Income From Home-The Purpose of a Network Marketer

Think back to the day when you first decided to make a little extra income from home. You had no thought of what product you would be promoting when you first turned to the internet.  You probably tried surveys first and then advertising surf sites perhaps. While you were trying different things you stumbled upon all kinds of MLM opportunities. Finally someone convinces you that you should join them in their MLM business. What now is the purpose of a network marketer?

Let’s be brutally honest. You came into this industry with hopes of making money in mlm, you did not care about a particular product. So why hold on to hopes of making your dream of an extra income alive if you have struggled to receive a commission check for months or years. Chances are that if you have not made a dime by now you may not with out proper skills and training.    Your purpose in MLM is to make money. Your purpose is NOT:
• to save the world
to sell the best product on the planet
• to bring peace and love to all of mankind

These thoughts only get in the way of your real goal. For your MLM business to survive, you must make a profit. To make a profit you must  have skills.  It amazes me that there is a notion that this industry does not require training, education or teamwork.

No one wakes up one morning and says, "I’m going to be a doctor!" then goes down and joins a company, gets a distributor kit for 100 bucks, and bam you’re a doctor? That is totally ridiculous.

Yet people get in network marketing, and think that there is no need to be educated for success.

The bottom line for your network marketing success is, education, training  and skills  matter more than anything else. For instance it is a skill  to generate strong, targeted MLM leads for you and your team.

Anyone can have a real chance at success when educated in the skill sets required. 

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership with a vision

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6 thoughts on “Income From Home-The Purpose of a Network Marketer

  1. This post gives the fundamental aspects of being a network marketing mentor fantastic post Darlene..

    Say hello to Dave for me aswell we will have to have a chat sometime and share ideas what do you think 🙂


  2. I’m willing to bet that plenty of people love your website. Please keep up the splendid work. I respect blog owners who consistently use rudimental content.

  3. Yes – education in the sense of specialised knowledge! Knowleddge designed and targeted at netowrk marketing. It keeps having me amazed allthe time too how so many people seem to be totally unawares of this fact. Mind you the failure rates in this industry prove it 🙂

    carry on the good work!

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