that you have real residual income when you are constantly afraid your people will leave?  For the heavy hitter, space commander, even if he brings in people with no experience he never develops them!  They get on the fastest train to nowhere.  The space commander has to keep sponsoring more to make more money.  Either way he will never retire with residual income.  Residual income comes from the volume of product sold…not on the sponsoring money.  I believe it would be a lot easier to find a few loyal customers than it would be to constantly have to replace a recruit.

As a leader you cannot expect people to do what you are not willing to do yourself.

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Darlene and Dave Mills
Leadership with a vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

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