Professional Network Marketers Need to KNOW This

Have you ever taken the time to read and understand your Company’s Policies and Procedures?  Your contract!

If you are in network marketing, you must realize to  make an income  you will want to read and UNDERSTAND all the hoops your contract has for you to jump through to make that income.

Consider this if you will,

  1. Sales People about to join a company will study and understand their contract, first!
  2. Athletes about to join a profession  team will study and understand their contract, first!
  3. Executives about to join a corporation will study and understand their contract, first!
  4. Potential franchise or small business owners will study and understand their contract, first!
  5. Potential homeowners about to purchase a home will study and review their contract, first!
  6. UNFORTUNATELY, Potential Network Marketers should study their MLM company’s P&P contract, first…BUT they don’t!  WHY?  They do not believe that an online company would pull the wool over their eyes and deliberately set you up for failure.
  • It may look like an amazing opportunity, but you should still research and review your contract. – You would if you were looking for a traditional job, right?
  • Analyze the income-claims being made in the company presentation…if everyone who joins an opportunity invests just $60 per month and you are being promised a minimum income of $1,500 per month, you need to ask: ‘Where is the money coming from in that $60 to pay me and everyone else who joins $1500 a month? The math just does not add up.  2 + 2 is still 4
  • How many non-team players do you know who are successful? Find a mentor – someone who is already successful that will be able to help you learn the skills in this industry.  

If you need help to understand your company’s Policies and Procedures or the Compensation Plan, then I would be happy to help (There are many great opportunities available, but they all have a few things in common).

Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy is an excellent source of information for identifying good opportunities and becoming successful with them. If you are serious about being successful, you will put a serious amount of effort into the process of reaching your goals, which would include understanding your contract and how the compensation plan actually does pay you. You will become immune to the legalese once you are equipped with the knowledge and education to spot the red flags (hoops) that may be in your contract.

The opportunities that are on the level, which will allow you to become successful, tend to sell themselves without the need for hiding behind hype (true or otherwise).

Learn what this business is all about and learn the necessary skills to be a success.  We actually do teach skills live on our team calls.   We are not about hype, we are about getting the skills to you so you too can have your financial dreams come true. We will help YOU understand your Policies and Procedures and teach you how to spot the red flags.

If you have not made a dime in your income opportunity, the answer to this problem may just be looking you right in the face in your contract. Or have you had this happen, you are making money and then find that you have been terminated…yeah, read your policies and procedures.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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One thought on “Professional Network Marketers Need to KNOW This

  1. Policies and procedures indeed are a sordid topic. Unfortunately too many people are having a hard time reading legal text – they rather trust their sponsor who unfortunately and very likely has not understood or even read dthem either …what a vicious circle!

    Thanks for showing up.
    Frieke Karlovits

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