Portfolio Opportunity Programs–How to Build a Downline in a Portfolio Program

How to build a downline in a portfolio program is a large undertaking and probably not for the uneducated in this industry. There have been many attempts at Portfolio opportunity programs and in an early post (Multiple Streams of Income-MONITIUM Review) we discovered that they have all failed.

In a portfolio program, also known as multiple streams of income, for a FEE, a downline is created and tracked within the system itself.  So a Portfolio company is named…for instance “Monopolium” this is the new system or portfolio program.  You join it.

The “Monopolium” system will have to add a real MLM company to it’s list of member companies. Once there is a member company then all participants in the “Monopolium” system are placed in the structure of the member company with each members line of sponsorship in tact. Let’s call the first member company “Bongo Juice 1”. 

All participants of “Monopolium” are required to activate their membership by placing their first auto-ship order with “Bongo Juice 1”. 

When a real second and third new member MLM company are added to the “Monopolium” system, the entire structure of “Monopolium” is then introduced to the new companies downlines and will be requested to start buying product from newly added companies as well.

In theory those who are making enough money in “Bongo Juice 1” company are requested to start purchasing product from the second and third companies. And so the process continues as more companies are added to the “portfolio” and until you are involved in 4 to 5 income streams and purchasing product from all 4 or 5 companies in your portfolio.

The concept is much like that of diversifying  mutual funds. The supposed and highly marketed benefit to this system is that it diversifies your MLM income.

In portfolio type programs if one company either shows a rapid decline in sales and or fancy and favour, ideally one could just give up on that business model or terminate your affiliation with that one company, leaving the remaining companies in your portfolio intact.

Those who are in control of brining on new MLM opportunities would just replace the defunct company with a similar company offering similar products for you to add to your portfolio again.  So when one company dies off it is immediately replaced…You always have your 4,5 or 6 sources of income.

Sounds great, in theory. It really does not work this great in the real world of MLM.

Look  the theory of “multiple streams of income” (Portfolio” or “Umbrella”) type programs sounds very simplistic. Can anyone really build a downline in more than one company simultaneously? Can you really increase your chances of making $2000.00 a month in one company to a total of $10,000 a month in 5 companies?

Here in lies the question you have to ask…How can you give100% of you attention to more than one thing? How will disbursing your efforts somehow result in the same level of success in each one? It stands to reason that if you are giving less attention to each opportunity you will be giving considerably less effort to building each opportunity.

A word picture for you:

Job loss  is a reality and job security is a thing of the past. Layoffs are a daily threat anywhere in the world, but how many people do you see working 4 and 5 full time jobs AT THE SAME TIME?

Or how about the high divorce rate? Over half of all marriages in this country now end in failure. Well, let’s marry five people. That way if one relationship fails, we’ve got the other four to hold the family together. What about religion? There are dozens, if not hundreds, to choose from. Since there is(allegedly) only one true path to God, let’s put our faith in Christianity, Hinduism,Buddhism, and Judaism, and all of the other major religions — that way we’re sure to be covered. Obviously, to do any of the things I’ve just described would be absurd…”, and greatly increase, if not assure, your chances of complete failure. ~Les Clements

In my research into Monitium they did not recommend or promote that anyone  actually  build in  the four companies (that at the time of my research) are currently in Monitium portfolio. Monitium expressly urge you NOT to build in each separate MLM company. In other words do not promote one company over the other, don’t bother to find out about this industry (education) or any aspect of any of the member companies. Monitium particularly wants you to  focus on building one thing-Monitium.

“Have you considered how difficult it is to pick a good MLM company? You might be unpleasantly surprised at just how hard it can be, especially since there are over 4,500 MLM company’s currently operating. With this in mind, how can a person whose unfamiliar with the MLM industry possibly know which company to select?” ~Monitium’s own documents.

The high failure rate in this industry is solely based upon one fact…those taking part do NOT do  any sort of due-diligence, and very few ever take any significant time or effort in educating themselves about any MLM business model.   

Unfortunately Monitium is suggesting that  this effort, education and due-diligence is not necessary. 

We have a real suggestion for you.

Get educated! Learn the industry inside and out. Become familiar with the MLM industry! Become familiar with the company your are currently with or the one you are considering joining.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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