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Why would any critically thinking,educated individual fall for this and  pay a monthly fee to talk to a lawyer when most lawyers are already willing to speak with you for free? It is simple…because this model has a compensation plan attached to it, and like most, believe that  a commission check is waiting for your work. NOT!!!

PrePaid Legal is billing  you for things which most lawyers are normally willing to provide for free.  Generally they offer you connection to a lawyer for a monthly fee.

The impression is that you are almost getting some sort of "insurance" plan. That is just not true. ~ CanLaw

PrePaid Legal Plans are promoted using Multiple Level Marketing (MLM) techniques.

This is a very sticky business op simply because you are dealing with legal issues and lawyers.  Check the Policies and Procedures of this company, written by lawyers.  Lawyers know how to protect themselves in legal situations.  The lay person usually does not have this advantage.

CanLaw regularly gets attacked by fools who have been taken in by the PrePaid Legal Plan. They always say that PPL is listed on the NY stock exchange as if that means anything. When we ignore them we often get threatening emails laced with misspelled swear words and pathetic syntax. These people can be violent, which coupled with their stupidity and lack of ethics, makes them dangerous. ~ CanLaw

Source CanLaw

How to avoid a scam…

An Attorney General would ask these two questions:

1 – Would a logical thinking person pay this much money for the product or service if there was not a business opportunity involved?

2 – Does the income stop when the recruiting stops?

If the answer to the first question is "No" and/or the answer to the second question is "Yes", then it is a scam.

Get EDUCATED ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY (MLM)>>>STOP BEING A VICTIM!! Ask us how to avoid any scam and find a legitimate at home business opportunity.  You can stumble through years of MLM Trial-and-Error … OR YOU CAN CONTACT US FIRST!

The Truth is the Truth is the Truth
And the Truth will make you Free to Succeed.
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