Part 3 “Successful People Have Moved Beyond Failure”

If you do not understand why you failed to begin with, you are no  wiser than first starting.

There’s an old adage that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So it is with our failures. Unless we are willing to learn from our mistakes and misfortunes, we are sure to repeat them until we learn from such encounters and correct our path-or give up and accept temporary defeat as permanent failure. Every betrayed hope you experience in life contains inestimable information that, if you analyse it carefully, will surely lead you to success. Without undergoing adversity, you would never embody wisdom.  Without wisdom, success would be of a short life span for certain. When you inevitably make a mistake, ask,  “What can I learn from this encounter and experience?”    We will no doubt make other mistakes, but they won’t fester in our souls nearly as long when you treat them as learning experiences and life lessons.

One person alone can not build a successful network marketing organization.. It takes teamwork, people  coming together and working together. It takes many hands working for one common goal.  You absolutely need a great product. You won’t sustain success without one. But the MOST critical is a LOT of people working together, mentoring others.

You’ve been the EFFECT of the generals and the super-star, space commander gurus long enough. Now it’s time to turn it around and USE IT!   

So the question is, “How motivated are you?”  How motivated and driven are you to do whatever it takes to be successful in network marketing? 

Are you sick and tired of begging for time off from your boss, are you sick and tired of making your boss rich?  Have you ever considered a career change?  How ambitious and open minded are you? 

If you have never been in network marketing before, we highly recommend this book written by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Are You Walking Past a Fortune? In it you will learn how tens of thousands of people just like yourself can create mailbox money in mlm companies such as It Works Global.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership with a vision

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