Professional Network Marketer–Can You Trust Your Upline To Have Done Their Due Diligence?

No matter how long you have been in Network Marketing, whether a number of years or just beginning, then “Professional Network Marketer – Can You Trust Your Upline To Have Done Their Due Diligence?” is a blog you should read.

Have you ever read your companies Policies and Procedures(PnPs) and compensation plan?  How important is it that you read them and understand them?  Your very reputation could be riding on that simple fact.  It is sad to say that when asked many marketers will openly admit they have not read these important documents and neither do they understand them.

You have joined the opportunity you are in now through a know, like and trust relationship.  You trust the person you joined in business and unfortunately you assumed they did their due diligence and most likely they had assumed the same with their upline.  Without understanding their Policies and Procedures they may have already violated them.  In many of the contracts the companies have made it the distributors responsibility to make sure they have explained the PnPs and the Comp plan to their new business partners.  Has your upline explained them to you?  Have you explained them to your new business partners?  Do you really know what you have gotten into and the people you are bringing into the business?

It is sad to say that many professional and beginning marketers do not realize what they have gotten into because they have never read or understood these documents.  There have been many who have ruined their reputation and relationships when things go terribly wrong within the company.  After all they trusted their sponsor and their sponsor was an innocent party because they were never introduced to the PnPs or Comp plan or had them explained.  Also we need to take blame also because most of us joined our business and checked the “I understand and agree to the terms and conditions” box without ever reading these terms and conditions. Most do not know that it was their LEGAL responsibility to point their prospect to the PnP’s before they join the opportunity.

A most disturbing fact is that the upline may choose not to explain or point you to the policies and Procedures or compensation plan because they don’t want you to know what they contain.  Why?  Because they know if the contents of these important documents were known and understood no one would ever join the opportunity. 

I know of generic trainers and coaches who have analysed and studied many many company policies and procedures as well as the compensation plans.  They love to help people become successful in their business but because they know so much about company contracts they will refuse to help some distributors bring people into the business because they know that company to be questionable.  They don’t want to see others become involved with this type of company and lose their money without the possibility of ever becoming successful.  Do you?

Distributors in this type of company who are not educated about their PnPs or Comp plans never figure out why they are not having success.  Those that are or don’t care have chosen not to be up front with prospects and don’t care if the prospect  gets  hurt or how much money they could lose.  Distributors in this type of company only care how much money they can make if they make any at all.  The reputation is not a concern for these distributors so generally they need to keep recruiting because trust is always broken.  Once there is enough damage done to the reputation and it is well known there will be no success unless it is in an illegal venture.

Please take the time to read your Policies and Procedures as well as the compensation plan so you are aware of what you are involved in and what you may be bringing those you have built a relationship with, friends and family into.  Reputation may be at stake if anything goes wrong especially if you have not done your due diligence, remember other may have assumed you did, don’t disappoint them.

After you have read and understood your contracts ask yourself, “Would I join this company?”  Then you will have your answer.

If you need help understanding your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan please contact us and we would be honoured to help you.  You can also begin learning the skills you need to talk to prospects rejection free here.

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